December 12, 2005, - 4:51 pm

Now that Tookie will Depart . . .

Now that it’s official–that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided against commuting Stanley “Tookie” Williams’ death sentence–I think the doubters should read this suprisingly, partially on-point piece by a far-lefty with whom I NEVER agree at all, Black activist Julianne Malveaux.
I have appeared with Malveaux on television shows, and she is as far left and militant as they come. I am not a fan. I don’t agree with most of what’s in this column, but here are a few excellent quotes, which I never thought I’d hear from her (She did not join calling for Tookie’s clemency):
“It would be refreshing if the Tookie celebrity coalition would take a moment to talk about the bloody legacy of the Crips gang, a legacy that cannot be washed away by uplifting children’s books. Infants were killed in drive-by shootings. Children were executed, sometimes by “mistake”. Potential witnesses against brutal murderers died or disappeared. The fabric of community in South Central Los Angeles, and in other parts of the country, was shredded in the face of the brutal gang warfare between Crips and Bloods that claimed thousands of innocent victims.”
“[T]hose who ask for clemency for Tookie must ask if he has really repented and apologized for his crimes. Yes, he exhorts young people to avoid his mistakes, but perhaps his legal culpability keeps his statements vague, since word on the street in South Central L.A. is that Tookie Williams may have killed more than the four people he is charged with killing. Indeed, it is a peculiar feature of America’s racism that Tookie Williams is being held accountable for the deaths of Whites and Asians, but not of the African Americans whose lives he and his Crip colleagues turned into a living hell.”
“The people who have gathered to support Tookie Williams . . . . Do they really think this Tookie case is the most pressing issue for African Americans? Will they use the same energy and force they are spending on Tookie to tackle a series of far more pressing issues.”
“Is Tookie more worthy of mercy because he has written children’s books and been nominated for a Nobel Prize?”

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“[T]hose who ask for clemency for Tookie must ask if he has really repented and apologized for his crimes.”
1. Kookie STILL maintains that he is innocent – so much for Redemption,
2. Kookie has never admitted that he did ANYTHING wrong – so much for Redemption,
3. Kookie has never apologized to, nor asked forgiveness from, the families who he caused so much pain and suffering – so much for Redemption.
“”Is Tookie more worthy of mercy because he has written children’s books and been nominated for a Nobel Prize?”
The only reasons why Kookie’s brain-dead supporters want mercy for this cold-blooded killer are;
A. He’s a black militant,
B. His “noble” cause is to further contribute to the decay of America by co-founding a deadly group of cold-blooded, murdering mutants who traffic in drugs, arms, and death.

Thee_Bruno on December 12, 2005 at 5:24 pm

Also from the Malveaux article, “He should be spared because he is a human being whose life is sacred.”
Yes, his life is sacred, but so was the life of the others he very brutally murdered. My belief is that innocent life is so sacred that if a person willfully takes a life, he forfeits his.

The_Man on December 12, 2005 at 5:25 pm

Can’t get your trackbacks to work today. I linked from BURN, TOOKIE, BURN! — — “…I know California doesn’t use the chair any more, but Tookie’s still gonna burn for a long, long, time …”

Bill Faith on December 12, 2005 at 8:17 pm

As I’ve stated numerous times I believe Williams deserves his punishment. But, no matter the person, I think it’s a sad event and I take no delight in his execution, even though this was a very bad man.

The_Man on December 12, 2005 at 11:55 pm

I take no delight in Williams’ execution, either. But, I read the accounts from Malkin’s site, and those murders were very brutal. Despite the overwhelming evidence he still would not express remorse for those murders. This guy was no hero or role model.
Now all the Hollywood libs and the race baiting Jackson types can go back to their limos and mansions patting themselves on the backs while doing nothing for the black community except spewing empty words for the latest cause celebre’.
God give peace to the victims and their families. They were the true innocent victims here.

Jeff_W on December 13, 2005 at 9:36 am

Whenever Julianne Malveaux appears on TV,I change the channel-and this article is no exception;she believes Tookie should’ve been spared because “his
life is sacred..” I’m with the late psycho-analyst Ernst Vaa Den Haag,who believed that an
experiment alternating days with penalties of life in prison and execution would prove that the death penalty is a deterent to murder.

jaywilton on December 13, 2005 at 10:15 am

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