July 15, 2013, - 9:29 am

Angry Trayvon Martin E-Mailer to Schlussel: I’m Gonna “Beat the F–k Out of Your Ass!!!!”

By Debbie Schlussel, “White Jew” & “Creepy Ass Crackeress”

As you probably know, angry, almost universally Black protesters have rioted and otherwise engaged in violence over the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the self-defense killing of Trayvon Martin. This was all predicted beforehand and just entirely soooo predictable, including the dumbass comments from pro athletes and celebrities, etc. I’ve gotten quite a few threatening hate e-mails from some of the Trayvonist racists, such as the one below, from someone purporting to be named Terra Simpson, who is upset that I “went in on” Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin’s arrogant, racist girlfriend who cannot read the cursive handwriting she allegedly wrote and has, therefore, threatened to “beat the f–k out of [my] ass!!!!”


From: Terra Simpson terraj.simpson@gmail.com
Date: Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 12:05 PM
Subject: Can we say RACIST???
To: writedebbie@gmail.com

Hi Debbie by you going in on Rachel….What does that make you??? I consider you racist as well as Zimmerman and his defense!!! Its sad that we are still living in Black and White!! Bet you mad Obama’s black huh!!! Well Honey God doesnt sleep and by all means you guys are intimidated by what the BLACK community is bringing to the table!!! Excuse me while I stoop to your level if I was to ever see you in person I promise I would beat the fuck out of your ass!!!!

[Emphasis added.]

In fairness, four hours later I got a sort of “apology,” though something tells me the threats of violence are definitely in her character and that this was sent to avoid any kind of law enforcement action against her for her threats. Hmmm . . . if she saw me in person, then “beat the f–k out of [my] ass” at the time she wrote this e-mail, her apology four hours later wouldn’t make it better.

From: Terra Simpson terraj.simpson@gmail.com
Date: Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 4:08 PM
Subject: Re: Can we say RACIST???
To: writedebbie@gmail.com

Sorry for this message its way outta my character…I apologize

By the way, none of the other violent e-mails and tweets I got were followed up by an apology. She said what she really thought and meant in the first e-mail.

Sadly, the U.S. is populated by millions of similarly violent bigots.

Good luck, America.

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In some peoples eyes, the only requirement to be qualified as a “Thug” is having a hue darker than blue. Thats it, thats all.
The travesty is that people actually believe in the b.s that spews from their fingers. Enjoy your victory bigots, Im sure they will be another miscarriage of justice. Blacks will prob win that one, and On and ON and ON, the cycle will continue, no progress, back and forth, until a meteor blows this place, and we start anew.

Big D on July 15, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Big D, does this mean you’ll split for good? I mean, how can you justify hanging out with us racists?

    skzion on July 15, 2013 at 8:34 pm

      Skzion, I’d say Big, Dumb Dinky’s predictable race palaver is more boring than Aron B’s posts but NOTHING ever is that boring.

      He’s just tiresome and a wicked, lazy thinker. Too dependent on the group dynamic to see himself as separate or better. That’s a weak mind. Snore/bore. Follow the leader and fall asleep.

      He’s on the big, dumb wave of selective outrage and indifferent to the heaps of stories that show how Blacks have violated Whites and don’t get “Show Trials” like the Zimmerman trial. Puh-Leeze. He’s boring and lacks moral clarity. (Outrage is for ALL true victims not matter what race!!)

      More peeps have to force these bores to see the TRUTH. Even if they are too weak to embrace it.

      (Remember those Carr Bros who brutalized, raped and tortured the white couple in the woods years ago? Or the gang of Black youths who chased a White boy home and set him on fire? Or that current story where the White guy just died 1 year after a group of Black Teens were bored and beat him senseless? Or that current Georgia story where Black teens beat the red-headed White guy to death? STFU Big, Dumb Dinky. You’re not into outrage but tribalism. Africa has that going on in spades. Take a plane there. They leave everyday).

      Skunky on July 15, 2013 at 9:25 pm

        Welcome back, Skunky.

        You’re right that nobody is as boring as Aron Boring. Big D does come close. He can at least have the courage of his asinine convictions and leave, but he doesn’t really have convictions, just irritations and habits.

        skzion on July 15, 2013 at 10:39 pm

    So you were there, huh, BigD? You know exactly what happened based solely on the fact that you’re a liberal idiot? Political correctness is mental illness and the last bastion of true bigotry. Some day in the relatively near future, if things don’t change, people like you will be screaming for guys like me to save your stupid liberal asses from the violence being perpetrated on you, which you supported, by the savages who are taking over society.

    Pray Hard on July 16, 2013 at 9:36 am

BigD, all I have to say to you is “give it a phucking rest” man, your endless rambling and babbling is beyond boring and pathetic, it seems that you’ve been faking it ever since you appeared on the scenes on this blog sometime ago, now, your making yourself look worst and more boorish whenever you comment here.

The verdict was in over the weekend, the juries made a decision, move on and stop your godforsaken dumbass bellyaching man, and also stop walking around with a “chip on your shoulder” by being angry and pissed off at the world like an angry black guy in Gary, Indiana, oh and BTW BigD, I happen to be a black man myself, and your not doing the average black individual a good purpose but making the average black person look more and more irrational and illogical! smdh!

“A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on July 15, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    Montague, “Trayvon had it coming” youre the epitome of a sambo if i ever met one.
    Sean thinks because he’s black, it makes his inane comments appear more pertinent and he is so brazen to criticize another black? QUACK. Inept house negro scum. You give it a rest.

    Skunky if you think I condone any of the crimes you typed about, youre mistaken.

    Any of the aforementioned blacks, can join my group here in Sacramento, called B.U.A.N. Blacks United Against Niggas, put up or shut up. Just because I belive Zimm man should have gotten man slaughter, doesn’t make me part of the problem,ignoramuses!!!

    Big D on July 16, 2013 at 1:05 pm

      BigD, you said this about myself in your first paragraph of your comment:

      “Sean thinks because he’s black, it makes his inane comments appearance more pertinent and he is so brazen to criticize another black.”

      Uh-huh, so are you trying to imply that I’m a so-called “uncle-Tom”?

      Buddy, the reason why I’m criticizing and going after you in many of your comments on this article is due to the intent of your “mental mentality”, try getting that through your thick head man, I’m NOT scrutinizing you because of your alleged skin color, totally irrelevant. Had you been a white guy acting like a total dumbass, I’d still be criticizing you as if many of the commentators who reads this blog and gives their two-cents viewpoints here as well.

      And finally, you calling referring me to a so-called “negro scum”, WTF man? So I’m a scumbag and a dirtbag because I have the audacity to think for myself, use logic, reason and be rational by using complete common sense, etc.? I think you need to go back to school and enhance your education and take some courses based on “critical thinking”, because that’s what your lacking buddy, “critical thinking”!

      “A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

      Sean R. on July 16, 2013 at 3:19 pm

These people are an embarrassment to the human race and to black people around the world. The police wanted to let Zimmerman go in favor of self defense, they insisted on his day in court. His day in court came and he was found not guilty. They didn’t like the verdict, now they want another day in court. The system gave OJ Simpson an acquittal, they embraced it. Now it gives Zimmerman an acquittal, they don’t embrace it. They want to have their cake and eat it too. Their behavior is deplorable. I am a black man and I think Trayvon had it coming. It is astounding that there no voices in the black community that are admonishing black males to behave themselves so as not to arouse suspicion or be profiled. They don’t want to make a contribution to the peace, the want law enforcement to give them a pass. These are a sorry lawless bunch of people and I dare to say they do not represent the black community at large.

Montague on July 15, 2013 at 10:52 pm

    Montague: “It is astounding that there no voices in the black community that are admonishing black males”

    Then you say:

    “I dare to say they do not represent the black community at large”

    Are you sure about that? If there’s no voices admonishing perhaps that would indicate that they indeed represent the majority of blacks or at least that most blacks tacitly agree with violent reactions.

    Another example is that everyone knows that if you call a black person a “nigger”, then it is expected and natural that you would be physically attacked. Now, I have been around enough black people to know that not every or even most blacks would assault a white person for saying it, but the expectation is there and that directly contradicts perhaps our most precious Constitutional right to free speech. Why aren’t there more blacks who advocate tolerance and rational, open dialogue about racism instead of violence on that issue? It’s not really free speech if you can say whatever you want, but you will beaten or worse if you say certain words around certain people. As long as that phenomenon persists, then blacks will always be regarded by non-blacks as fitting their stereotype.

    Seems to me that blacks like you are the exception based on your own words.

    DS_ROCKS! on July 16, 2013 at 8:54 am

Very well written Montague. The jury decided and whether someone agrees or disagrees with the verdict that is another matter. If this country were to suspend the jury process every time threats were made due to the decision of a jury then things would eventually decline to a system of vigilante justice; this is something which I am sure no one wants to see.

Peter on July 16, 2013 at 8:37 am

Does anyone know who wrote the letter for Rachel Jeantel? I find it interesting that the question and answer are not known.

Lou on July 16, 2013 at 9:15 am

These people think being black is a license to be a rogue. ignore traditions and discipline and do as they please. The way he dressed himself and behaved that night Trayvon profiled himself as a potentially dangerous individual. Did any one ever stop to think about that. I am not a racist by nature but I learned through my life in the USA that a Black Man is most likely an aggressive criminal and I would not want to have a Black man walking side by side with me. I had the experience of two black people approach me on Michigan Avenue and ask me about the time. I told them I do not have a watch. They became unruly and insulted me; YU don’t haave a waaatch. I had to run to avoid being tangled by them and having my wallet stolen. And they blame us for avoiding them?????

G. R. Scharoubim on July 16, 2013 at 9:22 am

Apparently, Terra is too stupid to grasp the association between her email and the reason we arm ourselves. Work on it, Terra, work on it.

Pray Hard on July 16, 2013 at 9:39 am

The dog piling on Big D will stop, Im no liberal, and now I have these negros on here attacking me, well this is Big D and what B.U.A.N has to say:

When the hell did we Black folks hand over the authority to define “Black” to these idiots who think it’s cool to drink 40s and stay high all the time? Speaking the language of commerce is non-Black. Paying attention in school and wanting to learn is non-Black. Skiing, tennis, and ice skating are non-Black. A desire to visit Europe is non-Black. Being ignorant, narrow, and unemployable somehow confers Blackness. All serious Black people have heard this bullshit from negroes, and BUAN is where it ends.
Listen, negro … No one with sagging clothes and a limited vocabulary has any business discussing the essence of Blackness. Take your inarticulate ass somewhere and get a college degree. You have no part in any discussion with serious Black people who believe in pride, intelligent thinking, progress, and self-improvement. In fact, you have nothing to do with Black people at all. Real Black people are the rightful heirs to Malcolm, Dr. King, and the original Panthers. None of them would approve of stupid behavior (being dumb in school, substance abuse, being irresponsible parents, etc.). In fact, they would shake their heads in disgust — IF they could suppress their gag reflex. BUAN will tell YOU what being Black is about, because you have no vague idea, negro.
If you have more admiration for someone who has spinners and bling than you do for someone who has a library card and a book in his or her hands, you are not Black. You are simply a dancing monkey, whose sole purpose it to be exploited and ridiculed by each other and those outside of the Black community. You are a pathetic, living joke who is going nowhere fast. No one admires you, and you are hated MOST by legitimate Black people, because outsiders confuse you with us, and us with you, when we could not be more different. You have been conditioned to behave in a stupid, self-destructive manner that serves capitalists who have no soul. You have no chance to resist their brainwashing because your mind is not acute. As a result, you wear ill-fighting clothes that make you look retarded, and value things that lead to emptiness and failure. You are too dumb to see it; a negro has difficulty thinking beyond the moment. You are a mere puppet, with a destructive master pulling your strings. The media dictates your every thought, and lets you think that you are “real” for thinking those thoughts and parroting them. Stupidity is drilled into you, and you happily lap it up like a good little slave. You never stop to think who benefits from the fact that you live and think the way you do, nor who suffers. Considering where this leads over the course of several generations is, of course, far beyond your negro comprehension. There is no need for anyone to oppress you, if you serve the racist agenda by oppressing yourself through regressive values. But you will never get that, so, whatever.
Do you think it is square and boring to have a job or a legitimate business, and a savings account? Well, negro, see who has the last laugh. Take a look at the winos on the corner, because that is you in a few short years, which will pass in a flash. If you live that long.
So here is a quick review of a few examples of what being Black is NOT:
Being drunk or high all the time; refusing to work; refusing to ever save any money; being an irresponsible parent; being loud and belligerent in public (especially at movies and on public transportation); screaming into cell phones; referring to friends as “my niggaz” (who taught you that? the KKK?); referring to women as hos or bitches if you are male; showing the man in your life blatant disrespect if you are female; neglecting your health (and ESPECIALLY spreading STDs); wearing those ugly, big clothes; speaking disparagingly about education; and deliberately trying to intimidate people for no reason.
Real Black people are those of us who work and/or have legitimate businesses. Who take care of our kids. Who think of education as an extremely valuable tool, and an experience to be savored. We believe in paying our bills, honoring our commitments, and showing kindness and respect to others — yes, even before they “do it first” — unless given a reason not to. We believe in having good manners and good hygiene. We believe that it is better to smile than to frown (smiling is not always submissive; it can also be a sign of the triumphant, alpha personality). Most of all, we are FED UP with negroes who act stupid for no reason, and then wish to cash in on OUR Blackness whenever they get themselves into a bind. This has to end. If you do not wish to become real Black people, we no longer care what happens to you. It is a waste of energy and a lost cause, so there is no point to enabling you by always offering a crutch. Want to know something? With the occasional (and very legit) exception, real Black people don’t have that many problems with the police. Some problems, yes, because police work sometimes attracts a certain element. But overall, problems with police are a relatively small concern somewhere in the background of our lives. Relative to the life of a non-productive negro, that is. So when they come hassling you, you are on your own. Don’t come crying to us unless and until you have taken steps to lose your negro-ness and become Black. Just go back to the corner and enjoy that 40 with your “niggaz.” Maybe they can help you. Don’t forget to “spill a little.”
So, negro, please quit presuming to define Blackness. You must first become Black before you can even join the discussion. Your first clue that you do not belong in the conversation is, as mentioned before, your lack of a library card. Get over your negro-slave conditioning and get one. Then start learning how to be Black.

Big D on July 16, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    BigD, I can’t be sure, but I expect that you, too, would benefit from a brain transplant.

    skzion on July 16, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    BDD, I did not get thru’ a 3rd of your post.

    BOR! ING!

    If it’s aimed at our Sean R., put a lid on it. I LOVED his response to you. I’m gonna read it again now just for a kick. Too bad you can’t write or utilize paragraphs properly.

    Remedial Creative Writing 101 for you! STAT!

    Skunky on July 16, 2013 at 5:47 pm

Barack Obama and Holder know their people and decided to use this incident to aggravate racial division.

Concerned Citizen on July 16, 2013 at 8:39 pm

Hey Big D – Your last post was well said. Being white, I’m on the outside looking in, I suppose. But, your thoughts per BUAN tend to the heart of the matter, at least in a strategic sense. That is, communities and cultures need to clean their own house to address systemic problems. Cultural change imposed externally can only induce a defensive posture. Constructive change, though, as you alluded to can only come from within; words to live by. I’d say be careful, however, as you deploy this methodology. Be careful that the “pendulum” does not swing too far to compensate the ill’s you seek to correct. Then, change will take on the ugly face of militancy and bigotry and you give way to the very things you wish to purge from society. I’m sure you will agree there needs to be balance.

JEE on July 17, 2013 at 10:17 am

    JEEz, learn how to write.

    skzion on July 17, 2013 at 10:26 am


JEE on July 17, 2013 at 11:21 am

This message is for Terra Simpson: Please discontinue spawning any more welfare recipients. I know it’s difficult for a brood sow such as yourself because the only thing you have in life is sex with faceless strangers who use you as a human condom. We can overlook your first 11 children and chalk it up to…well…I don’t know what to chalk it up to, but do yourself AND society a favor and stop procreating.
Yours truly,
A citizen concerned about the future of America.

Ron on July 18, 2013 at 11:33 am


??? ???? on November 23, 2013 at 7:37 pm

This is a conversation from comments made about the story where the Zimmerman attorney looking to reform the stand your ground law. “http://globalgrind.com/2014/03/04/george-zimmerman-defense-attorney-mark-omara-reform-stand-your-ground-law-details/” What am I missing? All of this is obviously bullshit, but people are content to look the other way. Obama’s brother keeper’s program is a recondition that the only way some in the black community will get ahead it by getting handouts. Trayvon Martin made the choice to attack someone who happened to have a gun and he paid for it with his life. Why didn’t Trayvon just walk inside his house. But so many liberals, of any race will swear to that dying breath that Zimmerman was the one at fault. The only thing Zimmerman is guilty of is not having a surveillance camera with him. It is a shame that the American media is manipulating the story using headlines like “volunteer neighborhood watch kills unarmed black teen” and flashing a picture of Trayvon when he was 12. So now the American public thinks George killed Trayvon because he lost a fight to a 12 year old boy (the picture of Trayvon in the red hollister shirt). It is no wonder so many in the public are against Zimmerman. I did 6 years in prison in Florida for doing the same thing Trayvon did. In my case the guy happened to not have a gun on him. I was locked up with many people just like Trayvon From Miami with “golds” in his mouth. All the Justice for Trayvon and there supporters are doing is taking advantage the gullible and kindhearted. If they really wanted justice they would be using the death of their son to make sure other people don’t loss their children, because their children made stupid choices. Ok enough rambling, here is the converstion. It is not who whole thing, the rest can be seen at the site at the beginning.

Joel Nathaniel • 2 hours ago
I cant get passed, Trayvon made the choice to turn around. That is the action that started this whole thing. Why didn’t he call the police or run home. Who taught him to be combative and not to call the police. if I jump in front of a speeding car, it is my fault I was killed. Stop blaming the driver. The six years in prison I did in Florida taught me why he turned around. Stop taking advantage of the gullible and the softhearted. Trayvon is more responsible for his own death then George Zimmerman will ever be. I am sorry the Martins’ lost a son, but it is time everyone had a reality check. If people really wanted justice, they would use this to teach people to make better choices.

Rene Laryea Joel Nathaniel • an hour ago
Had George zimmerman not chased him, Trayvon would had headed quietly back home and no one gets shot!
It is a lie that Trayvon who was running away would turn back to go after the person he was escaping from!
Trayvon tried to get back home but George Zimmerman prevented him from doing so by first rushing to conclusion that he was a wrong doer all based on Trayvon’s race!
Trayvon couldn’t be responsible for his death by simply going to a store to buy an ice tea and skittles an heading back home minding his business!
The only reason Trayvon was made out to be at fault was because he was black!

Joel Nathaniel Rene Laryea • 3 minutes ago
Race had nothing to so with this. The media used “kills unarmed black teen” for the ratings. If you want to turn this into a racial issue, it can be said Trayvon attacked George because he thought he was white. If it was a black guy following him, he wouldn’t have turned around. Being black is not an excuse to make bad dissensions. What would any of us do, if we had a gun on us and having our head slammed into the sidewalk? The same thing George did.

Bob Owens Rene Laryea • an hour ago
You must not have watched the trial, Rene. There was a gap of over 4 minutes where Zimmerman last saw Martin and walked to the next street over and talked with the dispatcher before returning to where he was ambushed by Martin.
I’m guessing you also missed the part of the trial where the ME said there were drugs in Martin’s system, and perhaps enough to affect his judgment and behavior.

R W Bob Owens • 33 minutes ago
Because having drugs has anything to do with this case?..

Joel Nathaniel on March 6, 2014 at 3:50 pm

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