August 19, 2005, - 2:13 pm

RUSH Limbaugh Mentions Me on Today’s Show

By Debbie Schlussel
Yes, that was me who Rush Limbaugh called, “my friend Debbie Schlussel” on his show, just a few minutes ago. Three mentions of my name. Thanks, Rush!
Here’s the e-mail I sent Rush that he read on the air (Lila Lipscomb is the mother of an American soldier killed in Iraq, who was in “”):
In the last year or so since F911 came out, Lipscomb has been doing essentially the same anti-war protesting/appearances as Cindy Sheehan has, but it’s been mostly only in Michigan. You can find many Detroit newspaper articles about that. But she has now made it big–not because of CNN or Moore, but because you just mentioned her . .. . .
*** UPDATE: Here is part of that portion of today’s transcript from Rush Limbaugh’s show:
RUSH: Yeah. Al-Qaeda did not make a decision to send her son to Iraq. I think her son made the decision. Wouldn’t that be true? I don’t want to be wrong about this. Somebody help me out. Wouldn’t it have been her son? I mean, bin Laden didn’t order her son there, and Bush certainly didn’t. I mean Bush didn’t order her son to go. Okay, so that’s Lila Lipscomb–and I’m really doing this to try and help the mainstream press because my friend Debbie Schlussel is right. Simple exposure on CNN is not enough to make this woman a household name around the country, but on this program, Lila Lipscomb has a chance to become the replacement field general for Cindy Sheehan and we want to help you people in Crawford. I feel sorry for you. The field general is gone. Your cause is defective anyway, but I know how much you have of your own identities wrapped up into this. To show you our compassion and our sympathy, we hope that you can come up with a suitable replacement until the field marshal, Cindy Sheehan, can return in glory to the battlefield, and in the ditch at Crawford, Texas. So we’ll see if maybe we can help CNN here elevate Lila Lipscomb to be the replacement field marshal. After playing this dramatic moment from Fahrenheit 9/11, Miles O’Brien said to her, “What is it like?”

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