December 12, 2011, - 5:14 pm

Support Lowe’s for Dropping Ads from Hezbollah / Iran’s “All-American Muslim”

By Debbie Schlussel

Since yesterday, the biggest news story in the Detroit area is Lowe’s decision, last week, to drop its advertising from “All-American Muslim,” the Islamic propaganda show shot in Dearbornistan. (I haven’t commented earlier because I’ve been sick.) Predictably, moron celebs, like pan-Muslim, anti-Semitic Russell Simmons and anti-Israel Mia Farrow, are endorsing a threatened Muslim boycott of Lowe’s.  It’s incredible that they describe Lowe’s as supporting hate, when, in fact, Lowe’s repudiation of “All-American Muslim” is a repudiation of the anti-Semitic, pan-terrorist hate of the participants in the show.


TLC’s “All-American Muslim” Whitewashes Hezbollah/HAMAS/Khomeini Iranian Revolution Supporter Suehaila Amen & Her Terrorist-Supporting Family

Lowe’s deserves our applause for doing the right thing.  But Lowe’s should never have advertised on the show in the first place.  As I’ve reported to you, the participants in the show are all Hezbollah-supporting Shi’ite Muslims.  Yes, none of them will condemn the Islamic terrorist group that murdered over 300 U.S. Marines and civilians in Beirut at the Marine barracks and at the U.S. Embassy.  None of them will condemn the Islamic terrorist group that helped Al-Qaeda bomb the Khobar Towers, murdering more Americans.  And none of them will condemn the Islamic terrorist group caught murdering American troops in Iraq.  Hezbollah did all of these things and more. One of its commanders, Ali Mussa Daqduq, orchestrated the kidnapping and murder of four U.S. soldiers in Iraq. And Hezbollah built the bombs and IEDs that killed many more. These Anti-American–NOT “All-American”–Muslims support that and won’t condemn it. That’s UNAmerican. Period.

Moreover, as I’ve told you, Suehaila Amen, the show’s main character and spokesman for the participants in the show, is an officer in an organization that leads Hezbollah and HAMAS rallies.  She, herself, has participated in those events, where swastikas were happily displayed and anti-Semitic slogans shouted.  And she’s an activist in HAMAS front group and unindicted terrorist co-conspirator CAIR Action Network. No retailer or respectable business establishment should be involved with a show that whitewashes monsters like this who proudly support mass murderers of Americans.  And, finally, there is the fact, that Suehaila Amen, her mother, and her sisters, proudly support Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s Iranian Revolution, in which our American Embassy employees were kidnapped and taken hostage for 444 days, human rights abuses and Islamic totalitarianism became the order of the day, and Iran has funded Hezbollah and HAMAS for decades.

I worry, though, that Lowe’s will soon capitulate under HAMAS’ CAIR (again, it’s a terrorist co-conspirator according to federal documents filed in court) and other Arab Muslim pressure, as US Airways, Nike, Target, Walmart, Northwest Airlines, and a host of other companies have. I predict that within days, Lowe’s will announce some sort of joint sensitivity training program, as Northwest did, paying HAMAS’ CAIR oodles of money for the privilege. That’s why it’s so important that you contact Lowe’s in support of its decision and cite the facts about the “All-American Muslims'” open support for an Islamic terrorist group that mass murders Americans, something the show whitewashes and won’t dare expose.

Today, Islamic terrorist, marriage and immigration fraud perpetrator, and FBI award revokee Imad Hamad sent out this e-mail to the Muslims who dominate his Hezbollah- and HAMAS-supporting ADC organization.

Take Action Now: Don’t Let Bigots Pressure TLC

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) calls on its membership to take action and counter recent calls by fringe individuals and groups pressuring advertisers to drop spots on All-American Muslim, a new series airing on The Learning Channel (TLC).

Lowe’s yanks ads from ‘All American Muslim’; local community outraged
The Detroit News
Local Muslim and Arab-American activist Imad Hamad said he was “stunned” over Lowe’s decision and called on “supports of diversity” to voice their concerns …

Take Action Now!

ADC is asking you to contact Lowe’s and voice your concern!
Contact Lowe’s:
Phone: 1-866-900-4650
Mail: Lowe’s Companies, Mail Code CON8, 1605 Curtis Bridge Road, Wilkesboro, NC 28697

I urge you to use the contact information and congratulate Lowe’s and give the company the facts about these terrorism supporters on the show. We cannot sit by as Muslims seek to rule commerce in America. As reader and friend Rob wrote:

Since when can a group of people demand that a private company advertise on a TV show?

I don’t get this whole (supposed) controversy.

Exactly. But whining, loud Muslims never miss an opportunity to create controversy and exert influence. Don’t let them get away with it.

Don’t forget, the participants in “All-American Muslim” are American by accident of birth, but they are Hezbollah and HAMAS supporters by choice.

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Here’s an interesting sidebar fact: A Michigan newspaper, the Muslim Observer, has officially endorsed Ron Paul for President. It’s clear that Rep. Paul has no objections to TLC’s “All-American Muslim” — otherwise, such an endorsement would not have been possible.

Seek on December 13, 2011 at 11:30 am

    Yes, Muslims support Ron Paul because he hates Israel and he hates Jews. His voting record confirms that, and whenever the opportunity arises, Paul condemns Israel and praises Muslim terrorist nations, voting side-by-side with another leftist, Dennis Kucinich. (That’s right, Ron Paul is a leftist, not a Libertarian. Don’t believe the hype; follow what he says AND what he does for the correct political label.)

    Ralph Adamo on December 13, 2011 at 9:04 pm

Ha Ha on Lowe’s. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. The marketing arm that made the decision to advertise on this show in the first place should be fired because this was entirely predictable.

I was in marketing and I can tell you that you never advertise on a show unless you are ready for the calls from people who hate it. Then when you don’t renew the support you get call from people who love it. When you are buying media, you have to stay away from controversy. The only thing I can guess is that the moron that made the decision in the first place is a muslim and didn’t foresee any possible controversy.

fred on December 13, 2011 at 12:54 pm

Home Depot is much closer to me than the nearest Lowes so I have always shopped at HD. However, Lowes now has me as a new customer. I will now drive the extra distance to shop there rather than Home Depot. And, Debbie, please go to a doctor to get your illness cured. We need you healthy and alert to keep up your good work

Wally on December 13, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Wow Debbie, for someone who preaches so much about defending American Values, you cannot accept freedom of speech? You delete my comment if you don’t like it, but no worries, it is to be expected that you shut out everyone’s voice except those who agree with you… you are a blog Dictator, Hate Terrorist, and Sad individual. I will pray for you.

    Sharon on December 13, 2011 at 2:34 pm

      My lord, it seems like this thread is attracting stupid dumbasses such as Sharon and her pathetic, unthinking ilk! Sharon, Debbies does support US values you lout, and she deletes comments that are offensive, obscene, defamatory, libelous, misogynistic, etc., this is her website, NOT yours, while where at Sharon, try and start you’re own blog!

      The reason why Lowe’s did this (and I thank them for pulling their advertisement for this propaganda show) is because they’ve woken up to the fact that this reality show is pure propaganda and pushing islamisim down our throats! And since you made a ad-homineim attack against Debbie by calling her a dictator and a terrorist, I’m assuming she’s going to erase you’re vile and hateful comment and ban & block you from entering this website again. What you did Sharon was completely libelous and since Ms. Schlussel is an attorney, she can sue you for defamation for slandering her reputation and character.

      Don’t you EVER comment on this website again Sharon and the samething goes for you Patrick Diehl, you two need to WAKE THE HELL UP and see who the Amen family really are. And Sharon and Patrick Diehl, the two of you can marry eachother and breed offsprings who are as naive and ignorant as the two of you with you’re own 8 year old message!

      “A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

      Sean R. on December 13, 2011 at 3:26 pm

      Sharon, did you honestly just say that denouncing religious bigotry that calls for killing Jews and Christians and stoning rape victims is against Free Speech??

      Did you honestly say that supporting the ending of financial support for a group of people who promote terrorist organizzations like Hamas is anti-free speech??

      Sharon, I hope your burkha fits well, you obviously either already have one or will need one soon.

      Jim Bancroft on December 15, 2011 at 6:20 am

        Wake up. So many of you have no idea of you own US history. Our country? You mean the one we stole from the native americans? That one? All of you others (Debbie) sound like Roosevelt caving into the pressure of having a bunch of japanese living on the mainland during WWII. You are all a bunch of cowardly bigots.

        Everyone in America is from someone else. That’s how we got started. That includes you too Debbie, ah, and your little ankle biter Sean too. LOWES…Really? That is comedy. Even John Stewart found you guys ignorant.

        This is just like W. all over… with the: “the terrorists win speeches”. EL Oh EL.

        Martin Cox on December 21, 2011 at 4:16 am

      I have a very strong feeling that you are a new convert to Islam or you are so naive and do not understand muslims or know any thing about Islam, I pity naive people like you. Do you know how women are treated in Islam? just see I suggest you go and live in muslim country for a year or so. Just because Debbie is telling the truth is hearts you and other naive people.

      skai on December 15, 2011 at 9:10 am

    Wally the Wally has spoken

    Tommy on December 14, 2011 at 3:13 am

    Apologies Wally-In my haste- I misread your post
    I totally agree with you

    Tommy on December 14, 2011 at 3:18 am

Since Skunky hasn’t responded to dhimmi-Linda, I will come to Skunky’s defense and aid. dhimmi-Linda, we all know who CAIR, Holy Land Foundation, hezbollah and hamas are, we don’t need you to lecture any of the posters that comment here. Are you telling me that all those groups are moderate and peaceful? LOFL, you need to get you’re head out of the sand live in the real world like all of us dhimmi-Linda.

First off, CAIR is an un-indicted, co-conspirating front group in this country that’s a shill for hamas, hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, etc., this group supports islamic jihadism, simple as that, and don’t try and contradict what I said, I already did my homework. Our government just many governments across the world have named and linked that hamas and hezbollah as terrorist groups, and they are terroristic groups. I don’t know why the hell you’re shilling for hamas and hezbollah in which they’ve committed numerous crimes against humanity over the years. Either you’re a dhimmi (an islamist apologist and islamist bidder) or a muslim yourself?

“A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on December 13, 2011 at 1:42 pm

Thanks for the contact info. I’ve used it to inform Lowe’s that their cowardly pandering to ignorant bigots has alienated my family, friends and myself and spurred us to patronize their competitors from now on. How you and your paranoid, scared little minions sleep at night is beyond me.

Patrick Diehl on December 13, 2011 at 2:08 pm

I will be doing all my shopping at Home Depot. Thank You Lowes for showing your true colors. I have a very large house to renovate, and this news came just in time.

Sharon on December 13, 2011 at 2:37 pm

The simple fact you muzzys and their sympathizers don’t understand but they will, is that war is coming, and when it comes all the rules go out the window. It will start in the middle east and spread like wildfire to euroupe and then here. Side with the muzzys, you will perish with them.

Drakken on December 13, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Drakken, ” The simple fact ….is that war is coming and when it comes….it will start in the Middle East….Side with the muzzys ,you will perish with them ” You are right. But The war on the non muslims have been waged from the times of Mo-ham-mad 1432 years ago. From Muslims Quran Sura 2:193 ” Fight against them [infidels/kafurs ] until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme ” My prediction is that if non muslim Americans do NOT wake up NOW ,then USA will be Islamic state in 100 years or so, if NOT that ,then muslims will demand separate state within USA ,which would be Islamic State. See what happened to India? Pakistan and Bangladesh were carved out of India in1948, same fate awaits USA. just see

    skai on December 15, 2011 at 8:45 am

Okay where did my post go, lets be fair and acknowledge the first amendment like lowes did!

Geo on December 13, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Geo, dude, you’re comment didn’t disappear, I’ll give you a little advice, click on “Older Comments” of this thread and you’ll find you’re message in the older comment section of this thread. Trust me man, you’re message did NOT vanish, it’s still there in the old comment half of this article! And also the reason why you didn’t see you’re original comment is because this thread is over a certain amount of number (90+ comments so far and probably counting) of comments.

    “A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

    Sean R. on December 13, 2011 at 3:52 pm

Does anyone know who one last nights game in Toronto?

Canadian on December 13, 2011 at 3:39 pm

LOWES, my new favourite hardware store!

FORMER Fetus on December 13, 2011 at 4:43 pm

I sent the following email to a number of Lowes executives the day after they pulled their advertising. I put my money where my mouth is.

Thanks for pulling your advertising from the offensive program (All American
Muslim) aired on TLC.

Due to your actions, I went to my local Lowes on 12/7/2011 and spent over
$200.00 on Christmas gifts (hand tools etc.) for my family. I was intending
to make these purchases at a different retailer (Harbor Freight or Home
Depot), but your prompt corporate actions restored my faith in Lowes, so I
spent my money with you.

Furthermore, I will keep my Lowes credit card account. I no longer have
plans to open an account at Home Depot.

boB on December 13, 2011 at 4:58 pm

If this keeps our Muslim-In-Chief POTUS and his kind out of Lowe’s, I think I’m going shopping at Lowe’s more often.

Jarhead on December 13, 2011 at 5:16 pm

As i think their decision is a good one based of their consumers, i think its pretty harsh to go back and bash them for doing it in the first place. How would they know anything? And how does anyone know they are Hamas? Or is it just another judgement on the Islamic community to only assume that because they have not said anything they are terrorist sympathizers? Im trying to be mean but im just really tired of the one sides assumptions. My sister and i had 2 of our closest friends growing up that were muslim. Nothing will ever get done with propaganda lies.

Melissa Powell on December 13, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    OMFG Melissa, you’re message is the equivalent of a pre-adolescent who’s trying too hard to be an adult. Melissa, these folks do support jihadism, even the local newspaper in the Detroit and Dearborn area mentioned that they’re shills and bidders for islamic terrorism and also pro-Khomieni (sorry for sounding like a busted up record, but I have to repeat myself to the brain-dead un-informed trolls and dhimmis who comment here), please wake up Melissa. These aren’t propaganda lies that you’ve mentioned, the term propaganda means, “doctrines disseminated by an organization” and last I checked Melissa, Debbie Schlussel is NOT a front-woman for an organization, she works for herself and makes her own income!

    “A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

    Sean R. on December 13, 2011 at 8:56 pm

Excellent job, speak the truth and never back down. The following video will show you what is really going on in Dearborn Mi. the site has other vids showing the truth about Dearborn Muslims.

Truth Defenders on December 14, 2011 at 5:53 am

Way to go lowes ! I support you but you should have see this coming !

david on December 14, 2011 at 5:04 pm

Yeah right Alex, to me Islam is NOT a peaceful religion, to me it’s NOT a legitamite religion, so enough with you’re taqqiya BS, I’m not being swayed by you buster. We know what islam represents and stands for buddy, and this show is pure propaganda, hell, the main star has given numerous speeches at hamas and hezbollah rallies in the past, this country is in a downfall becuase of dhimmi morons who apologize and bid for you muslims and you’re theological-ideology all the time.

Since you claim you’re not a terrorist, what are you viewpoints on hamas, hezbollah, etc., do you support islamic terrorism, yes or no Alex?

“A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on December 14, 2011 at 10:17 pm

lets realize these so called american-muslims are wolves in sheep’s clothing doing what they can to recruit, these people breed and teach hatred, we have stupid news agencies like CNN that allow them to play the victim card and give them airtime to ask “i dont know why america hates us… i thought this was america?” ask all the 9/11 victims why they hate us, oh wait they’re dead they cant answer, these hateful people target unarmed innocent people, cowardly. its not just a few bad apples in a bushel, because when i watch the news i see embassies being stormed by the hundreds and masses burning flags and protesting the U.S. by the hundreds if not thousands, they do this publicly , and muslims want us to give them a chance, ill tell you(muslims) what, stay in your country and we’ll stay in ours, we dont need you here. Get ’em Lowes.

Juan on December 15, 2011 at 12:57 am

Enough said, Have friends fighting over seas, Boycott any one advertising on TLC! Will use LOWES on remodeling Job.

Terry Hedge on December 16, 2011 at 8:51 am

I am in full support of Lowes ban. Seems to me America is becoming less free every day. I think that political correctness has gotten out of hand.I would be willing to guess that if the neighbors of the 9-11 terrorists were interviewed they would say they were nice neighbors but they shed all that innocent blood in the name of their religion anyway. I don’t want to see hatred of any group and America is a melting pot of many ethnic groups and religions but when one group wants to take over and perhaps even kill someone of a different faith we must stand up against that and if the people in this show are supporters of Hezbollah then we know what side they are on.

JH on December 17, 2011 at 8:27 pm

I support Lowes and note the well-idoctrinated PC mob using their knee-jerk emotion-laden rhetoric rather than thought-out logic and rationality to attack what they have decided to attack.

I suggest that all folks and Lowes just ignore the well-indoctrinated PC mob and continue with th “live and let live” actions and thoughts of the VAST majority of USA citizens, firms, etc.

Obbop on December 18, 2011 at 7:30 pm

I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did you
hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thanks a lot

Ashli on August 19, 2013 at 3:10 am

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