September 15, 2014, - 2:30 pm

Adrian Peterson: Which of His Many Illegit Kids Will Turn Out Better? The Spanked One

By Debbie Schlussel

When news broke on Friday evening about NFL player Adrian Peterson’s indictment for child abuse, I had an instant reaction to it: which of Peterson’s multiple kids he fathered out of wedlock will end up better in life as an adult–the several he abandoned (one of whom is dead) or the one he disciplined with spanking?


Adrian Peterson & the Results of Spanking His Son w/ a Switch

As I pointed out last year, Peterson has fathered many children with several different women, enough to populate more than an entire week of Maury Povich’s “Who’s the Daddy?” shows. Nobody knows how many kids Peterson actually fathered. I believe the latest count last year was seven kids with seven women. For all we know, that count may now be up to 13 kids with 17 different women. And as I pointed out last year, he did not even ever meet the kid he fathered who died at the hand’s of his babymama’s new boyfriend. I laughed at the fact that the the entire NFL and its cast of TV commentators sent condolences Peterson’s way last year when the kid died. And Peterson accepted their condolences pretending he was actually a father to this kid, when he was only a sperm donor and neglectful shoulda-been parent.

I think the kid Peterson actually disciplined is better off than the others he abandoned. Yes, the boy is barely in his life. The kid was visiting Peterson in Texas and lives in Minnesota. But at least Peterson is in his life somewhat and trying to show the kid how to behave (I think). We can’t say that for his other kids, some of whom he’s briefly seen and/or visited and others that he hasn’t. We know that kids without fathers in their lives have all the odds in favor of their becoming criminals, drug users, dropouts, unwed fathers, having sex at an early age, and otherwise ending up losers. They are a burden on society created by their slutty dads and moms who didn’t insist on marriage before childbirth, and we are the victims of what becomes of that.

This is an ongoing problem in the NFL, the NBA, and in Black America, which just so happens to dominate those sports leagues’ player personnel. So, what does the NFL do? It doesn’t want to turn off all the sperm donor “fathers” it employs and their audience in Black America that is chock full of unwed moms, their illegitimate, fatherless kids, and so on. So the NFL has accepted this bad social development just like America has. And it doesn’t do anything. But if one of those fathers actually is in his kid’s life and disciplines the kid, there’s gonna be hell to pay. As Peterson found out.

Don’t get me wrong. If it turns out that Peterson went overboard–and some of the pictures (see above) show welts, scars, bruises, and other results of over-exuberant discipline with a switch–then he should pay the price. The pictures are disturbing.

But I was spanked as a kid, and I rarely repeated the behavior for which I was spanked. My parents never left me those kinds of physical manifestations of spanking that Peterson’s son has–not even close. Those are likely abuse, depending upon whether or not the kid has certain health conditions. But if I were a kid today and my parents spanked me, I could easily report them to Child Protective Services, and I’d be taken away and put in foster care. And my parents would have to hire a lawyer and try like mad to avoid jail time. We live in an atmosphere today where most physical discipline of kids, no matter how mild, is outlawed in many states.

But which is worse for America in the long run? Kids who have no dad in their lives and have therefore never been spanked by him, but are destined to be drains and blights on society? Or kids who have fathers that spank them? I vote the former.

The NFL and the self-appointed social designers of American behavior don’t care about out-of-wedlock kids, even though that’s the bigger and more disastrous problem. Instead, they grandstand: thou shalt not discipline your kid.

Adrian Peterson is a creep for so many reasons, and I don’t care what happens to him. He’ll probably father more kids, and they will all end up on welfare eventually after the NFL checks run out.

But the overwhelming condemnation of a father punishing his kid contrasted to the crickets-chirping silence about the multiple future criminals and losers he fathered and abandoned is a stark sign of a sick society whose priorities are incredibly out of whack.

As long as Black America and NFL-like employers of “role models” ignore the bigger problem, the more that problem will fester.

Parents spanking their kids isn’t the bigger problem here.

In the long run, the kid Peterson spanked will probably turn out better than the kids he just plain ignored.

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95 Responses

Amen. Fathers are way more important. A sound spanking still has its place today with the youth of America. This PC crowd is ruining this country.

Paul on October 27, 2014 at 11:43 am

I was spanked and I sexualized it. Pretty sure I’d have turned out “better” without that experience.

DC on March 1, 2016 at 3:38 pm

I was whipped naked with a horse whip from the time I was three, and my momma didn’t hesitate to whip my bare penis, along with the rest of my body. This gets passed down in the black community and our kids suffer for it. We can’t use our past as an excuse anymore.

Bill on July 21, 2016 at 11:30 pm

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