June 22, 2006, - 6:50 am

Ticket to Ride: Gullible American Chicks are Islam’s Most Wanted

Remember the 1970’s hit “American Woman” by The Guess Who?
For many Muslim men seeking instant asylum in America, they’re not exactly singing, “American woman, stay away from me.”
In fact, it’s the exact opposite. They’re online preying on your daughters, sisters, and nieces.
The story of , the Michigan teen who fled to the Middle East to , is chilling. The man, Abdullah Jimzawi, who called himself “Abdullah Psycho,” said that several Muslim men from his town–a terrorist stronghold near Jericho in the West Bank of Israel–had met and married American women through this method.
And emigrated to the United States to get their Green Cards.

In Lester’s case, after FBI agents convinced her to return to the U.S., she went online and posted to Jimzawi’s MySpace page, calling him her husband and stating her intentions to return. Her parents were forced to go to court, this week, .
But Lester isn’t the only one. In fact, there are websites for the specific purpose of Muslim men from terror-host nations meeting and marrying American women. And moving here for the holy Green Card grail.
One site, Visa Journey, has a whole list of American women describing the process of bringing their new “husbands” back to the U.S. and getting their I-130 forms (for marriage to a foreigner) adjusted. For many, they’ve met the man once on a trip and the marriage is set into motion.
Not surprisingly, many of these women are on the more zaftig side–difficult to attract American men’s attention, but desirable in the Arab Mid-East. These vulnerable women, desperate for attention, are extremely gullible and easily agreeable to a quickie marriage. They are just some of those born to P.T. Barnum’s predicted birthrate of suckers.

Sucker: “Dollface41601” w/ New Palestinian Husband Sofyan

Take Kelly, who identifies herself on Visa Journey, as “Dollface41601.” She married a Jordanian Palestinian named Sofyan. Here’s the history she writes about her marriage:

In Jordan with my love, filing DCF
September 28th – i-130 interview success APPROVED
October 2nd – Medical in Amman
January 31st – Embassy called to schedule interview
March 21st – 8am Final interview
March 25th 2006 – 11:30am….getting on a plane and going home after a long long wait!!!!!!!!!!
April 6th – Welcome to America letter receieved
April 10 – Green Card arrives in Mail!
April 13th – Social Security Card arrives and Sofyan starts his new job !!!!
April 17th – Sofyan tested for his drivers permit and passed…watch out all, hes on the road now!

Is this the description of a loving marriage–or a background sheet on a suspect? Hard to tell. Now that the man has his Green Card and Social Security number–and is soon to get his driver’s license–it’s also hard to tell how much longer the marriage to Dollface41601 will last.
Give it a couple of years, just to make things look kosher (or is that halal?).

Crazy in Love or Just Crazy?:

Morocco’s Hicham & His Foolish American Bride

One woman calls herself “CRAZY in Love.” Giver her credit for admitting the “CRAZY” part. She met Moroccan Hicham online in July 2004, and just a few months later they were engaged, and she was applying to bring him to the States:

We first met when Hicham instant messaged me one night while I was online. He said he saw my pic and thought I looked calm and smart. That was July 13, 2004:
So…I bought my plane ticket for winter break then. I flew to Morocco and landed on Christmas day (my 30th birthday). What a gift! I loved his country and fell even deeper in love with him. And… we officially became engaged and decided to pursue the K-1 visa.
06/29/05 – Visa in hand! FINALLY!
07/07/05 – Hicham comes home to the USA!

[DS: “Home”? Not exactly.]

07/18/05 – Hicham applies for SSN.
07/22/05 – Our religious [DS: Islamic] wedding ceremony
07/25/05 – Our civil wedding ceremony
07/31/05 – Hicham’s SSN is in the mailbox
08/19/05 – Hicham goes for state ID
09/12/05 – Hicham gets state ID in mail

Gullible, Inc.: Detroiter Jamie w/Algerian Yacine

Then, there is Jamie, a Detroit area woman who is trying to bring her Algerian online “suitor,” Yacine, back to the States. Her story doesn’t include much time between when she first met him and applied to bring him to the U.S.:

8.10.05 – Spoke with Yacine for the first time
12.25.05 – Met Yacine for 1st time in Tunis then Algiers
2.9.06 – Mailed I-129F to NSC
2.25.06 – Visiting Yacine in Tunis…
3.2.06 – RFE notice – check
3.10.06 – Notice date for NOA1
4.11.06 – Touched
5.22.06 – Going to Algeria to be with Yacine, I’ll be back 7.18.06 !
6.16.06 – Transferred to CSC
6.17.06 – Touched

And Jean of Louisville, who married and is trying to bring Mohammed here from Egypt. Her marriage seems to consist of Koranic verses and a golden ticket for Mohammed to Willy Wonka’s Immigration Factory:

Met Mohammed online: 2-2004
Flew to Egypt to meet my Mohammed for 10 days: 5-2004
Flew to Egypt to stay with Mohammed: 9-2004
Returned to USA reluctantly: 5-21-05
I-129F to USCIS: 9-12-05
I-797 from USCIS Received Approved: 9-29-05
Forwarded to NVC: 12-6-05
NVC Forwards to Cairo Embassy: 12-21-05
Packet 3 Received : 01-03-2006
Packet 3 Completed and Sent : 02-01-2006
Packet 4 Received : 03-08-2006
Interview Date : 03-23-2006
221g: copy of lease requested
Lease sent to Embassy: 04-06-2006
Embassy finally verifies they received it: 5-10-2006
Moved into our apartment: 5-12-06
And still more waiting…

There are thousands of these women. The problem is not just that these American daughters are so desperate for a man’s attention that they are willing to jeopardize our nation’s security for it. It’s that federal authorities aren’t doing much to prosecute Islamic sham marriages. The Washington Times reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has decided not to investigate most of them. Stopping marriage fraud is not on ICE’s agenda.
That’s why a man like walks free and has U.S. Senator Carl Levin pressuring the government to grant him citizenship. Alami presents himself as a loving American immigrant doting on his young baby and wife. His THIRD wife. the Muslim Palestinian engaged in Social Security fraud and demanded she stay married to him in order to get his green card.
Most disturbing is that Americans aren’t very bothered by the IslamoCyberStalking that leads to sham marriages and heightens the illegal alien invasion of our country.
Katherine Lester, the teen girl who fled to the Mid-East to marry her Islamic suitor and bring him to the U.S., is cheered on by hundreds of American teens and adults who posted comments on her suitor’s MySpace page. They are almost universally in defense of Abdullah Psycho’s manipulation of the girl and his secret ruse to bring the minor to the Mid-East for Islamic conversion, marriage, and, ultimately, a green card.
One commenter writes to Abdullah Psycho:

A lot of the news media, and especially some of the other bloggers (, etc.) have been really hard on you over the past week, and I don’t think it’s justified.
If you were from Canada or Europe or somewhere like that, this would not have been such a big deal.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a big deal there. That’s why there are now 17 Canadian Muslims charged with planning terror attacks on the country.
Another, a woman, calls Lester and Abdullah Psycho, “Romeo and Juliet.”
More like Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia with a leash around her neck. But in this case it’s not a Hollywood movie that’s at issue.
It’s America’s national security.

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167 Responses

hrmmmmmmm0123: muslim hate …muslim’s got to be watched in every aspect .Their love of allah’s teachings of death to all non-muslims is all that matters.Fuck your (p c) coolness, the security and lives of all non- muslims depends on watching and SHOWING what arab men are up to.expose all their actions,save your cool,it’s lucky Debbie S. is around. Killing american’s 9/11 is only the start for them.Try and cool your way around of that.

danny on June 23, 2006 at 4:16 pm

Yeah danny! You sure showed them!

Manatoch on June 23, 2006 at 4:26 pm


dollface41601 on June 23, 2006 at 4:34 pm

Danny don’t be like a hyper poodle yipping at everyone just because you feel cornered. It is true there are foreigners who are using women for greencards.It’s true that not all do. How long is a piece of string?
You need to stop coming across so fanatical…after all, nothing is really ever black and white. What to do then, with all the American Muslims? What do you propose? hrmmm??? Or is your problem only with foreign Muslims? Got news for you, the problem of terrorism has no real face, it could be anyone, including home grown American terrorists of any race or religion.
Stop swinging in the dark and try a little perspective, please.

hrmmm1234 on June 23, 2006 at 4:48 pm

hrmmmmo12:When dealing with muslim hate you CANNOT BE TO FANATICAL.Perspective my fu..ing ass.Black + white, hate is hate and they hate big time.Pull that head out of the sand.Next will be a dirty bomb or just as horrible.What a fool.What a fu..ing fool.

danny on June 23, 2006 at 5:36 pm

Wow, your comments actually are terrifying.
So you didn’t answer me…what do you propose be done with American Muslims? And what do you mean by ‘cannot be too fanatical’??
Yes, hate is hate as you’ve displayed perfectly. But please answer the questions.

hrmmm1234 on June 23, 2006 at 5:44 pm

TO ALL :This is not the first nor will it be the last time debbie s. exposes your muslim actions.Cu- sa-muck

danny on June 23, 2006 at 5:51 pm

Funnily enough, I’m not a Muslim, nor is my fiancee. I did not meet my fiancee over the internet, and neither one of us come from a Middle Eastern backround. So stop confusing the issue here.
Now this is the third time I’m asking you….these questions are culled straight from your posts here. Your refusal to answer is embarrassing. But here is your last chance to stand behind your words.
If all Muslims are dangerous, what do you propose we do with American-born Muslims? what do you mean when you say you can ‘never be too fanatical’ when it comes to dealing with Muslim hate (which according to you all Muslims have)? Are you saying that you promote hate crimes on the Muslim community? What are you really saying here?
Here is your opportunity to speak your opinion with a captive audience. I am listening. No bs no insults….stand on the platform of your ideas. You are free to say and write whatever you want, but shouldn’t you be able to back up your comments and opinions with substance? Don’t resort to throwing out emotion-based insults. It degrades the validity of your argument.

hrmmm1234 on June 23, 2006 at 8:10 pm

na na na na na na. Blow me.

danny on June 23, 2006 at 9:11 pm

that’s class right there, lol
nevermind! 🙂

hrmmm1234 on June 23, 2006 at 9:35 pm

Whoever you are. You’re significant enough to prompt a response from me. Regarding VJ. First of all, Agent, yes – 18 years with the feds. Complicated senerios? On who’s terms? Yours? (I laugh, you’re quite simple right?) Support your issue better…1) legal issues are NOT exclusive to lawyers (grow up and be a Citizen of OUR country)…2) Aussiewench gets her info from ME (and I have more legal experience with U. S. Immigrations laws, procedures and protocal than YOU and 89% of lawyers and Immigration officers)…3) It’s always easy to critize, makes nice tabloid sales, but you don’t know half the story (do you?). Anyway, nice to see you looking at the VJ site…scrutiny is an American priviledge, excercise it with vigor AND CARE.
DJ Smith
Special Agent
DOHS – Retired

bond2u on June 23, 2006 at 10:17 pm

Good to see you Bond! 🙂 Thumbs up… 🙂 M.

apparentlyignoranceisbliss on June 23, 2006 at 11:33 pm

It never ceases to amaze me how people can claim they are intelligent and educated, yet blatently contradict these claims in their actions when it comes to “hot button” issues.
This thread is a perfect example of this. We start with Debbie offering a very strong, even somewhat venomous opinion regarding a group of women, their relationships, and a website.
She describes these women as “on the more zaftig side–difficult to attract American men’s attention”, ” vulnerable women, desperate for attention, are extremely gullible” and “They are just some of those born to P.T. Barnum’s predicted birthrate of suckers”. Yet..she’s never met these women, spoken to them, or had any contact with them, she does not know them or anything about them..aside from the extremely limited information she included above.
How does one conclude this then form an intellegent opinion about someone they know nothing about..based solely on the extremely limited information seen above? Logic and reason would make that impossible, there is insufficient data to base any valid conclusion on. It’s impossible to form an intelligent opinion about an issue if one does not have valid information, facts, and knowledge..ie; an intelligent opinion is an educated opinion. In this situation there is not sufficent information to form an intelligent opinion.
They say opinions are like a–holes, everyone has one, but that’s not entirely true. Often people borrow the opinions of others, and claim them as their own…note this portion of a post on here by Canadian Infidel “One curious thing I did see on the Visa Journey sight (and here the name says it all: where is the LOVE) was a woman named “gimygirl” who used a Darwin Fish as her symbol. Natural Selection and Islam are both at extreme ends of each other, and not even remotely compatible”. Canadian was obviously assuming Debbies reference using visajourney as an example of this statement: “there are websites for the specific purpose of Muslim men from terror-host nations meeting and marrying American women” was a valid, given fact and never considered any other possibility…thus her confusion over gimygirl’s Darwin fish..she ASSUMED..but gimygirls SO isn’t muslim..or arab..he’s a Brit. Unfortunately when people blindly accept information others spoon feed them, they can sometimes miss the truth.
Regarding this comment “on the more zaftig side–difficult to attract American men’s attention” usually people mature beyond this stage after leaving high school. fitting in with the “popular crowd” and ostrasizing those that don’t, doesn’t work in the real world, appearances can be decieving, just because someone looks good doesn’t mean they are good, they’ll be good for you, or they will treat you well.
She uses visajourney as an example of her statement “there are websites for the specific purpose of Muslim men from terror-host nations meeting and marrying American women”. She’s made it glaringly obvious with this statement that she has no idea, and has done no research before stepping onto her soap box. Visajourney is NOT a dating site, nor is it about muslim men meeting and marrying American women, which is obvious if you take time to look. In fact, the percentage of beneficiaries from arab countries is quite a small percentage..approx 6.5% of member cases. What it is, is a site were people can share their experiences in going through the process of immigration, people from all countries. It offers support amongst it’s members, the shared experiences also serve to offer are more accurate view of the time involved in the process.
Most people have no idea how complicated or long the process can be. Most people believe that once you marry they are handed a green card with all privelages, this is not the reality of the process. Someone brought this idea up “Even if a cooling off period where to be implemented where if the marriage went south within a year or two the person would lose citizenship and be deported were enacted” well unless the couple has been married for over 2 years when the visa is issued, the beneficiary only is granted a 2 year conditional green card, at the end of that time the relationship is again evaluated prior to issue of a 10 year green card so that’s already in force. It’s definately NOT a quick and easy thing to do. I speak from experience, not misguided opinions or information, as I myself have been married for 4 years, I repeat MARRIED, and only within the last month have I been granted the privelage of actually living with my husband, who for the record was a resident of Canada, is neither muslim nor arab, and who I was in a relationship for years with before we decided to marry.
Please people, in the future when pouncing on someone else’s opinion of something, validate the facts before joining in rather than blindly accepting what someone else tells you. For one you can hurt others unjustly if the information is invalid, but additionally, if you base your opinions on what someone else has fed you, instead of your own research and education, you’re placing your integrity in their hands and at risk. Imagine the guilt that might be on your hands in other situations.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 12:57 am

I just had one more thing I felt the need to add. These days, no matter where you turn, people are using 9/11 and the terrorist attacks as a tool to stir people up and garner support for whatever issue is currently on their agenda. It works quite well, people hear terrorist and hop right on the band wagon no questions asked.
Now I mean no disrepect for those effected by the horrible tragedy that occurred on 9/11/2001. I am so sorry for those who lost loved ones over this brutal event.
On the other hand I despise the idea that such a tragedy has become a tool for many. Take a moment to consider this:
In 2001 around 3000 innocent people were senselessly killed by a terrorist attack, the families of those 3000 people were left in pain and without their loved ones. Our country will never forget this tragic event.
In 2001 according to the NTHSA 17,448 people were senselessly killed by drunk driving, the families
of those 17,448 people were left in pain and without their loved ones. Our country will never remember this.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 1:52 am

The obvious facts are:
1. Debbie’s column struck a raw nerve with some responders here. The responses indicate that they are defending themselves, not addressing the issues. The defensive ones think that Debbie is talking about them. Except for the ones she mentions by name, the others are not at issue here.
2. This site has been targeted by Visa Journey members.
3. There has been a lot of emotion expressed by persons on both sides.
4. National security is the real issue here, not whether or not one marries a foreigner or whether that foreigner treats his/her spouse well or where that foreigner is from. We all know that it was Islamofascists who declared war on us some years ago (at least 1993). That they would use gullible, lonely women and teenage girls as part of their warfare is not a surprise. Evil people are aggressive by nature.
Welcome to the U.S. we sometimes disagree.

Loser on June 24, 2006 at 2:37 am

Loser: it is important to note that Debbies column included invalid assumptions and presented false information as factual. Sure we sometimes disagree, but there is a difference between disagreeing over factual information, and disagreeing over fabricated ideas.
Look at what she posted about Kelly aka Dollface4160l. All she knows of her is that tiny bit of information, and she’s based everything on this. I know Kelly, I know what she was going through as she stayed in Jordan with her husband as terrorists were attacking in the area she was staying. Although a frightening scenerio, she stayed with him. How many would have turned tail and run back home under those circumstances?? How many would have stuck it out, commited to their marriage and their love at all costs, all the while knowing they could just go home to safety if they did so alone?
Sure Debbie struck a nerve in me over this, Kelly did not deserve this, and Debbie has no clue about the people she’s randomly targeting. Where is intentionally targeting innocent people and causing them pain just to convince others to follow your lead any better a terrorist targeting and harming innocent people to make their point? One innocent might die from it, the other will just experience pain? This makes it right?
A terrorist is defined by his attempt to make a point by instilling fear and harm in others.
Debbie is attempting to make her point by instilling fear (of terrorists entering the country by benefit of marriage) and inflicting harm on those she’s chosen to target.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 3:06 am

Well, PsychoKat, most women, with even the slightest inkling of what’s going on in the Muslim world, wouldn’t have put themselves in the kind of situation that dollface put herself.
On one hand we have dollface accusing Debbie of being naive and imploring her to go to Jordan (don’t hold your breath, dollface) to see what beautiful and peaceful people the Jordanians are, and on the other hand we have PsychoKat telling us dollface was terrorized by Muslim terrorists while living there.
Oh, sigh, but she was in love. What a TWIT!
You people have the ideologic vernacular of a cult.

Freudianslippers on June 24, 2006 at 3:57 am

Regarding your “what a TWIT” comment about her doing this for love, I disagree with your sentiment. Maybe I am a bit ideologic, but I’ve seen the majority of our country’s priorities change through the years in what I consider a very disturbing manner.
Think about it a minute, you say she’s a twit to go there because of love, yet if she were going to fight people with guns and tanks and bombs it would be perfectly acceptable. Why is it that we find distruction, hate and violence more acceptable than love ?
When my parents were my age and raising us, a person was not measured by what corporate position he held, how big his house was, what kind of car he drove, or how much money he made. People instead were judged by their will to care for their families and raise their children to be productive and positive members of society. It didn’t matter if you sat in an office or shoveled dung for a living, respect was based on what you did for your family.
Now those values have changed, family and love take a lower priority to the lexus, investments, big house, and corporate standing. People complain about how kids lack discipline and respect, and talk about how different it was when they were growing up. But back then parents took responsibility for thier children it was part of loving and nurturing them, teaching them right from wrong. now if a parent finds their teen is having inappropriate discussions or interactions as we’ve heard of on myspace do they take responsibility for disciplining their children and monitoring their actions as our parents would have done? No…they run to the media and try to force myspace put restrictions up to keep their children safe. That’s not parenting, although it does give one that good old 15 minutes of fame. And what is to come of these children who are raised in the belief that the world must conform to their wishes, and blame others for your mistakes at all costs?
We’re losing sight of the importance of love and family, caught up in trying to be important and make our marks….sadly in 100 years no one will remember what most of us did for a career, or what car we drove, or big house we owned. What we will be rememeberd by, what will make us important and leave a mark after we are gone, are the memories of us our loved ones hold, and what they pass on to future generations of what they have learned from us. In the end that’s all there is and if you are fortunate enough to have it in this world filled with hate, war, terror, and violence it’s worth the effort to keep it.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 4:49 am

PsychoRat;To even try for your argument to compare Death by D.U.I.’s to Deaths by Muslim followers , your argument that 9/11 is a tool to stir people up as you are trying is the reason that Debbie’s work is so needed.pschoRat,you and your bit of smoke and mirrors won’t work.But, like D.U.I.’s death by followers of allah must be delt with (NEVER AGAIN)

danny on June 24, 2006 at 5:28 am

Dear Debbie,
I am a Jew who was born in Israel, I have a fiance(muslim) in Morocco who I am petitioning to the USA. Because of people like yourself there will never be peace on earth.
Before commenting on people find out the facts first.
Are you a true American? Do you have a true love? It seems that you are lacking something in your life to be lashing out at others.
Can you explain all the Jewish foreigners who try to come to the USA by marriage? Do their fiance(e)’s/ wives/husbands have alow self esteem? Gullible? And Zaftig? hmmmm….true love

moroccogirlny on June 24, 2006 at 10:50 am

Girls who have good relationships with their father have successful marriages. An idea the feminist movement DON’T go for!
My daughters would not date someone I didn’t approve. They value father’s opinion, and Dad always has their best interests at heart. BS may fool a young girls, but it doesn’t get pass Dad.

Burt on June 24, 2006 at 10:58 am

Actually danny it looks like you got my point. Terrorists do need to be dealt with, so do other killers. Killing is killing no matter what the source, but that subject is bound to stir emotions and get people to listen, when it coes to the other people just accept alcohol, and going out and drinking as acceptable and don’t get nearly as stirred up even though more people in the US are killed by it.
So far as Debbies work goes, and your saying it’s much needed from my limited knowledge of her work based on what I have seen here I would disagree. People need to act on truth, not fabrications. Not all Muslims are terrorists…but there are terrorists who are muslims. There have been multiple times throughout history where we’ve seen Christians attempt to kill all non-believers too, take the inquisitions or the witch burnings for example. This does not make all Christians killers, but some killers can be supposed Christians.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 11:22 am

psych-Limited Knowledge-Kat ;History?how about the here +now?followers of allah(HATE)have the power todo a bit more.D.U.I.’s don’t go to church and learn (AT A VERY EARLY AGE)to destroy and kill anything non-muslim.

danny on June 24, 2006 at 12:15 pm

And is not classifying all muslims as killers just the same as what you are claiming they are doing?
When you become a fanatic and start grouping all together as one, you become what you are fighting. There are a multitude of groups that call themselves Christians, if one group is causing harm in the name of Christianity does that make all Christians evil…NO. Temper justice with reason instead of panic and fanaticism else you run the risk of becoming the same thing you are fighting against.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 12:25 pm

morroccogirl:If anyone should know the point of Debbie’s work and the constant watch that must be over the muslim arabs IT SHOULD BE YOU!!But then again.When did you flee Israel?+did you ever serve?You already know the name given you (F.I.S.H.)Right?When flying El-AL you are on the top of the list as a possible idiot seduced by a arab boyfriend to kill.So Miss F.I.S.H. enjoy your life,maybe you can be a poster girl for them.My familly’s spinning in their graves(In Israel)Your folks must feel lucky how your life is turnning out.

danny on June 24, 2006 at 12:31 pm

danny: you said the following “followers of allah(HATE)have the power todo a bit more.D.U.I.’s don’t go to church and learn (AT A VERY EARLY AGE)to destroy and kill anything non-muslim.”
Did you know that the Christian bible says the same thing in effect?
“If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers; Namely, of the gods of the people which are round about you … Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him: But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people. And thou shalt stone him with stones, that he die. — Deuteronomy 13:6-10”
Christians believe in the bible, they believe if they are good Christians they must live by and follow the bible. Wouldn’t the stand you are taking make all Christians the same as you feel all Muslims are?

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 12:55 pm

PsychoKat, I would first like to say thanks, as your post meant a lot to me. as for the quote left by this moron….Freudianslippers
“On one hand we have dollface accusing Debbie of being naive and imploring her to go to Jordan (don’t hold your breath, dollface) to see what beautiful and peaceful people the Jordanians are, and on the other hand we have PsychoKat telling us dollface was terrorized by Muslim terrorists while living there.”
You see how idiodic people are….there it shows..If you would have read carefully, Kat said there was a terrorist attack nearby my town…and one of the first times there was one in 10 years .not a terrorist attack made on me! I take it you have not been to jordan, and for that much, been to an arab/muslim country…you would be surprised. Jordan was more at peace than the good ol windy city, chicago, where i have lived for the past 22 years. In my time in chicago, i have seen numerous people killed, stabbings, gang fights, battered wives and beaten children, 2 suicides, i have lost 4 best friends to a drunk driver, i have lost a good friend to drugs, and another who got hit with a bullet, on his front porch, although the gun was supposed to be pointed at some one else…And if anyone cares to get any information on my area, thats oak forest, a very high class area….now my one year in jordan the only things i saw was very loving people, neighbors helping neighbors, sisters helpign sisters…i walked proudly down the street, people wanting to meet me…I felt more love from my inlaws and my husband than i honestly have felt from my own family here in the states. Point is, there is bad shit everywhere, and to be honest, i would put a million dollars saying the US is much worse than Jordan, or other arab countries. Im not being unpatriotic, but its the sad truth….it cannot be escaped, nor ignored, but you cannot judge a book by its cover…If i had been judgemental to jordan, i would not have spent the best year of my entire life there, learning a different intriging culture, my 4th language, spedning a year getting to know the faboulous family i now have, a work free, stress free year with my husband, and so much more….i dare someone to take a walk in my shoes, cause i gaurantee, you would never be sorry you did…i wish people had the kind of love sofyan and i share everyday…the kind that makes you not want to sleep, in fear of missing one another, the kind that women and men dream about finding everyday….im lucky i got it, dont hate on me because u didnt….

dollface41601 on June 24, 2006 at 12:58 pm

Whatch the shit that is just around the corner in the kingdom of Jordan,with “THE PALISTINIAN’s there.Ask your husband or his mommy+daddy.The KIngdom’s going to see move death than you can believe.Ask them!

danny on June 24, 2006 at 1:47 pm

danny! I actually enjoy a good debate, so it was interesting seeing your thoughts on things but! You’ve resorted to sooth-saying, psychic predictions, fortelling the future! No, I’ll debate what is known, but while the idea of ESP is very compelling and even in some ways attractive, it’s a bit difficult to verify facts in areas of psychic predictions.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 2:05 pm

Bravo Debbie!!! Give yourself a big pat on the back. You took 4 women from a site you know nothing about and dragged them through the mud all for your personal gain. You should feel really good about yourself. If anyone is a terrorist or promotes terror itís you and your fan base. You have psychologically terrorized these women by placing their pictures on your blog and having your fan base make fun of them just because of the
Way they look, and who they choose to spend their lives with. Obviously you have a problem with White woman who are on the heavy side. What happen? Did some lady who is on the plump side and who you consider plain looking steal a boyfriend away from you because she was a better woman and now you have a problem with plump white women?
I really donít care if one of your fanís has a beef with VJ. But what I do care about
when someone uses innocent people for a laugh. So when you die and you stand before God if you even have one. And he asks you what did you do in life. You can promptly answer I used innocent people and I had other people throw stones at them for the way they looked and how they chose to live their lives all for my own personal gain.
Way to go Dollface for having the guts to stand up for yourself and fight back!!
Danny you piece of shit why donít you crawl back into that hole Debbie lets you live in

whitewoman on June 24, 2006 at 4:37 pm

So where are your muslim hubbies?they really want to be shown?.No ,they let you girls for now .But…the KINGDOME OF JORDAND….ETC.can only blame the Zionist israeli’s so long.NOW LET US (non-muslims)watch how you destroy each other I’d flee to

danny on June 24, 2006 at 5:17 pm

danny: you might have missed the fact that I am not married to a muslim or arab so you are making generalized comments here. You also are again playing psychic detective and making predictions of the future.
What I find extremely disturbing though, is your amazing ability to be just as fanatical as those muslims you are so very terrified of. Look in the mirror, it’s not different just because it’s you doing it. How can you crucify a group of people for acting the same way you are?
Now before you make statements about them killing people and such, keep in mind you’re grouping people who have NOT killed anyone with them, you are crucifying them figuratively because you perceive them to be fanatical, hate filled, and wishing death on all who are not like them. As you sit here, fanatical, refusing to imagine that not everyone can be fit in one basket, hate filled and wishing death on all those you’re grouping togeter.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 5:27 pm

Where are these wonderfull HUSBANDS/or soon to be men?”DEBBIE PLEASE TAKE DOWN THE PICTURES” expose each and everyone of you.That’s the way ,expose ,expose,expose.Lame-man cry’s on this site that he and his muslim herd can’t go to the park and have a pot luck.COME TO THE PARK>you can bet you won’t be over looked.Poor muslim women folk.here in the U.S.A.

danny on June 24, 2006 at 5:49 pm

Wow Danny…and what exactly would you call yourself? I sure wouldn’t want to live near someone as frightening as you. You’re worried about foreigners being hate filled and causing harm? I’m more worried about people like you, kinda of a KKK mentality.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 5:53 pm

danny..just curious..do you consider yourself a Christian?

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 5:54 pm

Personally, what I find more important is truth and facts. THAT is the issue I took with this article and some of the follow ups. I dislike people who will lie and mislead others to gather their troops in a mission of hate.
If you want to fight against a wrong doing, and your facts are true and valid…fine. I am all for truth and justice. If you base your fight on notthing but pure hate, if you mislead people by using lies and deceit to gather your troops together to go to war, then I wholeheartedly disrespect you.
Isn’t that similar to what Hitler did, he tried to decimate an entire group of people out of hate.
If your hate is so strong that you will ignore fact and reason, grasping desperately and blindly at lies rather than consider any other possibility. If when left with no facts to prove you’re point you still are so desperately filled with hatred that you spout mindless insults. You are no different than Hitler any others of his kind.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 6:38 pm

hitler? what do the germans have to do with this and we all know it never really happened as bad as the jews would have you think.It’s that (zionist lobby) and if the U.S.A. wasn’t so buddy buddy with them the Allah(religion of peace)would love us.and the earth would be a garden of ALLAH>Virgin’s and all.

danny on June 24, 2006 at 7:02 pm

Heh Danny, frankly I myself follow none of those so eh. I’m undecided officially religiously but there is one thing I have found that suits my life and beliefs. That is what those of Wiccan faith believe. If more people believed that the world might be a bit better.
Many religions believe that if you believe in God and pray to him (and/or Jesus/and or Allah) then no matter what you do here in life, your sins will be absolved and you will be welcomed into Heaven. Not much of a deterrant to keep people from doing harm to others, sure they teach people to be humane to others, but always with the thought that in the end it doesn’t matter if you didn’t because all will be forgiven if you believe in God.
The Wiccan belief system abides by what is called the Wiccan Rede (their version of the 10 commandments you might say) that include 2 very important messages.
“Mind the Three-fold Laws you should three times bad and three times good.”
Meaning…right here, right now, not way down the road in the far distant future…if you bring harm to another or wish bad on another, the same will be returned to you three-fold..ie; three times as bad as you did to them. The same with good. There’s no praying for absolution or some higher being to come to your rescue and save you. You’re SOL. You literally bring it on yourself in triplicate and suffer the consequences. Although it is in your hands, it’s your choice it you want to suffer or be happy. If more people believed in that pure self preservation would force people to be more peaceful.
And this
“An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”
Sure enjoy your life, love, do what you can to make your life better so long as you harm no others in the process.
Good words to live by.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 7:25 pm

Psycho: .You look to the Wiccan? and there we have it folks.

danny on June 24, 2006 at 7:35 pm

So danny did you miss the entire rest of my post, saw the Wiccan part and posted back?
If you read the rest of my post I said I do not follow any specific religion.
I do though believe that if more people believed those lines, that by harming others they themselves would be bringing even worse harm upon themselves we might live in a more peaceful world.
I also believe that people should be aware of their actions and not disregard the effects or harm those actions might bring to others.
Both points are about taking personal responsibility for your life and actions.
Do you disagree with this concept?

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 7:43 pm

Heh, by now seeing how you’ve responded to everything else I really don’t expect an educated response from you on this.
I don’t really know if you are capeable of this from what you have shown. But it’ll be interesting to see, that’s for sure.

PsychoKat on June 24, 2006 at 7:46 pm

Hmm very intersting, I’ve noticed that one post is missing from the list. The one from danny just below where I asked if he considered himself a Christian, and he basically insinuated that people should try to pay Debbie off to take the pictures down. Very intersting considering what else was in that post.

PsychoKat on June 25, 2006 at 12:39 am

I’d edit my last comment if it was possible, included in that post danny said Debbie was a jew, thus the paying off comment.

PsychoKat on June 25, 2006 at 12:40 am

well lookie here, I still see pictures. What a bunch of babies you all were for complaining and making such a big deal out of it.
I’m wondering how long the ‘white women and the terrorist they married” thread will stay up on VJ until it’s pulled down?
So Steve, why the gag order on everyone? Not allowing anyone to talk about Debbie Schlussel or this topic, or refer to it or mention it? Oh ya, that’s right, because you are a huge liar! Oh and I got one of your lame PM’s as to why no one can talk about it. What a bunch of hooey.
Bond2u, so Aussiewench gets her info from you? So let me get this straight, you are ADVISING people on how to ADVISE people? Umm, can we all say UPL? Zyggy, give it up already. You are just as liable for being prosecuted for UPL as anyone else on that site, regardless of your past employment with USCIS. and there was never any handover of the site from Steve to some mythological Ewok or Wookie. It was all a huge charade. If you don’t believe me, ask Sassy, or Bopeep (I should leave a comment on her blog and tell that fat whale to stop posting pictures of her ugly baby – or herself for that matter), or Gemmacat or any of the others I’ve “outed”. I think it’s pretty interesting that none of them having posted to defend themselves. Oh yeah, that’s right, because there’s is nothing to defend when someone is speaking the truth.
Why dont you ask that llittle clique all about how they’d sit around in the hidden moderator forums and talk crap about everyone and share IP addy’s and do “whois” on them and try and find out who certain epople were. Or ask them about how they’d get into everyone’s PM boxes and read their PM’s to and from other people. It’s all the truth.
There is no Ewok, there is no Wookie, it’s all Stephen Palick. And no one is going to come to dollface, icey’s or anyone else’s rescue over these photos, because there is nothing Steve or anyone else can do about it.
When are you dumb schmucks going to get that through your heads?
Debbie, thanks for not bending to the bullies.
WHAT IS THE URL OF THE “white women and the terrorist they married” THREAD?

Gumby on June 30, 2006 at 2:23 pm

Debbie in reply to your comments within my message, I’ve emailed you what you asked. I thought I pasted the link in the body of the text of my last message. I guess it didn’t show up.

Gumby on June 30, 2006 at 7:08 pm

Right Gumby I don’t understand why the administrator at VJ won’t let these “victims” speak as they wish about themselves being posted by Debbie. The forum is about marrying foreigners and the ups and downs of doing so and this article by Debbie is written and she angers these women and they don’t have a right to speak their voice on a visa website in which they were discovered? What bull shit is that? How come these women say “ok administrator we will do as you say and not talk about how we are the topic of a well known blog site”. Why for fear of being banned? Who the hell cares about that silly fear? Afraid they won’t be able to add onto their post count and gain blue squares and hearts. If they got any sense they would be mad at VJ administrator for applying a gag order in which he has no right to do. Unless he has something he wants to hide from.

ITisTRUE on July 3, 2006 at 3:17 am

To Gumby: regarding these two particular points
“well lookie here, I still see pictures. What a bunch of babies you all were for complaining and making such a big deal out of it. ”
“Debbie, thanks for not bending to the bullies.”
Regarding your first comment, I would not consider the complaints as being babyish. As a means to bolster support for a cause she feels strongly about, Debbie publicly presented false information as “fact” and insulting commentaries about these women. She did not research the information she presented about these specific women, she did not verify that what she was offering was factual and true, instead it appears that she was so motivated by her cause (might I say fanatical)that the people and the truth didn’t matter, what mattered was convincing others to follow her lead. Few people would hesitated to defend themselves when being used in such a way. On the other hand when one becomes so fanatatical about something, that truth and fact no longer bear on the subject there is definately reason to question the author.
Now for the 2nd statement, about the bullies. How is it you can consider someone who would do what Debbie did to these women as innocent, yet those who would defend them, those that actually know or research the truth as bullies? That’s a bit backward isn’t it. Bullies are those who are so concerned with themselves that they don’t care about right or wrong….TRUTH OR FACT.
You do seem to have an issue with VisaJourney, but you aren’t discussing the subject matter that Debbie presented and the validity of that, your posts are simply about what appears to be a personal problem with the administration of the site. That is a wholly different issue than what Debbie presented.
Regarding IP addresses and PM’s, well read the terms and conditions of the site and the privacy policies. After reading that, you should know what you are facing when posting on the site and becoming a member this is layed out in very clear english so expecting it to be anything otherwise would be to put it mildly uninformed. Having read those myself your information is not cause for concern in my opinion.
To ITisTRUE: The Admin of the site offered to explain in private message the reasoning behind this to anyone who wished to know. Not talking about it there really isn’t an issue, it didn’t happen there it happened here, logically it’s more productive to meet the issue head on not go hide and talk about it elsewhere anyway so no biggie there.
Regarding them being the subject of a wellknown blog site, just because a site is wellknown doesn’t mean it is a truthful, dependable, accurate source of information. The internet is a big place, ANY whack job can post anything they want. I can see it now, some popular site decides to post that the earth is inside out..imagine the masses of people who will firmly believe that just because the site is well known…that and people are more than willing to accept what others spoon feed them, it’s just too much work to actually research the information on ones own these days.

PsychoKat on July 3, 2006 at 11:12 am

What is the one thing all of these women have in common? Although I don’t know any of them, I can safely assume, based on much experience, that they all:
1) Grew up without their fathers and/or
2) Had bad relationships with their fathers and/or
3) Their fathers were/are from the insane Left
These were listed in the most likely order of occurrence with 1 being more likely than 3 etc.
I know a lot of decent men who have close and caring relationships with their daughters. They all want what is best for them. In terms of marriage, they would hope their daughters married someone like “dear old Dad.” Does anyone find this strange? I can tell you that not one of them would like to see their little girls give themselves to Muslims and then have Muslim babies. Now have I offended anyone? You do want the truth don’t you?
These women grew up without their fathers and don’t see things that way. They see no problems whatever with having little Muslim babies and becoming Muslims themselves. They think all men are completely interchangeable (Copyright Political Correctness), that all men are essentially the same and that love (lust) is all that counts. Their minds have stewed in the cauldron of political correctness for so long that no one can convince them otherwise.
These Muslim men see you as a sex toy at best and as a useful slut at worst. Much the same way as rappers do their bitches and hos.
Then we have a few men here who think like these women and love to use the word “racist” as their PC weapon of choice. Much like others do with “KKK” etc. These tactics really only work on the brain-washed though so much effort is wasted.
Finally, we have some women here who try to justify their deeds by supposing they know the mind of God. That God has somehow approved of all of this cultural rot, made common since the sixties. But do they really know the mind of God?
Why did God make the peoples so different — each kind after their own kind? That seems to be one of His overriding principles throughout nature. From plants to animals. There MUST be some mistake! But He does seem to have been quite adamant about that. He seems to have divided them geographically into nations with borders meant to keep others not like them out. Then, He insisted that they not even be able to understand each other — confused their languages. Not even a discussion amongst them permitted. And to top that off, they each have various cultures and religions guaranteed to clash with each other. Yes, this HAD to be a mistake.
We, of course, know better. What is really good is the exact opposite of what He planned. A world in which we are all as “one.” We will have to do something about those pesky religions that divide us. Let’s get rid of them, yes that’s it! No religion allowed except for our new universal religion — atheism.
We’re working on that language problem too. We’ve just about got that broke down but still much to be done. If we can just get the masses to agree on which language they will all speak.
We have also begun to attack the borders problem. A world without borders is our goal. And won’t it be wonderful! Imagine all people being able to come and go as they please and whenever they want.
We’ve also made good ground on the cultural divide. We have convinced many of them how foolish it is to want to marry within their own traditions and people. Such ideas are now considered racist. We are winning! They are beginning to dissolve into unity. A single people with no distinctions and no religions. Uniqueness is being dealt with. There will be no more Isaac Newtons, Beethovens, or Einsteins of course but we are willing to accept that.
Now we simply must deal with that “haves” and “have-nots” problem. Dear me, where to begin? It seems that some of them will work much harder than others and therefore earn more money. I fear the culture problem is mixed in here with this. Should we make them more lazy somehow or just take part of what they have earned and give it to others? What if instead we could convince them somehow to willingly give it away? Play on their sense of fairness and charity? Hmmm, this is a tough one but we are working on it.
I must tell you that the best mode of action for all of this Utopia we are building is to begin with their children. They are still very innocent little creatures and their level of resistance is barely anything at all. About 18 years of public education should do it. By the time they grow up and take positions of power their (our) views will be firmly established!
The corrupt Western mind loves this type of garbage. These women will find, however, something even worse — the corrupt Islamist mind.

Eric on July 15, 2006 at 2:04 pm

I can only say, if anyone does not believe that the so called “muslim” religion is a religion of peace has not read into it….the entire concept is that no one, and I mean NO ONE can survive in their world unless they convert to being muslim.
Enough said in my opinion.

melinwy on July 20, 2006 at 2:36 am

Dear God, I wish I’d come across this sooner. I haven’t read any of your other blog entries, Debbie, but what you have done on this one is probably the worst case of misuse of the “freedom of speech” clause I’ve ever seen. How can you have the heart to deliberately hurt people like this? This is terribly, terribly sad. How can this be a brave and free land when people are making horrible comments like the ones in this blog entry, thus typecasting an entire section of the world and stamping your own fellow women into the ground we all walk on.
I mean at the very least, can you not see that women in general should stick together, not stab each other with words and actions? How could you do this? How could you find it within yourself to hurt another human like this – because that’s exactly what you’ve done here. This is beyond “debatable” – it’s just horrific. It’s also far beyond media sensationalism – it’s just plain horrible.
You are a representation of a country in which i also live – an immigrant yourself (I assume you’re not native American – and no, native American heritage does not count in this instance) at some point in your family’s heritage. This is a very, very bad example of an American human being you’re putting out. I actually can’t remember the last time I felt this personally afflicted by something someone else has done or said – probably the Virginia Tech killing spree, actually. If this is an indication of the world we live in, and the state freedom of speech has come to, then I hope we all get blown to pieces by a giant asteroid as soon as I finish this sentence.
To be honest, had it been me on the picture, I’d have been on the telephone to my family lawyers. I suppose you’re rather lucky that the poor people who’s lives you had absolutely no right to pinpoint and shove into the dust were poorer than you. Perhaps you depend on that in the day to day dealings of “expressing your point of view”. Had it been me, I’d have taken you to court and sued you.
I and many others who read this thread feel sick at this point, I expect – a statement in any form as harmful as this is a terrible and deep black hole in human understanding – incredibly destructive and very, very mean. I hope you have a life altering event or a change of heart at some point that will make you take these dreadful and absolutely slanderous accusations and pictures down very soon. it’s 2007 and they’re still here. Shame on you – deep shame on you.
Alternatively, I hope someone does sue you – perhaps all of them together. That would ensure the pictures were taken down, and let’s face it, sometimes, you have to learn the hard way, don’t you.
I am disgusted.

JayJay on May 11, 2007 at 7:36 pm

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