June 22, 2014, - 2:45 am

PCUSA: Dying Church Boycotts Israel in Face of Embarrassing Jewish Begging

By Debbie Schlussel


On Friday, the dying Presbyterian Church of the United States of America (PCUSA) voted to boycott Israel by withdrawing its investments in a few companies that do business with Israel (but won’t pull investments in companies that do biz with human rights abusing Muslim nations). That was to be expected and not news. The real news is the pathetic, weak, stereotypical begging by Jews to this shrinking, impotent church of dying New Age leftist nuts.


This past week, the PCUSA held its national convention in downtown Detroit. I watched in disgust as Jewish groups pandered and begged these irrelevant anti-Semites not to be anti-Semites and not to vote for divesting from companies that do business with Israel. It was sad and pathetic. A Jew begging a Nazi with a machine gun in 1941 Germany not to murder his son is one thing. But a Jew in the United States of America in 2014 begging a shrinking, Jew-hating church not to boycott Israel–well that’s just pitiful. And very wimpy. Not to mention, embarrassing.

If Jews who support Israel had any pride, they’d ignore the PCUSA or just utter the two most appropriate letters to the church: “F” and “U.” But this is the state of affairs in which we live: Jews pander to Jew-haters, be they Muslim or Presbyterian. They treat these two malefactor groups better than they treat fellow Jews who are actually proud to be Jewish. The groups that did the begging are the same ones who constantly pander to Muslims and haven’t really done much to support Israel in the first place. They created this atmosphere in which it is acceptable for this church to do this. So, we don’t need or want their begging, now. And these beggar Jews have no shame, no sense of embarrassment. No pride and no dignity. I have as much contempt for the beggars as the PCUSA does, for this reason. It’s like watching a jilted, mentally defective girlfriend constantly begging to be taken back by the boyfriend who beat her. Get a clue. Move on. Hold your head high and let the PCUSA know it is as important as an ant urinating on the sidewalk: nobody notices or cares.

The PCUSA is tiny and irrelevant when it comes to faith in America. By its own count, the church admits that by the end of 2012–the last year for which it has released statistics–its membership was only 1,849,496, compared to 1,952,287 in 2011, a decline of 102,791 members. The number of PCUSA congregations at the end of 2012 was 10,262–204 fewer than the previous year. During the same year, 86 PCUSA churches were dissolved, compared to 75 in 2011. One hundred ten congregations were “dismissed” to other denominations, 89 more than the previous year. (In order to try to keep more and get new members, PCUSA also voted to allow its clerics to conduct gay marriages. It won’t work.)

There are three times as many Jews in the US as there are PCUSA members, who are largely aging hippies who kinda sorta found a tiny bit of faux-religion. And while our religion is shrinking, it is nowhere near as small and as fast dying as this anti-Semitic church. And, yet, what do Jews do? They beg and act like the meek of the proverbial Jewish stereotype. And that’s doubly embarrassing because they knew they would lose, despite (and maybe in part because of) the begging. This isn’t the first time the PCUSA has taken this vote, and the last time the boycott nearly passed. It was only a matter of time. PCUSA has historically been anti-Israel (it published an anti-Semitic book, “Zionism Unsettled”), so this was predictable. And what do you do when you know you will lose in a fight with an irrelevant, dying force? You ignore the fight and let the dying force die. You don’t give it energy and attention as a reward for its anti-Semitic hate, which is exactly what the pathetic, begging Jews did.

Israel doesn’t need PCUSA’s investment in Caterpillar stock (one of the investments the church will now dump). And neither does Caterpillar. Both Israel and Caterpillar won’t even notice or feel it. But the behavior of the alleged pro-Israel advocates who begged made this seem important and acted like it is something. Well, it is nothing. Some other investors in the stock market will quickly pick up PCUSA’s shares in Caterpillar and the other companies. And once the church is fully divested from the five or so companies which do business in Israel and in which the church has invested, that is the very end of the very impotent and limited power this church has or ever had over Israel.

And, then, PCUSA members will hypocritically continue to use the vaccines, medicines, cell phones, and computer apps Israelis constantly invent and develop. And, very soon, the PCUSA–the church’s only agenda seems to be comprising the far-left wing of the already far-left Democratic Party–will die. Most of the members it still has are old and getting older (and dying).

Haters will hate. And it’s not news that the PCUSA hates Jews and Israel. It’s said so on many occasions and that will continue for the short shelf-life left in this dead church.

It should be noted that while three Israeli teens–one of them also an American–were kidnapped by HAMAS and HAMAS continues to send rockets into Israel, the PCUSA has never and will never divest from companies doing business in Gaza and the so-called West Bank, both HAMAS-occupied territory. The PCUSA–even though it just decided to perform gay marriages–won’t divest from companies that do biz in the 22 Muslim nations that execute gays by law (while Israel gives gays more rights than any country in the region and more than in most Western nations). Nope, none of this will happen because this church isn’t about human rights or alleged Palestinians and other BS it is using as an excuse for its modern-day Judenrein. This is all about putting one to the Jews.

And good luck with that. But you’re on your deathbed, PCUSA. And, unlike what you believe happened to Jesus, your actions against Israel won’t result in any resurrection.

Even the world’s biggest dose of Viagra won’t solve your church’s impotence. In a few decades (and maybe even just one), the PCUSA will be a forgotten organization–barely a decrepit blip in the dustbin of history.

Just like all the other perished enemies of the Jewish people throughout history.

Exit Questions: how many Presbyterian churches are there in the Muslim world . . . and how many Presbyterians are free to practice their religion there?

But, hey, let’s boycott the JOOOOOOOS!

**** UPDATE: It should be noted that the only two Christian movements in America that are growing–Evangelicals and the Mormon LDS Church–are very pro-Israel. But it’s not like PCUSA could ever take a hint. So, why start now when rigor mortis will soon be setting in?

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PCUSA and JVP and JVP’s moronic Rabbi Brant Rosen are the most laughable and irrelevant “people”. Although they are nauseating.

George Costanza on June 25, 2014 at 11:50 pm

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