December 2, 2015, - 12:41 pm

NYTimes & MTV Rip Schlussel, But CBS News & MTV VIDEOs Show Jersey Muslims Cheered 9/11; MTV “Re-Reports,” Changes Story to Protect Muslims, Attack Schlussel

By Debbie Schlussel


So now I’m under attack from the New York Times and MTV for correctly pointing out that Muslims–in New Jersey and around the U.S. (not to mention around the world)–cheered the 9/11 attacks. But a video report from CBS News reporter Pablo Guzman proves I’m 100% right, despite MTV’s attempt to go back and get a witness to change her story. Muslims cheered on 9/11. It happened, and pretending it didn’t is the work of idiots and morons. Watch the video, below . . .

Was CBS-New York (WCBS-TV) reporter Pablo Guzman lying? Will he also backtrack the way the Washington Post (now New York Times) reporter Serge Kovaleski is now backtracking on his September 18, 2001 story about Muslims cheering 9/11 in Jersey City??? Will he go back and get eyewitnesses to change their stories, the way MTV did because their video backed what I said I saw on MTV?

Uh, the video still backs up that Muslims in Paterson cheered on 9/11. But I love how this woman, Emily Acevedo, is now lying and backtracking on what she saw and said on MTV, just like the liberal “reporters” in the media. Um, if it’s a lie, then why did she have such elaborate details back in 2001? And who did all that damage to city property in front of Paterson??? BTW, don’t cheer for that babydaddy schmuck, Curtis Sliwa, who is also now backtracking and attacking Trump.

It’s funny: there were all these news reports of Muslims in Jersey City and Paterson cheering on 9/11 and all of the reporters and media outlets now say they lied. How do we know they aren’t lying now? In fact, we know they are, indeed, lying. Just because nobody had a video smartphone back then to record it, it now didn’t happen and the stories are all made up? Well, then, I guess all of these media outlets are admitting they lie, make up stories, and can’t be believed. They were either lying then or now. They can’t have it both ways. I vote, now.

BTW, it’s worth noting that New York Times columnist and “fact-checker” Robert Mackey refuses to post the video of Pablo Guzman’s report, even after I sent it to him on Twitter (and he’s now impugning Israelis, the way FOX News’ anti-Israel senior correspondent Carl Cameron did on and after 9/11 in a video since pulled by the network). We can’t confuse people with the facts.

BTW, I tried to contact Pablo Guzman at WCBS-TV in New York today, but they said he left the station a couple of years ago. I’m awaiting their promise to get back to me with his contact info. But not holding my breath.

Thanks to reader Duane for sending me the video, earlier this morning.



As evidence, many of Mr. Trump’s supporters have pointed to a detailed account of a television report on the reaction to the attack in an Arab-American neighborhood of Paterson, N.J., described by Debbie Schlussel, a conservative political activist and blogger who is deeply critical of Muslims.

Writing on her blog in 2013, Ms. Schlussel insisted that “even leftist MTV News (yes, that MTV) broadcast news reports showing thousands of Palestinian Muslims outside Paterson’s town hall, cheering the 9/11 attacks against America (and starting a riot using cement garbage cans and metal poles, which they used to attack police).”

Over the holiday weekend, MTV News dug out the original report from its archives, and posted it online with a new interview of the sole witness to what appears to have been a very different event than the one Mr. Trump, and Ms. Schlussel, have been saying they watched on television.

Uh, no, they actually back up what we said. Not the number, but the fact: that Muslims cheered all over America (and the world) on 9/11. They applauded the attacks. But the liberal media wants you to pretend they did not because we might have gotten the numbers wrong. Oh, and why was it necessary to have a “new” interview with the eyewitness, other than to get her to backtrack on what we knew and she knows she saw then.


Trump’s comments (as well as the coverage he mentions) are thematically linked to a persistent strain of conspiracy theories about Arab and Muslim Americans celebrating 9/11. Some of these cite as evidence a column from controversial anti-Muslim commentator Debbie Schlussel, which “makes a reference to an MTV broadcast of protests and riots in Paterson, N.J.” — a claim, the Post continues, that “has never been authenticated.”

We dug up the footage in question, and the truth is that these protests and riots never happened — at least not in the manner depicted by Schlussel and Trump.

Schlussel writes, “even leftist MTV News (yes, that MTV) broadcast news reports showing thousands of Palestinian Muslims outside Paterson’s town hall, cheering the 9/11 attacks against America (and starting a riot using cement garbage cans and metal poles, which they used to attack police).”

This is not true. The reports to which Schlussel refers are part of a documentary called “Fight For Your Rights: Aftermath of Terror,” which first aired on MTV on Nov. 17, 2001. Here’s what the footage actually shows: a Paterson resident and high school senior named Emily Acevedo telling MTV that she saw “a lot of people … chanting and raving,” “holding rocks and sticks” and “saying ’burn America.’”

Schlussel, like Trump, seems to have confused “a lot of people” with “thousands of Palestinian Muslims,” despite the fact that Acevedo doesn’t mention the peoples’ race nor their religion. What’s more, Acevedo goes on to say, “Everyone that was out there, they were only 13 or 14 at most. They were kids. They didn’t know what they were doing.”

Acevedo also points out damage like chips on a metal railing and a roughed up garbage can to support her claims, but there is no actual evidence of the events in question. In fact, despite what Acevedo says she saw, a reporter quoted in the footage immediately after Acevedo’s interview says her team couldn’t find “one person” who had witnessed celebrations that day. A clip of then-mayor Martin Barnes shows him similarly affirming that there was “no jubilee in the streets,” nor “anybody out in the neighborhoods having fun or thinking this was a great or glorious idea.”

Yes, because the dhimmi Mayor who depends on Palestinians to keep him in office (the city has the most Palestinians of any city in America) would never ever ever ever lie. Right? Politicians never lie to shield or pander to their constituents. That never happens in America, does it?

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Yesterday, in one of the Fox News programs, Rudy Giuliani mentioned that there were cases that came to his attention of fights that were provoked by Muslims celebrating 9/11 in Brooklyn.

He specifically said that there were celebrations of 9/11 in New York and other places, may be not in the magnitudes mentioned, but they did happen

Infidel on December 2, 2015 at 4:45 pm

BOOM! There you have it folks,Once again, Debbie hands their asses to them!

MrBigBrain on December 2, 2015 at 5:10 pm

The Wayback Machine is such a burden on The Narrative. Kick’em in the biscuits ..

jack on December 2, 2015 at 5:25 pm

And of course, these are only the ones on the roofs and the streets that were visible to the public. The incautious and reckless ones.

I am sure that most Muslims, given the atmosphere in this country immediately after 9/11 were smart enough not to display their enthusiasm openly. We will never know how many Muslims celebrated in the sanctity (sic) of their homes or mosques. Certainly a larger number than those showing themselves publicly.

Little Al on December 2, 2015 at 5:33 pm

The great fact checkers in the MSM missed almost all of these sick celebrations. Now their only retort is that it really wasn’t as MANY as Trump said. They are pathetic.

JeffT on December 2, 2015 at 6:29 pm

Of course Muslims were celebrating here. They were celebrating all over the world. I lived in Southeast Asia, and almost every Muslim had an Osama Bin Laden t-shirt they would proudly wear. One of my friends in a taxi in Kuala Lumpur the evening of 9/11 had a Malay taxi driver turn around and joyfully exclaim to her, “Towers! Boom! Fall! HAHAHAHAHA!”

And “American” Muslims are different from their religion brethren around the world, how?

JM on December 2, 2015 at 7:17 pm

Howard Stern posted a YouTube video of his entire September 12, 2001 broadcast and there are numerous people calling in to describe the celebrations in Jersey and Brooklyn

Mitch on December 2, 2015 at 10:00 pm

The MSM and even some of the not so mainstream are utterly corrupt. They feel they have the right to segregate what ” news ” or fiction the American people should be allowed to know or access. They even think they have the right to dictate how the American people should think.

Even Fox News will not forthrightly tell its audience everything, although they are far more honest than the MSM.

If you buy the newspapers and magazines of the MSM, or even watch their programming, you are supporting their corruption and you are their useful idiots.

JayPee on December 2, 2015 at 10:32 pm

While I don’t know the percentages, I have no doubt that significant numbers of Muslims (especially pali arabs) were happy about the 9/11 terror attacks. The question is whether they publicly celebrated those attacks.

Fear of an angry backlash rather than basic human civility and decency (which many of those bastards lack) is what would have prevented a public celebration on their part.

For the reason above, I believe any public celebrations were limited to some small pockets of a few pali and other arab/muslim punks celebrating and “rioting” here and there,but not in any large numbers.

I’m not ruling out the possibility of large celebrations, but without video evidence, I believe it’s unlikely to have occurred.

In of itself, the Guzman report doesn’t provide much evidence. He reported that 6 suspected terrorists/collaborators celebrated on the roof of a terrorist nest apartment building. That hardly qualifies as a large celebration and riot. The Howard Stern show provides more evidence of celebrations than does the Guzman report.

Where is footage of Paterson and Jersey City? 9/11 occurred before smartphones came of age, but digital cameras and camcorders were certainly widespread, as well as surveillance cameras. There has to be footage from that day in those 2 cities floating around somewhere. The fact that there doesn’t seem to be any footage at all is strange. If I didn’t know better, it could seem conspiratorial.

It seems hard to believe that no angry Americans would be recording rioting and partying Arabs on 9/11.

Scott on December 3, 2015 at 1:14 am

Again, I don’t know the percentages, but I believe that among the arab/muslims living in America who were “opposed” to the 9/11 attacks, many and maybe most of those were only opposed to the attacks because of fears of an anti muslim/arab backlash, not because the attacks were evil.

To those conservatives who want to bring Syrian Arab Christians here, the Wall Street Journal on 9/13/01 reported Lebanese Christians in Beirut were cheering the 9/11 attacks.

Scott on December 3, 2015 at 1:54 am

Why would Jewish and Christian religious leaders welcome a wave of mostly Muslim migrants? Why not ask some of these migrants, who are willing to answer honestly, how they actually feel about Jews and Christians? It would be a most edifying experience, if the Pew Polls are anything to go by.

Worry on December 3, 2015 at 2:27 am

Amazing what liberalism will do. The woman in the video is a terrible liar. It is so obvious that she now also hates America and is trying to cover for those teens whom she saw cheering and trying to break things all those years ago.

DinaK on December 3, 2015 at 9:31 am

Folks have a sgort memory but even down here in my Country we saw the muslims cheering on TV in the United States and many other countries. Many put it down to pro war propaganda and dismissed it as such but it was certainly broadcast around the world at the time . There was even a proboxer in Australia ,Anthony Mundine ,who openly praised Bin liner for his “heroic” act. Most put it down to the fact that he a few too many whacks to the head but all the same, Mr Trump is dead right and to follow the lead of main stream news broadcasters is patently foolish . Censorship is ugly when applied to such things.

Aron B on December 3, 2015 at 2:53 pm

If you don’t hate Muslims by now you’re just not paying attention or you’re a freaking moronic Democrap!

MuzzCrusher on December 3, 2015 at 3:49 pm

DS was described as “deeply critical of Mooooooooooslims”. Well, then, so am I!

So, what!

Skunky on December 3, 2015 at 9:00 pm

Pablo Guzman is now doing his bit to rewrite history and the whole narrative about the Muslims’ cheering on 9/11, claiming he never said the things he said (a la Yogi Berra).

ConcernedPatriot on December 4, 2015 at 6:33 am

Decades before 9/11, my friend told me of ‘Palestinian’ neighbors that had no shame in admitting that the whole reason they came to America was to make money to send back to the Middle East to kill Jews. Murderers will always be murderers, sentiments don’t change easily–merely, stories are being changed to protect (unlike in Dragnet) THE GUILTY.

YCHtT on December 6, 2015 at 8:44 pm

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