December 27, 2005, - 3:30 pm

Stupid Lawsuit of the Year

Former Penn State women’s basketball player Jennifer Harris is suing for discrimination because her coach “pressured” her to dress and look more feminine. Gee, we really needed our federal court system further clogged with important matters like this one.
Wait a second. Are you telling us that female basketball players are not feminine-looking? No way. Imagine that. Who’d a thunk it? Like the rest of America, we’ve been not watching the , and we never knew.
Oh, and guess who’s representing “Ms.” Harris in the lawsuit? Why, it’s our feminine, lovely friends at the National Center for Lesbian Rights.
Maybe if they’d pay a little more attention to looking less butch and more attractive, women’s basketball players might someday attract an audience. But don’t count on it. They also have to play a decent game of hoops. And they don’t. Like we said, . No looks. No game. No dice.

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I suppose it was too obvious for Ms Harris to “just say no”? Nah… that would be too ballsy…. but hang on a second.
Harris claims that she was being pressured by a female coach to be less manish and more feminine. Whilst at the same time acting in a traditionally demure and feminine manner in acquiescing to tradional “male” authority figures.
Sounds like she’s in denial over something.

Jack Bauer on December 27, 2005 at 7:36 pm

From the article, “In addition to damages, Harris asks the court to order Penn State to conduct mandatory non-discrimination training for all athletic department employees, as well as create new policies to help student athletes report discrimination without fear of retaliation.”
Why is it alright to ORDER training, but not alright to ORDER a dress code, a very common practice in the business world?
If I’m not mistaken (and stating the obvious), I saw this case on ESPN’s Outside the Lines recently. If it’s the same one, you can forget the “look less butch and more feminine” advice.

The_Man on December 27, 2005 at 8:02 pm

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