December 22, 2005, - 4:56 pm

Ludicrous: Illegal Alien College Hoops Star Gets to Wait Out Season Before Deportation Hearing

On this site, we’ve been following the case of , the illegal alien star basketball player for the North Carolina State Wolfpack.
The guy should be deported, not shooting hoops. But that’s not the view of our government–yet to get serious on implementing tougher immigration enforcement.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has known about Grant’s illegal status since at least October, when we . But, in an absurd move, the government is allowing Grant to stay here and play out the basketball season BEFORE he faces a deportation hearing in immigration court. Would they do that for a non-basketball player? Don’t count on it.

EXCELLENT!: Maybe Mr. Burns is a Wolfpack Fan.

March Madness already, and it’s only December. Think of this the next umpteen times says he’s on illegal aliens.

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Back in the mid 80’s my nephew was coming to DC to cover the ACC tournament for the Georgia Tech newspaper. He and his companion were caught at nearly triple digits speeds by a North Carolina State Trooper. When the trooper determined that they were just in a hurry to get to the tournament he let them go with a stern warning to hold it under 75. Basketball trumps everything in North Carolina.

jerry on December 23, 2005 at 12:32 pm

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