May 30, 2006, - 5:33 pm

FRIGHTENING!: Saudi Muslim Couple “Videotapes” Baltimore Jewish School

Why were an Islamic Saudi man and his American Muslim-convert wife secretly videotaping a Jewish school in Baltimore? And why did they send the footage back home to Saudi Arabia?
Gee, maybe they wanted to convert to Judaism and start a Jewish girls’ school in the Kingdom of Saud. Fat chance.
A reader sent us this frightening Boston Globe story from late 2003, which is still relevant and frightening today:

The Saudi man, who came to the United States on a student visa four years ago, and his wife were seen videotaping an Orthodox school for girls, Beit Yakov, on Oct. 26 and fled after witnesses wrote down their automobile’s license plate number, officials said. Law enforcement officials were contacted and later interviewed the couple, who said the video was intended for the man’s parents in Saudi Arabia.
The couple has not been charged, and law enforcement officials have declined to identify them.
Federal and local law enforcement officials emphasized that they have not uncovered any reason to believe the couple was casing the school.

Hmmm . . . . Maybe they were looking for a soda machine . . . or doing an “architectural study.”
We’re less concerned that the feds won’t release the names of the videographer Muslims who’ve taken a sudden interest in Judaism. We’re more interested in getting the names of the feds.The feds referred to in the story are Homeland Security and FBI personnel. Which begs the question: Does one need a negative IQ to get hired by either of them? A Muslim couple surreptitiously videotapes a Jewish school and sends the tape back to “philo-Semitic” Saudi Arabia. And the feds have “not uncovered any reason to believe the couple was casing the school.”
Remind us NOT to hire them as my security consultants. And, oh yeah, they let the videotape go, too.

[A]uthorities reported that the man and his wife, a Muslim convert, were not initially asked for a copy of the tape by local authorities because they had no legal grounds to seize it. But he said officials at the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia are trying to help the FBI recover it as part of the investigation.

[DS: We’re sure that effort will be really successful. Not.]

“The tape that he had used ended up not being seen by local authorities,” [Baltimore Jewish Community Council Executive Director Arthur C.] Abramson said. “It ended up in Saudi Arabia.” He added that officials said the Saudi end of the investigation has been delayed somewhat, in part because American officials there have been focused on the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks on a housing complex in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

Jewish schools (and Christian ones, too) all around America need to be on the alert. The feds certainly aren’t doing it for them.
That’s for sure.

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Sounds eerily similar to the two Saudi Neanderthals who rode the school bus, lied about where they were from, and lied about what they were doing there.
These damn barbarians need to be stopped before they commit more murder in the name of their false god, allah.

Thee_Bruno on May 31, 2006 at 4:25 pm

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