August 22, 2005, - 4:41 pm

Why Was Michael Moore in Gaza?: Far Left Fatty Grinning/Filming During Kfar Darom Evacuation

By Debbie Schlussel
Why was far-left fatso, Michael Moore, hanging out and filming at Kfar Darom settlement in Gaza? When “Roger & Me” first came out, Moore promised his next fake-umentary would be about the Palestinians. But thankfully, he never delivered. Unfortunately, he may be reconsidering.

My favorite depiction of Michael Moore, complete with food stains and double-fisted hot-dogs (from “”)

Info about Moore’s smirking, smug appearance at Kfar Darom by Marlene Young at IsraPundit. Thanks to Tamar of IsraPundit for the tip.

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Going by ‘Stupid White Men’, the stupid honky who hit the jackpot is in Gaza because he digs PLO
ghettos.He also digs eating and although he is against US support of Israeli “terrorism”, he apparently has a soft spot for Jews as victims. And he does a real hip Dr.Oprah wannabe therapist shtick with his imagionary bud Arafat-particulary when he implores Arafat to be more like Ganhdi(Ganhdi actually had an even better sense of humor then Moore-he suggested that the Jews should protest The Holocaust by committing mass suicide-and stuck to his guns after he heard the results).

jaywilton on August 23, 2005 at 10:31 am

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