August 20, 2007, - 1:20 am

It’s About Time: ICE Proves Me Wrong & ARRESTS Illegal Alien Criminal Elvira Arellano; UPDATE: She’s Finally Gone

**** UPDATE, 9:45 a.m. : Cause for celebration. Elvira Arellano was deported to Mexico and is out of the country. Now for the 19,999,999 others . . . ? Get to work, John “Costanza” Torres. ****
Well, with the folks atop Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) seems to have worked. A lot of what they do is a .
ICE proved wrong and, yesterday, arrested criminal illegal alien Elvira Arellano, yesterday.

Elvira Arellano & Anchor Baby Son Saul

Mazel Tov [Congrats]. That’s a great thing. And about a year too late, not to mention thousands of tax dollars it took for today’s L.A. arrest. And I’m glad that ICE Chieftess and ICE Detention and Removal Operations Director read this site and chose to prove me wrong (as I mentioned was a possibility–again, sometimes the reverse psychology, especially with egomaniacs, works).
–a criminal illegal alien convicted of using a false and illegally obtained social security number to work as a janitoress at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport–was holed up in Chicago’s Adalberto United Methodist Church, to escape deportation. She was ordered deported, but unfortunately was allowed to remain here for several years while she served probation. She recently announced she’d vacate the church to lobby to change U.S. immigration laws. I predicted ICE wouldn’t touch her (though added they might, just to spite me). Glad I was wrong (and right).
Still, we must fault ICE for waiting until Arellano left the Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago and trekked all the way to Los Angeles, where she was finally arrested, Sunday Afternoon.
–and it still holds–taking a hands off approach regarding churches (or mosques and other religious houses of worship) makes them de facto sanctuaries, to which all illegal alien criminals know they can seek refuge free from the hands of ICE. And waiting until she traveled cross-country to Los Angeles tells us that ICE DRO chief (and ) John “Costanza” Torres took the risk that Ms. Arellano could abscond into the great American abyss along the way.
And before they arrested her, here’s what Arellano and her anchor baby son (and pawn), Saul, were up to:

Arellano spent most of her day Sunday urging audiences of several hundred parishioners inside four separate churches to lobby House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other congressional members from California to take up immigration reform immediately after returning from summer recess. Between stops, she donned a pair of sunglasses and slipped into the back of her group’s electric blue sport-utility vehicle with her son.

The Deportation Officers and Immigration Enforcement Agents who spent their Sunday in Los Angeles tailing and seizing this important deportable alien, though, should be commended for their good work. They are not the ones who set ICE policy, but they are the ones who work very hard to carry out the job. Good for them. They deserve a pat on the back.
In the meantime, an army of lawyers is already working to keep Arellano from being deported. So let’s hope, ICE had the van or the plane gassed up and ready to dump her back in Mexico, yesterday. Reports said she was taken to and processed at a detention center for subsequent removal to Tijuana. Hopefully, they didn’t let her stay another night on U.S. soil to allow time for an emergency appeal to be filed. Adios, Senorita Arellano? Or just, continuing siesta?
Some illegal aliens are upset that she chose herself to be their supermodel (what–they want , instead?):

[Illegal alien rights activist and La Tremenda radio host, Jose] Salas questioned why it appeared that mainstream media make Arellano out to be the face of undocumented immigrants, while her actions have exacerbated the animosity toward them.
“She wasn’t down to earth,” he said, adding that Arellano acted entitled to rights “when there’s thousands and thousands of people in the same situation.”
“She made everything worse,” Salas said. “She’s not a face of the immigrants. My family without papers, she doesn’t represent them.”

Puh-leeze. I can’t imagine bank robbers or drug dealers protesting on the radio over who’s “representin’.” But with illegal aliens, there’s no bounds to their chutzpah. That was Arellano’s problem. So chutzpahdik, it even finally woke up Rip Van Torres and his cronies atop ICE.
Now, for the 19,999,999 illegal aliens remaining (and counting) . . . .
Well, we can’t expect too much. Torres and The Princess had their men arrest Arellano. And now, they’re outta the business. A lawn jockey does more work.
Their resume-packing phase has ended, and the post-Bush job search has begun (for Myers, at least, and hopefully for Torres, too).

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