August 20, 2007, - 1:20 am

It’s About Time: ICE Proves Me Wrong & ARRESTS Illegal Alien Criminal Elvira Arellano; UPDATE: She’s Finally Gone

**** UPDATE, 9:45 a.m. : Cause for celebration. Elvira Arellano was deported to Mexico and is out of the country. Now for the 19,999,999 others . . . ? Get to work, John “Costanza” Torres. ****
Well, with the folks atop Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) seems to have worked. A lot of what they do is a .
ICE proved wrong and, yesterday, arrested criminal illegal alien Elvira Arellano, yesterday.

Elvira Arellano & Anchor Baby Son Saul

Mazel Tov [Congrats]. That’s a great thing. And about a year too late, not to mention thousands of tax dollars it took for today’s L.A. arrest. And I’m glad that ICE Chieftess and ICE Detention and Removal Operations Director read this site and chose to prove me wrong (as I mentioned was a possibility–again, sometimes the reverse psychology, especially with egomaniacs, works).
–a criminal illegal alien convicted of using a false and illegally obtained social security number to work as a janitoress at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport–was holed up in Chicago’s Adalberto United Methodist Church, to escape deportation. She was ordered deported, but unfortunately was allowed to remain here for several years while she served probation. She recently announced she’d vacate the church to lobby to change U.S. immigration laws. I predicted ICE wouldn’t touch her (though added they might, just to spite me). Glad I was wrong (and right).
Still, we must fault ICE for waiting until Arellano left the Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago and trekked all the way to Los Angeles, where she was finally arrested, Sunday Afternoon.
–and it still holds–taking a hands off approach regarding churches (or mosques and other religious houses of worship) makes them de facto sanctuaries, to which all illegal alien criminals know they can seek refuge free from the hands of ICE. And waiting until she traveled cross-country to Los Angeles tells us that ICE DRO chief (and ) John “Costanza” Torres took the risk that Ms. Arellano could abscond into the great American abyss along the way.
And before they arrested her, here’s what Arellano and her anchor baby son (and pawn), Saul, were up to:

Arellano spent most of her day Sunday urging audiences of several hundred parishioners inside four separate churches to lobby House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other congressional members from California to take up immigration reform immediately after returning from summer recess. Between stops, she donned a pair of sunglasses and slipped into the back of her group’s electric blue sport-utility vehicle with her son.

The Deportation Officers and Immigration Enforcement Agents who spent their Sunday in Los Angeles tailing and seizing this important deportable alien, though, should be commended for their good work. They are not the ones who set ICE policy, but they are the ones who work very hard to carry out the job. Good for them. They deserve a pat on the back.
In the meantime, an army of lawyers is already working to keep Arellano from being deported. So let’s hope, ICE had the van or the plane gassed up and ready to dump her back in Mexico, yesterday. Reports said she was taken to and processed at a detention center for subsequent removal to Tijuana. Hopefully, they didn’t let her stay another night on U.S. soil to allow time for an emergency appeal to be filed. Adios, Senorita Arellano? Or just, continuing siesta?
Some illegal aliens are upset that she chose herself to be their supermodel (what–they want , instead?):

[Illegal alien rights activist and La Tremenda radio host, Jose] Salas questioned why it appeared that mainstream media make Arellano out to be the face of undocumented immigrants, while her actions have exacerbated the animosity toward them.
“She wasn’t down to earth,” he said, adding that Arellano acted entitled to rights “when there’s thousands and thousands of people in the same situation.”
“She made everything worse,” Salas said. “She’s not a face of the immigrants. My family without papers, she doesn’t represent them.”

Puh-leeze. I can’t imagine bank robbers or drug dealers protesting on the radio over who’s “representin’.” But with illegal aliens, there’s no bounds to their chutzpah. That was Arellano’s problem. So chutzpahdik, it even finally woke up Rip Van Torres and his cronies atop ICE.
Now, for the 19,999,999 illegal aliens remaining (and counting) . . . .
Well, we can’t expect too much. Torres and The Princess had their men arrest Arellano. And now, they’re outta the business. A lawn jockey does more work.
Their resume-packing phase has ended, and the post-Bush job search has begun (for Myers, at least, and hopefully for Torres, too).

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The DRO and IEA officers that arrested her should be given the bonuses that Peppermint Patty has stolen…errrrrr, received, in the past 4 years.

sanantonioins on August 20, 2007 at 2:35 am

According to the Chicago Tribune she was deported within hours,0,5377709.story?coll=chi-homepagenews-utl
“Early this morning, the Associated Press reported that Arellano was deported several hours after her arrest. The AP quoted the Rev. Walter Coleman, pastor of Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago, where Arellano had taken refuge.
“She has been deported. She is free and in Tijuana,” said Coleman, who said he spoke to her on the phone. “She is in good spirits. She is ready to continue the struggle against the separation of families from the other side of the border.””
While I have compassion for her child, it’s not his fault after all, I have to admit that I cannot find the same within me for her, in fact what she has done angers me. While I might be more compassionate if she had attempted to immigrate legally and hit some insurrmountable road block, this was not the case.
She appeared to act is if she felt entitled to special dispensation, that she was somehow more deserving or above those who have paid to immigrate legally with their sweat, blood, and tears.
I have personal experience with the sweat, blood and tears involved in legal immigration. As a US Citizen, it angers me that while I’ve gone through so much hardship struggling through legal immigration for my husband, someone who is not a US Citizen and has not even attempted to struggle through legal immigration as I have, considers themselves entitled to more rights than I am.

PsychoKat on August 20, 2007 at 5:06 am

I have to disagree with you Ms Schlussel, I don’t think you shamed anyone into do anything regarding this person. It was actually the best plan of all, wait for her to be on the street rather than ICE to be perceived as storming a church. Had ICE gone into the church, or whatever it was considered, it would have given her supporters the fuel they needed to ignite major protests and she would have become more of a matyr. Now she’s just another absconder retuned to her country. KUDOS to ICE DRO in LA.. Jim H you’ve got a pair bro………

ficedup on August 20, 2007 at 5:54 am

The current administration has decided to make a good show of it for enforcement. High profile occasional crackdown and now this.
Deporting her is designed to generate sympathy for illegals. Little is made of the fact she carried and delivered her child after her deportation order. You are made to believe a mother is being separated from her child by mean old immigration laws, even though its a situation of her own making.
High profile killers & drug dealers being deported will never get this kind of coverage.

jpm100 on August 20, 2007 at 6:53 am

I must have my tinfoil hat on today. Because I could swear there’s a push to portray the illegal alien issue as exclusively:
“the poor struggling hard working trying to make a better life for themselves and their family”
The gangs, drugs, & threats to security get zero airtime now.
And of course anyone downtalking illegal immigration is a racist.
All that’s been said before. However, it just seems like a big push to that effect lately.

jpm100 on August 20, 2007 at 7:00 am

1 down 11,999,999 to go

slayer72 on August 20, 2007 at 8:41 am

All that’s been said before. However, it just seems like a big push to that effect lately.
Posted by: jpm100 at August 20, 2007 07:00 AM
..coming right from white house to provide blood money to corporations, to get cheap votes to the party and ofcourse some cheap pesos doesn’t do any harm.. all this while talking about high ‘family values’. Doesn’t matter if criminals rob, rape and murder Americans.

Alert on August 20, 2007 at 9:29 am

Not that she should not have been deported….. but, isn’t it ironic that this arrest and deportation is on international news (check ) while millions of criminals fearlessly go about their crimes in broad daylight?

Alert on August 20, 2007 at 9:32 am

Look what it took to get ONE of them deported, and she was touring from church to church, speaking out against our laws, and she’s not even a citizen!

steve ventry on August 20, 2007 at 10:39 am

Odds are she’s probably back here in Mecca (Los Angeles) already. After all, it’s a revolving door when it comes to illegals returning after being deported. I used to work in an Auto Repair Shop in San Pedro with a guy from Acapulco and he told me he’d been deported dozens of times and how easy it was to return. He’s wait at some hot spot on the border where there was lots of traffic. When the agents moved in on a large group of people crossing, he’d make HIS move. They were too distracted with large numbers to nail one single guy. It always worked for him.

Rich B on August 20, 2007 at 10:46 am

It is about time.
ICE does not deserve any Kudos for doing what they should have done a year ago.
I have no animus towards the agents that were probably more than willing to go into the church to get her out of this country.
It is Chertoff and Meyers that were responsible for her becoming a celebrity with the criminal illegal community. They were too PC to enforce the law and were afraid to do the right thing.

ScottyDog on August 20, 2007 at 11:39 am

If only 30,000 something more illegal aliens were deported with her. How will ICE prevent her from sneaking back into this country? And if she does, will they grant her amnesty and legal status that she doesn’t deserve? Prior to her deportation, how much of our tax money did she live off of for her accomdations and where is her gratitude for that? Instead she spits on us and has much contempt for us white racist pigs for not allowing her to bleed our government dry with benefits she is not entitled to.Most illegals probably feel the same way too. Why should a baby magically acquire citizenship to his/her entire family that trespassed into our country? Good riddance to Ms. Arellano. America can adjust very well without those ingratefull leeches.

Jew Chick on August 20, 2007 at 11:49 am

I donít see why so much emphasis is put on the illegals coming here to the states. If I lived in an impoverished place like Mexico, I would do the same thing. We let them in daily by the thousands. We make it so easy for them. Anything that is easy will surely be exploited. We canít blame illegals, we need to look at the top. (guns donít kill, the guy behind it does)
I am in the construction business in Arizona and 85% of the construction work force is illegal. ICE could pull up on any given jobsite and leave it a ghost town. So, why donít they?
We had 5 guys get deported on a Friday night and guess who was back on the jobsite Monday morning? Itís like the hip hop saying goes ìdonít hate the player, hate the gameî
Please don’t think I’m a bleeding heart lefty. I just call it like I see it.

miked on August 20, 2007 at 11:55 am

Doesn’t Elvira love her son? What kind of mother deserts her child? These “church” functionaries need to be investigated.

lexi on August 20, 2007 at 11:57 am

What would happen if an American had illegally moved to Mexico, got arrested and deported, and then defied Mexican law again and illegally moved to Mexico and got caught again?
It’s called JAIL. Yet we just willy nilly take her to Tijuana and drop her off.
And we’re the bad guys?

cankelz on August 20, 2007 at 12:24 pm

Miked wrote:
“I am in the construction business in Arizona and 85% of the construction work force is illegal. ICE could pull up on any given jobsite and leave it a ghost town. So, why don?t they?”
Outstanding question. Why don’t they? Is it because of gutless politicians and PC run amuk? Is it because we keep electing the same idiots to run our cities, states, and country over and over? Or is it because we don’t stand up and DEMAND our laws be enforced?
If ICE raided the Auto repair facilities, restraunts, construction industry and various other labor profession here in the Los Angeles area the city would probably shut down to a degree.
I have a question for you miked. What is the pay scale for legal workers in you profession? Is it union? What is the pay scale for illegals? It’s not rocket science to come to a conclusion.

Rich B on August 20, 2007 at 12:29 pm

The corrupt and disfunctional Mexican government bears a lot of the responsibility for the illegal immigration problem. If the country functioned better, then its citizens would not be so anxious to leave. The government doesn’t have to change its ways and the money sent back from the illegals here helps to gloss over the problems.

Dandy Walker on August 20, 2007 at 12:34 pm

While I have compassion for her child, it’s not his fault after all, I have to admit that I cannot find the same within me for her, in fact what she has done angers me. While I might be more compassionate if she had attempted to immigrate legally and hit some insurrmountable road block, this was not the case. …why would you feel more for her hit some insurrmountable road block(its called the LAW)?if the road block(the law)stoped her from legally becomening a citizen,you would support her in breaking the law?

patriot10 on August 20, 2007 at 12:58 pm

My two sons and I recently went to Las Vegas and stayed in one of the major hotels on the strip. There were multiple problems in our room – the wireless internet didn’t work, our room safe wouldn’t open, we needed extra blankets and sheets – after multiple calls to the various departments, the same thing would happen – someone would walk into the room to help, take one look at us, walk back out, and never came back. We were totally perplexed, until I happened to look at my youngest son, and said, “Honey, take off your Border Patrol hat.” Things went a lot more smoothly after that.

Hilltopbabe on August 20, 2007 at 12:59 pm

Oh the HORROR she is a MEXICAN and will have to live in MEXICO!!!
How can we be so CRUEL!!!

poetcomic1 on August 20, 2007 at 1:39 pm

What is it with people that think our laws don’t apply to them?

ConservativesLovePuns(descent) on August 20, 2007 at 2:29 pm

Rich B
Most of our employees have been with the company for 5 plus years. We are not a union shop. The union is dead in AZ, we are a right to work state. We pay everyone according to their skill, black, white or brown. They can earn up to $24.00 per hour plus medical. A few actually own homes and have car payments. They will work every hour they are offered and they do a good job. The white guys that are hired usually have driverís license problems (DUIís), drug problems or are just unreliable. We have had a handful over the last ten years that donít fit that description, but mostly they do.

miked on August 20, 2007 at 2:35 pm

Miked, one of the last auto repair shops I worked had several employees who were here illegaly. I had to do my own mechanical jobs, write service, order parts and generally run the shop when the owner was away (which was often). On top of all of these duties, I had to do all the road-testing of the necessary jobs since the illegal employees had no legal drivers licenses and were afraid of being stopped and deported.
Another shop I worked in always had several employees call in sick on every May 6 because of Cinco De Mayo partying. They always used the same excuses such as stomach aches (Hangovers) because of the celebrating on the night before. I have a lot of respect for the Hispanic techs I have worked with. They were/are good mechanics and hard workers to each and every man, but… they are here ILLEGALY and the employers knew it.

Rich B on August 20, 2007 at 3:24 pm

So by your own admission, you employ 80% illegal workers.
You must be proud of yourself.

ScottyDog on August 20, 2007 at 5:26 pm

So by your own admission, you employ 80% illegal workers.
You must be proud of yourself.
Posted by: ScottyDog
sounds like he is dont it

patriot10 on August 20, 2007 at 5:42 pm

Hey MikeD—Five guys deported on a Friday, back on the worksite on Monday? That makes you and your company a harborer and employer of illegal aliens. Why not provide your company name so we can send some agents to interview you?
Before becoming an agent, I used to work in the construction business during and after college. There were never illegal aliens on my crews and business was booming in the late 80s. We were not drug using, DWI convicts either. I am sorry if it is difficult for certain industries to find workers. Pay more and they will come. If not, the business may contract, but for every employee you get, the U.S. gets a human being, often with a family, and NO historical tax base to support the population growth from all of these new workers. Sorry, but just because an illegal immigrant might be good for certain business sectors, does not mean it comes at no cost to the public, from both a social and fiscal perspective.
As to this woman, it was an issue of ICE taking heat in the public for raiding a “church” versus taking heat from the public for inaction. Obviously ICE management felt that the latter course was better and waited until she came up from her hole for air. BTW, the U.S. is not keeping aliens separated form their familes, they are self-separating. The kid can go to live in Mexico with his Mom if he and she want. Mexico, that horrible country with the 11th largest economy in the world. Mexico is impoverished because of its corrupt government and culture and backwards laws. We should not have to pay the price for their failure to improve their own nation. Mexico has vast oil, mineral, natural and human resources at its disposal. They will never use them properly and Mexico will never improve to be a country where its citizens want to remain as long as they keep sending their problems north.

Staypositive on August 20, 2007 at 5:52 pm

ya mike i agree with Staypositive,if you had 5 workers that were deported,then were back on monday,dont you think you should just call up the agency that took them,and say”hey ther’re back,come get them” People like YOU are keeping these people in America

patriot10 on August 20, 2007 at 6:01 pm

anybody know anything about this msu prof that has the thoughtpolice after him?
got a fwd’d email about it and sure would like to see of the Deb has anything to say ’bout it.
as for the post?
dont be surprised. they dropped the wall once too and the lsm acted surprised so many cared about it before they all went back to their clinton.

playertwo on August 20, 2007 at 6:53 pm

I don’t hire. I’m not an owner. I am just an employee myself. I think some of you have missed the point. This problem is a machine that big industry and politics has created and all we can do now is trying and control the damage. I don’t like that we have these issues in our country, but I will not stand in the way of any human being trying to better his life. You can’t hate the people, hate yourself for letting it get this far. I would also risk everything to feed my kids. I’m sure most would or we wouldn’t have 20 million people here.
Patriot 10,
Do you know how many white guys on these jobsites have become to hate their illegal coworkers and called immigration? Answer: MANY!!!!
They just don’t show. Why you ask? Because the big construction companies might have a little pull in town. If they wanted to bust construction sites, they are there for the picking. These jobs I speak of are even on our own court houses, schools, libraries, airports and many other public work projects. I’m sure even the judges that come to see how their new offices are turning out see the people doing the work.
Why do I need to send you any names and addresses? Pick a jobsite and go nuts. You should pack a lunch and bring a few buddies.

miked on August 20, 2007 at 6:54 pm

This illegal invader to my country;
1. Breaks the law the FIRST time and sneaks across the border, is caught, and then deported back to her Turd-World slum called; Mexico.
2. She then sneaks BACK across the border a second time (making her a felon).
3. She then drops an anchor baby in the U.S. so that it will be harder to deport this scumbag – meanwhile, the U.S. taxpayer has to pay the medical bills to have this sow give birth to her fatherless son (about $30,000.00).
4. She then demands to have the U.S. taxpayers pay for her illegitimate son’s education and medical care.
5. She illegally obtains a phony social security card so that she can illegally work in some airport.
6. Not to mention that she is not married nor does her spawn know who his father is.
7. When exposed, she takes refuge at some protestant church for a year where the congregation unwittingly supports this invading scum and her spawn – paying for their upkeep. The phony reverand doesn’t spend one dime of his own money supporting these bastards!
8. She then has the gall to lecture America about how unfair and biased we are that we want to enforce our laws.
9. She’s treated like a celebrity by the media.
This evil scumbag is the RULE, rather than the exception.
These are just yet more of those “fine family values” that the LIBERAL scum keep telling us that these illegal vermin bring with them.
Fine family values?!
The brood sow is a;
A. Felon,
B. Purposely impregnated herself with an anonymous donor’s sperm,
C. Fraudulently obtained a phony social security number,
D. Left her kid alone to work at the airport.
E. When she was caught, she teaches her kid that America is racist, yet she wants to stay here.
F. Takes advantage of an America-hating phony reverand who shakes down his congregation to support this sow (maybe he got something “extra” on the side – after all protestant ministers can still have relations with women…even marry)
Some fucking “fine family values” this Latino sow possesses!
What a fucking joke!

Thee_Bruno on August 20, 2007 at 10:00 pm

‘”Itís like the hip hop saying goes ìdonít hate the player, hate the gameî’
Nothing like some sage ‘hip hop’ advice to lend credibility to a discussion.

Southernops on August 20, 2007 at 11:06 pm

Vinnie has set the OVER/UNDER (28 days) on ELVIRA sneaking back across the Rio Grande and taking refuge in a Catholic Church in east LA. Wise guys are taking the under which has moved that line from even to -200. Go Figure?

FingerEleven on August 21, 2007 at 1:03 am

Referring to ICE officials, “A lawn jockey does more work.” – Debbie Schlussel
NOBODY says it better than DEBBIE!

FingerEleven on August 21, 2007 at 1:10 am

Allow me to air out some feelings, for those in the know, you will understand, for those not, just bear with me. So, let me tell you something… under the new command of DRO Los Angeles, since Mr. Hayes took the helm of LA DRO, he has done more for the program than the previous management. Hayes has done more in a year than the lame duck management that was previously running the show did in 20 years (and trust me some of them have been in LA DRO 20 years, because that was the only place they strived, their incompetence would have been easily discovered in any other field office). The previous management people were a vindictive bunch, with the worst management skills I have ever seen in government. The sad part, they were all controlled by one incompetent manager who should not have been in the position in the first place (unfortunately she stills lingers around, but now has no more power, and keeps real quiet in hopes that Hayes doesnít send her to HQ). Luckily, Jimmy H. moved in, and moved her out, of control!! But, not out far enough though, she should of been demoted and sent to D.C. for some developmental management training, throw in some EEO and ethics training too…
Mr. Hayes got a shit sandwich when he came on board, but he cleaned house, and continues to do so in manner that no previous manager even came close to. Working in LA DRO is now dignified, regardless of what position you hold, and the ones that say it is not…. well they are just leftover cronies from the previous management’s corrupt and discriminatory ways, and they too will sooner or later face the man; the man being Jim Hayes LA DRO Field Office Director extraordinaire. I am glad I work for Hayes.

ICE4EVER on August 21, 2007 at 1:42 am

Buh Bye Normita…

ICE4EVER on August 21, 2007 at 1:44 am

In answer to your questions, and sorry for the delayed response.
“why would you feel more for her hit some insurrmountable road block(its called the LAW)?if the road block(the law)stoped her from legally becomening a citizen,you would support her in breaking the law?”
First off no I would not support her breaking the law. Compassion and support are not one in the same. If one honestly attempts to do what is right, respecting and following the requirements and rules, and despite their efforts fail, of course I could feel compassion for them. While I would not support them in breaking the law, that measure of compassion might motivate me to research the possibility of legal avenues they might look into for assistance.
Regarding my reference to some “insurrmountable road block” which you asserted “it’s called the law”. We don’t live in a perfect world, everything is not always black or white, right or wrong. People are only human, and no matter how hard they try, or how pure their intent, none are infallible. As such simply put shit happens.
Example (and this has infact happened): The petitioner could have passed all requirements and be patiently be waiting to receive notification of an interview date, and immigration services processed the petition and issued the interview date without a hitch. Now if someone going through the process is issued an interview date and does not show up or petition to reschedule, they are considered as abandoning the petition and are issued a removal order. That interview notice is issued in a letter mailed through the regular postal service. If that letter either does not make it from point A to point B through the postal service, or meets with undue delay, the whole process can come crashing down. Unaware of the interview date that was sent but never arrived, the petitioner could instead find themselves receiving a removal order.
The end result might seem pretty cut and dried if one were unaware of how it came to be. As you put it “(the law)stoped her from legally becomening a citizen”. But the law might not agree with that statement, once aware of where the path failed.

PsychoKat on August 21, 2007 at 1:45 am

ICE4EVER, it doesn’t matter who runs ICE. The Dems and Republicans want Mexico to invade us and they want US sovereignty to be disassembled. It’s not incompetence that’s allowed millions and millions of illegals in here for decades. The politicians and the corporations are destroying America on purpose, or they think they can let the 3rd world invade without destroying it.

steve ventry on August 21, 2007 at 12:09 pm

They are beginning to build MAJOR distribution centers in Kansas City (not factories, of course), they are improving the ports in Southwest Mexico to bypass American ports, and they are about to start letting Mexican trucks in the US on a wholesale basis.
This is their plan, it is no accident. They wouldn’t be doing all this if they didn’t know the fix was in. (At the SPP site, they took down their map of North America showing the distribution routes from southwest Mexico up to Kansas City.)

steve ventry on August 21, 2007 at 12:37 pm

Here is what we should do. Find out if the social security number used by this skank belonged to another, living, person. Then find out if that person’s financial and credit history has been destroyed by the Mex skank. Then have this victim paraded out in front of the news cameras to show illegal immigration is NOT a victimless crime.

sanantonioins on August 21, 2007 at 3:16 pm

PsychoKat, you must be psychotic to spill this tripe. Missing appointments because an address changed and the mail didn’t reach them is most often the alien’s fault. They are required by law to list address changes with DHS, to not do so is a deportable offense. We have these laws for a reason, so that foreign nationals on our soil intending to live permanently list their place of residence with the government. That being said, these cases are in the extreme minority, and are often excused. Most of the time the missed appointment is really a missed hearing in front of an Immigration Judge, where they are ordered deported in absentia. EVEN THEN aliens often get the opportunity to have their cases re-opened.
This woman and the overwhelming number of deportation absconders are examples of those intentionally evading the law in the hope that one day an amnesty will absolve them of their immigration transgressions, and nothing more. Unfortunately, that hope is probably not in vain, as long as our president continues to refer to illegal aliens as heroes and illegal immigration as evidence of family values.
As for ICE DRO management in Los Angeles, the Director there is clearly unafraid to aggressively and unapologetically pursue his initiatives. Which is surprising considering he is one of the cronies of the ICE Director of Investigations (known here by the initials PP) and was proven to have inflated his resume. However, I am glad to see him using his ability of being politically bulletproof (the Teflon Agent) to do something to positively advance the ICE agenda. We need more leaders less afraid of what HQ, the press and Washington think than interested in doing the right thing.

Staypositive on August 21, 2007 at 4:31 pm

Is it hard to type with Hayes’ phallus in your mouth? You pathetic loser. Hayes got his job because he is a close, personal friend of John Torres. No other reason. They both share the same level of arrogance. Check out the facts…they are beginning to leak out. Your arrogant bald-headed leader, Jimmy, pissed off the Mexican Consul General in L.A. and the Government of Mexico was going to lock their gates leading into Tijuana. The FOD in San Diego saved Jimmy’s ass by meeting with the Consul General of Mexico in San Diego. The FOD in San Diego listened to their crap and deported her anyway. Arellano would not have been deported without the assistance of San Diego. BTW, Jimmy gets so much press because he’s been banging that troll, Jamie Zuieback, from HQ Public Affairs. The visual is enough to turn any straight man into a Tibetan Monk.
El Deporto

El Deporto on August 21, 2007 at 10:19 pm

Acutally Staypositive the situations I was refering to and familiar with were not the result of a non-reported address change, in one the letter never was recieved the other it was received long after the fact. Neither situation was the fault of our immigration system, just an occassionally fallible postal system. In both cases the petitioners (after initially panicing) were able to successfully complete the process legally.
To label me as psychotic to as you put it “spill this tripe” is rather shallow. My point was that sometimes despite the best laid plans, life happens. The process of legal immigration is quite stressful, relinquishing control of your future to someone you have never met and trusting that faceless stranger to be honest and fair is not easy. Emotions can run a bit high, if something unexpected comes up(that life happens thing), no matter how easily it might be resolved, those stress levels can make it seem much worse than it is at first.
Despite all that, for the record none of this was in reference to the woman in this situation. I just can’t get past her considering herself entitled to more rights than legal, law biding US Citizens have, to feel any compassion for her.

PsychoKat on August 21, 2007 at 11:16 pm

Like I said Psycho, these cases being denied because of missed appointments are rare, normally the aliens’ fault and almost always resolved—as with your associates: “In both cases the petitioners (after initially panicing) were able to successfully complete the process legally”.
The real problem in the service side of immigration is the time it takes to process. This isn’t the fault of lazy employees and a cumbersome bureaucracy (err, well at least not totally). The true problem rests in that most family and asylum based petitions are fraudulent. The burden of Immigration Examiners having to wade through so much garbage on a daily basis makes it impossible to give the public the service they deserve.
Immigration Offficers are not nameless and faceless, any information officer at a USCIS counter has their name on display, and Examiners all have their names on desks and offices. They are by and large VERY fair to aliens, in fact too fair because they give the benefit of the doubt so often. And there is much doubt, because DHS does not have the people to go out in the field and verify what every petitioner and applicant states among the millions of filings each year. Anything can be faked in an interview and on paper.
El Deporto- Well said, and Hayes is a retarted, drunken bull in the china shop. But why should anyone in our government suck-off these mexican diplomats to take back one of their own? Last I heard they were all for open borders. The U.S. shouldn’t be taking crap from mexico, we already absorb about 600,000 pieces of their crap each year. For the short-term at least, I don’t mind having an arrogrant bull plowing around LA wreaking havoc. Although I’m sure I’ll regret that sentiment.

Staypositive on August 22, 2007 at 12:25 am

Hi El Deporto,
I would of responded sooner but I had to look up the neat word you used “phallus”. The rest of your statement I will ignore.
Some of what you said may be true, but none of it changes any of the facts that I stated. Hayes, regardless of his hair style, love interests, or any other of relationships (personal or professional), changes the facts as I wrote them. He has done more as the FOD for LA DRO in one year or less, than the previous management team(s) did in 20 years. FACT.
As for pissing off the Mexican government, well, if you are soo concerned with pissing off Mexico, why don’t you go there and live there and work there. Last time I checked we enforce U.S. laws, not Mexico laws or any other foreign country laws.
As for the San Diego FOD, what you said maybe true, and that is how two field offices should work together in accomplishing one mission. (i know tough concept for you to grasp) The DRO FOD in SD has done a lot for SND DRO, and also rates high in management skills and abilities.
Now, YOU, should really do a self-assessment because your preoccupation with Hayes’ personal affairs and his phallus makes you sound like a jealous little girl (I had another word in mind, but refuse to drop to your level).
How and why Hayes got the job is way beyond your pay grade, but he is definitely cleaning house in LA DRO. The previous Acting FOD has been put in her place, and amazing how far a few letters to the right people will go. …ATIMRON EYB HUB
P.S. next time you wish me love and kisses try “XOXOXO”

ICE4EVER on August 22, 2007 at 1:31 am

Staypositive and El Deporto:
People like you crack me up, no one can win with you guys.
If Hayes sat around and did nothing, like previous LA DRO management, you guys would bash him for that. Instead he does what a lot of people should be doing in ICE, and you still aren’t happy, so you find other ways to bash him.
So you guys seem to have your finger on the pulse of reality, and besides you two mormons, who is competent in your book to get the job done?
Let me say it a different way; to get the job done, the way YOU think it should be done?? Who?
Please fill us with your infinite wisdom.

ICE4EVER on August 22, 2007 at 1:40 am

‘ICE4EVER’, if all the major companies (Kimberly Clark, P&G, Wal-Mart, etc.) are building huge distribution centers in Kansas City, which means the fix is in with regard to the ‘Nafta freeway’, which means there is obviously a large-scale plan to erase the border with Mexico, how is ANYBODY going to run ICE effectively??

steve ventry on August 22, 2007 at 5:18 am

the bottom line is big business runs America. If we want all these aliens from coming tothe U.S. we would’ve militarized, like EVERY OTHER NATION in the world, the borders.
Better to have ICE in a warm soda than no ICE.

Ronny James D.O. on August 22, 2007 at 11:42 am

ICE4EVER, you misunderstand, I approve of his recent activity. Iíd rather see someone, anyone, doing something other than trembling at what HQ might think about what they plan to do. Make decisions and move forward. Hey, people can change, but in the long term you would be wise to watch your back with this guy. Oh, and BTW, it is not beyond the pay grade of anyone as to how he got his position. It is well known by many what happened after they tried to appoint him to the HTC based on his inflated resume. All that said, I wish him and everyone in LA success, because that is what we are all interested in. If he is successful, does right by his subordinates and serves the public interest, then great. I hope your opinion and the results are the same a year from now.
Mr. Ventry- You are partly right, the politicians are sacrificing the public interest by planning for Mexico to expand their transportation modes into the U.S. After some Mexico sub-standard trucks and truck drivers massacre some poor souls on the road, maybe then they will pull back. I think you are wrong about the politicians intent to disintegrate the U.S. border. They are just willing to sacrifice some sovereignty for the economic benefit of certain sectors (yeah, not any better). In a sense, this degradation of our Nationhood will be as an unintended result of yet another sacrifice made to the altar of free trade. But even these politicians understand that to mirror what we have on the northern border with the south will only work when Mexico has similar standard of living and national security standards as the U.S. and Canada.

Staypositive on August 22, 2007 at 4:21 pm

Staypositive – yeah, I get what you’re saying, and I know of the history, but so be it. I know Hayes a lot longer from just being in LA, over 6+ years, but he is young, especially to hold the title he holds. And with experience, trial and error, he realizes what has done, and what he needs to do. No one is perfect, and we all have areas in our lives that can use improvement.
Did you know the previous management (DFOD/FOD)?
Talk about about complete incompetence, arrogance, and a disgrace to LA DRO. They managed by intimidation, and if you weren’t a certain race/color, you had nothing coming.
No pun intended, but lets stay positive dude or dudette.

ICE4EVER on August 22, 2007 at 10:42 pm

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vxnzbcm on May 4, 2011 at 2:23 am

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