June 8, 2007, - 12:06 pm

Michael Moore Debuts “Sicko” as Michigan Dem Party Fundraiser

In case there was any doubt about his political affiliation, Michael Moore and his wife are hosting the premiere of his new movie, “Sicko,” in the charming, newly-swanky northern Michigan city of Petoskey (namesake of the beautiful Petoskey stone found in Lake Michigan), as an Antrim County Democratic party fundraiser, next week.
But Moore, ever the fly in America’s ointment, says he will make the movie available to the GOP, too . . . if they can prove they are worthy:

Moore is gleeful that the U.S. premiere for “Sicko” will be held not in New York or Hollywood, but in tiny Bellaire on June 16 to benefit the Antrim County Democratic Party.
“I did it at my wife’s request,” Moore says. Kathleen Glynn is vice chairwoman of the Antrim County Democrats.

In the past, you’d have to go to a hippie music festival like Blissfest to find a Democrat in northern Michigan. But after being almost underground in this bastion of pickups, luxury cottages and Republicans, the Democrats have grown from less than 30 members in 2003 to 250 active members today, said party Chairman Jim McKimmey.
Encouraged by the Moores, the party also has become more proactive about community outreach, helping fund local food pantries, dispensing Christmas gifts and financial help throughout Antrim County. To offset any criticism from Republicans, Moore says he’s also offering “Sicko” for Republican fundraisers as well, if they can show him that they are doing similar community service.
When asked about all the Democratic hoopla over the “Sicko” premiere, Antrim County Republican Party Co-Chairwoman Carol Perrin said, “I’d rather not comment.”

Well, apparently, the Antrim County Dems have officers who are not locals. Moore and his wife, the County Dem officer, actually live in a swanky $1.2 million Manhattan apartment, complete with doorman.
More Moore on “The View”:

I’m doing ‘The View’ without Rosie!” Moore wailed, comically. “Who’s going to protect me from that blonde? She already got rid of Rosie, what’s she going to do to me!”

As much as I don’t like Moore, I wouldn’t be too worried of airhead and fake conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck. He’ll eat her for lunch, just as Rosie did. And both he and Rosie physically look as if they already have.
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