December 9, 2010, - 6:30 pm

SICKENING: Bush Immigration Dept Freed Killer Saudi Prince, Helped Him Leave US

By Debbie Schlussel

Barack Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under girlie-man,  fru-fru Kimpton-Hotel-loving John “The Moron” Morton (who hangs with Jew-haters) is an outrage.  But here’s a current news story that harkens back to when “The ICE Princess,” the incompetent Julie L. Myers “ran” the agency (into the ground) under Bush.  And it’s disgusting.  A Saudi Prince was jailed for killing a man with his BMW.  But the Bush/Myers ICE helped the prince flee the country and escape serving his entire sentence.  ICE . . . and incompetent Martha’s Vineyard probation officials.


ICE Princess Julie Myers Helped Killer Saudi Prince Bader Go Free, Escape Sentence

Truly sickening:

An alleged fugitive Arab prince convicted of killing a Cambridge dad with his BMW can’t “have (his) cake and eat it, too” by asking the state’s highest court to forgive and forget him while thumbing his royal nose at its rules, Suffolk prosecutor John Zanini argued yesterday.

The Supreme Judicial Court took under advisement a request by lawyers for Saudi royal Bader Al-Saud to wipe clean a default warrant outstanding for his arrest since 2008 — which is when probation officials claim they first discovered he’d walked out of a Martha’s Vineyard jail on July 20, 2006, and boarded a flight home in first class without notifying them.

Probation officials couldn’t explain to a judge in 2008 why two years passed before they noticed Al-Saud was missing, nor could they explain it to the Herald yesterday.

“When the Massachusetts Probation Service contacted the Department of Corrections, Probation Officers were informed that Prince Bader Al-Saud was released to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). At that time, Probation issued a warrant,” spokeswoman Coria Holland said in a statement.

At the Herald’s request, ICE is investigating whether it notified the Probation Department in 2006 that it was helping Al-Saud leave the country by driving him to Logan International Airport after he negotiated his voluntary departure with the agency. . . .

Al-Saud served eight months for motor-vehicle homicide after drunkenly killing landscaper Orlando Ramos, 37, in 2002.

Oh, and by the way, the Jew-haters of Saudi Arabia always pick Jewish lawyers to get them out of trouble. And, sadly, enough of my fellow co-religionist lawyers refuse to walk away from representing this special brand of scum.

And this case is no exception. Prince Bader’s lawyer: Arnold Rosenfeld. Sounds Puerto Rican.

Do I miss Bush yet? Still the same answer: No.

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12 Responses

Debbie congrats on bringing the truth out once again. You and Michael Savage are the only ones who tell it straight. Bush is as much an” ruling class elitist” with a one world agenda as any socialist -marxist pig. I would be checking the bank accounts of the court people involved and also see how big a donation went to the Bush library.

bobby99 on December 9, 2010 at 8:02 pm

Jews and wealthy Saudis… there’s a joke there somewhere.

But its no joke to the family of Orlando Ramos. He was just a little guy. The Saudi was the big man on the totem pole of justice. We can see which way it slid.

Not the brightest day for American justice and yes the conduct of both the Massachusetts Probation Department and ICE was truly sickening.

NormanF on December 9, 2010 at 8:17 pm

uh-oh…cafeful talkin about the Princess. EVS and Priceless may jump on and spin up the propoganda machine. LOL

notanEVSfan on December 9, 2010 at 10:43 pm

That’s what happens when you let legacy customs take over…

IceNoMore on December 10, 2010 at 8:06 am

To the first poster Bobby, your right dude, both Debbie & Michael Savage are the only few ones on the conservative side of the political aisle who’s been exposing the BS from the Bush administration! Yes Obama is bad right now, but things were just as bad under Bush. The other talkers on the right wing side who praised Bush back then and are praising Bush right during his post presidency are nothing but “water-carriers” for the Republican party, there no different than the left wingers who are carring the water for Obama and the Democrat party.

Yes we had problems with radical muslim sleeper cells in this country under Bush, I didn’t hear many of the conservative talk show host challenged Bush to condemn the attempted plots, etc. All there doing is bashing Obama for being too soft on radical islam (yes I agree with them til a certain extent), I see the hypocracy from some of the conservative talkers!

“A nation is identified by it’s borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on December 10, 2010 at 10:46 am

…and all our ‘supposed good friends’ of Israel can say is Obama has lower ratings than Bush did.

Worse, our supposed good friends of Israel will not even condemn the broken campaign promise Bush made to all the Jews of the world promising to sign the embassy act in his first week of office. Now all they do is complain about how Obama is forsaking Jerusalem.

Susan on December 10, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    Susan – It is a lot wore than you make it out to be. Obama’s agenda regarding Israel and the Israel haters he hung out with and chose as advisers was no secret. Yet over 70% of Jews voted for him.

    I_AM_ME on December 10, 2010 at 1:11 pm

      Oh, indeed there is a lot more than I made it out to be. First I will start by saying for all the Jews who voted for Obama as many Republican Jews who voted for him (especially those in the hierarchy of the party) were silent when Bush not only broke a very BIG BIG promise (embassy act) but silent when to prove how little Jerusalem ‘really meant to him’ he failed to send even the lowest level representative to the ceremonies of the Anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem. Like all the times the house of Saud praised Bush for axing the Embassy Act,they seriously praised him for WHY his (supposed) PRO ISRAEL
      administration dissed the Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem.

      Ok, so Bush did not speak of a settlement on the “Jerusalem issue” as often as Obama but I am here to tell you his actions spoke louder than words. It is exactly the reason he refused to sign the embassy act that today Israel fights for her beloved Jerusalem. By not sending a representative to the Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem ceremonies and breaking that very big campaign promise to sign the embassy act, like it or not Bush the supposed best friend of Israel was surely in the pocket (s) of her enemies.

      I_AM_ME, I truly do not care who is worse but to note who laid the ground work. Are you aware that the speech Bush made in Egypt regarding Israel was not that different than that of Obama. Bush spoke of the DAILY HUMILIATION OF OCCUPATION by Israel. He spoke of a viable Palestinian State which was contiguous and of all things, “did not resemble swiss cheese”

      When Abu Mazen sanctioned a poster which showed all of Israel, Palestine and ZOA (the largest Zionist conservative Jewish organization) begged Bush to call Mazen on the carpet for it, Bush was as silent as well as most of the supposed best friends of Israel who voted for him. Especially the ones in the hierarchy of the Republican Party (in and out of government) including the same kind of court Jews we speak of Obama having. Yes indeed.

      Now everyone seems to have their voice back which proves Israel is nothing more than political fodder. This ranting and raving is more about who Obama is than accepting the facts as Debbie laid out, and for once —>learning from them. WE have no friends. Period.

      If a best friend can insult all Jews by calling a denier of the Shoah a man of peace then pump tens of millions into a society hell bent on the destruction of Israel what does that tell you? If that best friend then lavishes more millions on a security force who marches to the Nazi Goosestep in clear view of every Jew and the President who gave the ok for the security force money, what does that tell you? If that best friend ‘hand picks’ a quartet(for peaces) made up of arch enemies of Israel who to this day obsesses on and imposes flagrant anti-Semitic diatribe upon Israel, what does that tell you?

      If he does that post 9-11, war on terror and following the worst intifada of all time waged upon his supposed BEST FRIENDS who had that time were still crying for their dead,what does that tell you?

      In the end the legacy of Bush boils down to the following: upon leaving Israel Bush told the Knesset, “TAKE GOOD CARE OF OLMERT.” (the ultra liberal clown court Jew Bush needed to make the Saudi’s and all their appeasers proud)

      Susan on December 11, 2010 at 3:01 am

Would be interesting to find out where dear Julie is these days. Probably pulling down a mid-6 figure salary somewhere, organizing Halloween parties. She sure wasn’t worth a shit at ICE.

#1 Vato on December 11, 2010 at 11:05 am

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sumesh on April 15, 2011 at 12:05 pm

Of cause, the things were no better with Bush Sr. and Clinton.

But note, during the last election, neither candidate felt it any longer necessary to make any (even false) promises regarding Israel.

NYgal on July 27, 2014 at 2:13 pm

Bravo Susan, for telling the things were under Bush.

NYgal on July 27, 2014 at 2:15 pm

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