September 8, 2006, - 11:55 am

Attention, Parents: On 9/11 Eve, Teen Mag Glamorizes Daughters Running Away to Marry Online Muslims

A 16-year-old (now 17) American girl meets a Palestinian Muslim looking for a green card and wife online. She lies to her parents and flees to the West Bank, Israel to convert to Islam and marry the man. FBI agents and a whole host of others got to her in time. (We’ve written about it , , , , and .)
So what do Katherine Lester’s shameless father and stepmother from a Michigan hicktown do? They whore her out for interviews with “Good Morning America” and other news shows–all for the glamour of the lights. And they talk to Seventeen Magazine.
And what does Seventeen do? On the eve of the fifth anniversary of 9/11, it GLAMORIZES this foolish girl’s absurd trip to the Mid-East. The October issue of Seventeen, now on the stands, bears this headline for your daughters: “Online Love: Make It Work!” The 5-page article, as told to 17 by Lester, is incredible, incredibly irresponsible. It glamorizes the whole runaway-to-convert-to-Islam-and-get-married act.

Incredibly, this Lester chick is still mesmerized by the online Muslim, Abdullah Jimzawi, who told the papers he wanted to marry her, move to the U.S., and get a green card like a lot of men in his town near Jericho (a hotbed of Palestinian terrorists), Israel. She tells Seventeen:

Abdullah was different from any guy I’d ever liked. . . . He really seemed to like me for who I was. He also was respectful and family-oriented, which I thought was amazing for a guy who was 20.

Duh. He wanted a green card. Hello? . . . .
We had so much in common: We liked the same music, food, and books.
Duh. He wanted a green card. Hello? “Same . . . food and books”? How many falafel joints are there in the cornfields of Gilford, Michigan? Not many, if any . . . for now.
And by the way, it helps to have Palestinian relatives living here to facilitate the runaway. Jimzawi’s cousins live in the Bronx, New York (are they here legally?) and bought her the $2,000 plane ticket to Israel. She stayed overnight at their home. What if they were not as nice as they ended up being to her? What if they were illegals and terrorists? This is what Seventeen Magazine is glamorizing to America’s daughters.
And by the way, we doubt the many quotes Lester gives of Abdullah, where he constantly tells her to visit him in “Israel.” Palestinians consider the West Bank to be Palestine. It’s doubtful he ever called it Israel.
Unfortunately, upon Lester’s return to the U.S. (she was intercepted by FBI agents in Jordan), the FBI allowed her to avoid the embarrassment she should have gotten:

The FBI agents walked me off the plane directly onto the runway so I wouldn’t have to go through the terminal and do a “perp walk” past all the television news cameras camping out there to get pictures of me. . . . My mom and dad were waiting in a car that was parked on the runway near the plane.

Incredibly, Lester’s clueless father and stepmother continue to allow her to talk for an hour, every day, with the Palestinian Muslim who enticed her to runaway to the Muslim world to convert to Islam and marry at age 16.

Katherine Lester: Seventeen Glamorizes the Transformation from This to This

And, of course, Seventeen glamorizes Abdullah Jimzawi a/k/a “Abdullah Psycho” as some knight in shining armor, quoting this green-card, American wife seeker as some sort of modern day Romeo:

I love her and I want to marry her. I don’t think Katherine made a mistake when she ran away–she was coming to Israel so we could get married. I had the ring for her, and my mom had started planning the engagement party and the wedding ceremony. . . . No one can stop us from being together.

If only Seventeen had taken the opportunity to inform teen American girls about the perils and dangers of Islamic extremists and the “life” women must suffer in the Islamic world. Instead, it glamorized it as a teen romance adventure.
Ironically, Katherine Lester tells Seventeen that she’s a fan of the rock group, “Disturbed.” We recommend she heed the advice of its lead singer, David Draiman, who is totally clued in on Islamofascism in the Middle East and everywhere else.
In Lester’s case, her irresponsible father and stepmother aren’t doing much to parent their child or stop her from further damage. But you can be more attentive to what your daughters are doing . . . and the trash, like Seventeen, that they are reading.
Try to monitor what your young teens are reading in these vapid magazines. Or your daughter could soon be in the Mid-East wearing a burqa and helping some Muslim get a green card.
And by the way, as we’ve written, once she converts to Islam, she’s always considered a Muslim. Any apostasy from it is punishable by death.
BTW, as for Katherine Lester’s irresponsible father and stepmother–Terry Lester and Krista Lester, –we got a nasty e-mail from Stepmommy Krista. She made all kinds of excuses for her taking this girl out to all the TV shows and glamorizing this, all kinds of excuses for continuing to let this girl have a relationship with this Muslim, green-card seeking Palestinian suitor. But in the end, she just can’t be a parent. She’s too dazzled by the lights.
But that didn’t stop her from telling us that we’re not a real news source. But if this site is not a real news source, why did she waste so much time and energy sending me such a long, melo-dramatic e-mail?
We’ve heard they’ve been contacted to make a TV movie. We doubt they turned the thousands down. We pick Drew Barrymore to play Katherine and Courtney Love to play stepmommy. Maybe Lindsay Lohan’s father can portray Mr. Lester.

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16 Responses

Why doesn’t that dysfunctional family move to the Middle East instead of allowing her daughter to be used as a concubine as a ruse to let in yet another savage into my country and spawn more barbarians. They should move there and stay there.
Add Seventeen Magazine to The NY Times, The Washington Post, and al-Jazeera.

Thee_Bruno on September 8, 2006 at 12:58 pm

So many American girls have such low self esteem.
Where are the fathers of America?

Burt on September 8, 2006 at 2:35 pm

The father is a pimp and the stepmother is … well a stepmother, so they played their parts accordingly.
As far as this 17 year old idiot is concerned, I hope she goes to that rathole, also known as Palestine, and settles there. And her passport may be revoked.
I wonder why this country does not have a law that revokes citizenship. India has a law that makes Indians give up their citizenship if they take citizenship of other countries. Its about time lawmakers introduce a law making its citizens surrrender their citizenship if they marry people from terrorist countries.
To the parents of Katherine Lester: Why don’t you idiots move to the middle east with your stupid daughter instead of endangering our lives here? You can take Craig and Sara Corrie along with you and enjoy the wonderful Arab world that you crave for! PS: Look out for Caterpillars.

anonymous twit on September 8, 2006 at 4:03 pm

There’s a wonderful invention under internet tools where you can block websites. Parents should definately block MYSpace. It’s just an invitation for stalkers and pedophiles. These days if parents are going to let children have their own computers they should at least know what they are looking at and how to stop it. Blocking a site is relatively easy.

Minnie Mouse on September 8, 2006 at 5:01 pm

Another case of brain-deadness in America. It could be that someone is putting stupid pills in the American people’s water supply. The FBI should look into it.

FreethinkerNY on September 8, 2006 at 7:30 pm

Once again, show me ANY case like this and I will show a girl who either didn’t have her father in her life, had an abusive father, or a bad relationship with her father. It’s the case EVERY time!
I believe when this sickening event happened the girl was living with her mother — father ABSENT. Then I heard the girl went to live with her father and what do we find out about him? A sick SOB willing to pimp out his own daughter!
The simple truth is, there is a very special relationship that forms beginning at a young age between a little girl and her father. He forms her very first and lasting impressions of what a decent man is supposed to be like. This relationship is very important right on through (and maybe especially) her teen-aged years.
In any event, show me a 16 year old girl who has had a caring close relationship with her father and I’ll show you a 16 year old that would NEVER pull the misguided stunt this girl did. Ditto for the girl’s mother. It’s the daughter-father relationship that should help mold the type of man she will eventually be attracted to.
Am I a psychiatrist? No. But I have had extensive experience with juvenile crime, know several social workers, and have seen this type of thing so often and for so long that I find it holds true nearly 100% of the time. Her father should be “horse whipped.” He holds the primary blame for all of it in my opinion.

Phoenix on September 8, 2006 at 8:59 pm

I’m not a psychiatrist either, but as the father of two daughters, I know that neither would date a man who didn’t have balls enough to introduce himself to their mother and father.

Burt on September 9, 2006 at 9:25 am

Typical MySpace loser. Really, MySpace is for losers. It’s one of the dumbest things since people walking around and driving while yakking on their cell phones.
I concur with “anonymous twit”, take away their citizenship and send her and her loser family packing.

The_Man on September 9, 2006 at 11:30 am

this is as bad as having a daughter in porn, i hope she loves the real life of palestine where they cant even pick up there own trash and dont takes baths.

PNAMARBLE on September 9, 2006 at 4:09 pm

I can understand this young woman being an ignorant twit. That happens all the time. Her parents, however, need a serious ass-beating. They have been around longer and they ought to know better. Shame on them for encouraging their daughter in this folly.

strider172 on September 10, 2006 at 12:05 am

To adress Debbie’s main point in this article — the glamorizing of teen-aged girls fleeing to the Mid-East to meet Muslim men for marriage, is both insane and VERY dangerous. Just “getting a Green Card” however, may be the least worrisome thing about this story. I also wish the author’s name of this piece had been given here. Whoever this author is and her editor who approved this story obviously took NO time at all to think about the message, let alone do ANY research, they are giving to teen-aged girls across America. The story is in fact dangerous and some type of retraction should be printed.
The following writers and various professionals from around the globe have clearly documented and written about why this story is so misleading and dangerous:
Ethnologist Maria Backman, in her study “Whiteness and gender,”
A report from the Swedish version of the organization “Save the Children,”
Fjordman, a writer for the Brussels journal,
Sharon Lapkin, in FrontPageMagazine,
Paul Sheehan, reporter for the “Sydney Morning Herald,”
The international Christian Concern group “,”
Biritish law enforcement authorities in Keighly, England,
Retired physician and writer, reporting from France, Theodore Dalrymple, for “,” etc. etc.
The list could go on and on but the point is it has been documented and we KNOW what is going on in the minds of typical Muslim men with regard to their search for Western females. The evidence is profoundly clear for anyone willing to do the bare minimum of research. Typical Muslim men view Western women as whores sexually. They see their own Muslim women as chaste and morally pure enough for a traditional Muslim marriage. Western, and that means white women, are clearly viewed MUCH differently by typical Muslim men. Many of whom refer to them as only usuable as “girlfriends,” whores, and prostitutes. In other words, merely as sexual objects for self gratification and NOT as marriagable Muslim women.
The number of rapes and gang-rapes of Western women and young girls by Muslim males around the globe in all Western nations in which Muslim men are found reveals the true story that should have been told by Seventeen Magazine. All of the authors that were listed above have all written about these facts.
But rather than look at ANY of this evidence, the writer for Seventeen Magazine, instead glamorizes the very dangerous idea of young Western women running off to be with their Muslim husbands-to-be that they found online. Perhaps if some tragedy ocurrs because of this, Seventeen Magazine could be held legally culpable?
I do hope that the parents of young girls pay careful attention to what their daughters are reading these days.
We all owe Debbie a debt of gratitude for reporting this — especially for parents. I do wish though that the dangerous implications of this story had been stressed a little more. To that end, hopefully what I have added here will suffice that we may see even more clearly the outragousness of Seventeen Magazine’s irresponsibility.

Phoenix on September 10, 2006 at 2:27 pm

    how ignorant exactly are you? supporting hate towards a kind of people because a bit of them are manipulative and such? ” Typical Muslim men” how IGNORANT! I have many friends who are married to Muslim men, and they are very happy. Do you think that white men DON’T beat up their wives? DON’T kill them? DON’T torture them? It happens. A lot.
    What about the events in Norway? The man was white, and christian. So should we now not trust any white christian man just because a few crazy men committed such horrid crimes?
    Grow up and get educated. Ridiculous.

    jyna on September 5, 2011 at 1:10 pm

I’m not sure if the laws have changed, but facilitating an under age person in crossing state lines used to be a Federal offence..I believe it was called the Mann act. If it’s still law, why haven’t those relatives who provided the 2K been arrested by the FBI?

Craig C on September 10, 2006 at 7:11 pm

How do you know this man is even a terrorist? You people are all fear-mongers. Sure shes an idiot for wanting to marry a guy over MySpace, but would this have been as big of a deal if this guy was German, or British? I think not. Who is to say she would even wear the hajib? Debbie is making so much of this crap up.

AHDoubleXL on September 13, 2007 at 2:50 pm

It’s one thing to criticize a person for what they’ve done, and another to be stereotypical. No need for insulting all the Arabs just because some are messed up.
This ongoing hate towards Arabs has become utterly ridiculous. You just fear any Arab and call him a terrorist, how ignorant.

jyna on September 5, 2011 at 1:03 pm

I understand that this girl was extremely immature, naive, etc. and that this Palistinian dude was just using her to immigrate to America BUT what’s with all this hating on Palistine and the Middle East in general?! I know a lot of people from various middle eastern countries, and they’re super friendly and normal people! They just believe in a different faith (which is still based on the old testament like Christians). My best friend is from Iran, and her and her family have welcomed me into their home. They are all very normal, gracious, peace-loving people who encourage their daughters to go to university and not to marry until they’re ready… I could go on and on about them. And they’re not trying to convert me to Islam, I’m a very strong Christian and they know and accept that. Some of you are being racist assholes. There are extremists in LITERALLY EVERY RELIGION. Christians have killed hundreds of thousands of people in the past (eg. the spanish inquisition) but that doesn’t mean I’m responsible for it. Just like my friend isn’t responsible for 9/11 or any other terrorist acts.

Alexandra on July 15, 2012 at 10:31 pm

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