January 12, 2006, - 6:50 am

The Strange Case of Butch Jones: How a Drug Kingpin Helped the Justice Dept. Free Terrorists

The strange case of Milton “Butch” Jones is illuminating.
The drug kingpin’s lax sentence is evidence that our Justice Department is not serious about fighting terrorism, the war on drugs, or even mass murder.
Jones was the founder and chief of Young Boys, Inc.(YBI), the far-reaching drug gang that terrorized the Detroit area for years. He is linked to at least 68 murders, and believed to have ordered far more. Jones’ 1996 book, “Y.B.I.: The Autobiography of Butch Jones“, brags about his tenure at YBI–including killing, robbing, firebombing, and–of course–making millions by using teen gang members to sell drugs and kill. Some of his drug dealers were as young as nine years old. Jones wrote the book on being a pimp daddy.
He went to prison in 1983. He is responsible for murders so numerous and so brutal that federal authorities were seeking the federal death penalty for drug dealers against him after a new 2001 indictment against him.

Drug Kingpin/Mass Murderer Milton “Butch” Jones:

Got a Deal for Helping Al-Qaeda Terrorists

But Butch Jones helped Al-Qaeda terrorists go free. And he helped discredit a star prosecutor who obtained the first post-9/11 guilty verdict against those terrorists.
So Butch Jones got a deal.
Last week, prosecutors agreed to seek a sentence of only 30 years against Jones. They will not seek the federal death penalty for drug kingpins against him–or even seek a life sentence. Jones’ current attorney will seek to get an even more lenient sentence.
So, how did a drug kingpin responsible for the brutal murders of countless people throughout Detroit get off so easily? How did he manage to escape a federal death penalty for drug kingpins for which Butch Jones seemed to be the model target recipient?
Work your way back several years.
Butch Jones’ previous attorney was a man named Jeffrey Collins. Mr. Collins, a liberal and not regarded as a very smart or competent attorney, saw that there would be opportunities for him if he posed as a Republican.
Michigan’s then-Republican governor, John Engler, was eager to show that he believed in “diversity”, sought out a Black “Republican”, and made the less-than-stellar Collins a judge. Then, in 2001, when Engler’s friend, George W. Bush, was elected President, he, too, was looking for a Black “Republican” to appoint as U.S. Attorney in Detroit.
(Collins served until 2004. His current replacement, U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy, III, who lost out for the job against Collins in 2001, bitterly whined to a Republican U.S. Senator at a cocktail party that Collins was not really a Republican and that “Blacks control our party.”)
Bush appointed Butch Jones’ former attorney Collins to the position of U.S. Attorney, a job he began in late 2001.
After the September 11 attacks, the FBI was looking for Nabil Al-Marabh–a Syrian national who was a top Osama Bin Laden associate and among the top 25 on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Detroit agents went to a house on Norman street in a shabby Detroit neighborhood, where Al-Marabh had recently lived.
The agents didn’t find Al-Marabh, but they found other men who had over a hundred extremist Muslim videotapes, “tourist” tapes of prominent U.S. sites and attractions, and a dayplanner with detailed drawings of a U.S. airbase in Incirlik, Turkey–including the order of take-off for AWACS and F-16 planes used by the U.S. and Israeli Air Forces.
And there were other things. Singing on one of the “tourist” videos sounded like Al-Qaeda songs. One man on a tape was linked to an Al-Qaeda sham marriage ring (enabling terrorists to get U.S. green cards and citizenship). Plus fraudulent documents. At least one of the men worked for Skychef at Detroit Metro Airport, with easy access to planes.
The men were detained and eventually indicted on multiple terrorism and terrorism-related counts. Post 9/11, the Detroit U.S. Attorney’s office did not have a terrorism unit. And since terrorism operates much like organized crime with a Muslim accent, Rick Convertino–star prosecutor for the Organized Crime Strike Force Unit–developed and tried the case.
Convertino eventually got multiple convictions against the Al-Qaeda terrorists, but it was despite constant roadblocks from John Ashcroft’s Justice Department (which claimed to be tough on terror, but did more grandstanding than anything else). U.S. Attorney Collins, who had political ambitions–and felt that courting extremist Muslims in Detroit was the road to those ambitions, opposed the indictment of the Detroit terror cell and tried to stop it.
But he had to answer to the Justice Department, which wanted the case to be its showcase trial on terror. However, Justice Department counter-terrorism officials, such as the incompetent Barry Sabin, also threw obstacles every step of the way. Ditto for other Department higher-ups, Joseph Capone and James Comey (the Assistant U.S. Attorney General now prominent in the NSA wire-tapping stories). Capone came to Detroit to “supervise” Convertino’s trial prep, but spent most of the workday–your taxes pay his salary–playing basketball.
When Convertino obtained convictions against all but one member of the Detroit terror cell, he was invited to testify at the Senate Finance Committee by Sen. Charles Grassley about the document fraud employed by the terrorists. Collins was filled with jealousy and tried to stop it–as did Justice Department officials.
Collins pulled Convertino off the terror cell case (which was being appealed by defense attorneys) and ordered a search of his office.
Oddly, Collins’ minions found a letter authored by his former client, the drug kingpin Butch Jones. Reportedly, the letter–which made no sense–accused George and Barbara Bush of being drug dealers who bought off the electoral process. It also accused a key witness at the terror cell trial of being a liar. (Jurors said, after the trial, that they did not believe the witness, anyway.) Collins claimed the letter–possible exculpatory evidence for the accused terrorists–was never served on defense attorneys in the terror trial and turned it over to defense attorneys as a way to help them overturn Convertino’s terror convictions. (But testimony in the case indicated the letter had, in fact, been turned over. And other information from prisoners discredited Jones’ letter.)
Is it just a coincidence that the letter–written by Collins’ friend and former star client–was found at the same time John Ashcroft was trying to get Butch Jones a death sentence (and Collins was fighting it)? Is it just a coincidence that Butch Jones was placed in a jail cell next to the star terror trial witness?
As one prominent Black Detroit Democrat told me, “Everyone knows that Jeffrey Collins was the General Counsel of Young Boys, Inc. And he still is.”
Collins, the Justice Department, defense attorneys, and the judge in the case, Gerald Rosen–in a strange alliance–eventually overturned the case. And all the terrorists are now free. One is even suing for damages related to being in jail. All because of Butch Jones’ letter.
Butch Jones got a reduced sentence for his letter. Justice Department officials claimed that his letter–which says the Bush family deals drugs–helped them fight the War on Terror. Huh? For that, they took his likely death penalty sentence off the table, and he may now serve less than 30 years for gruesomely murdering tens and possibly hundreds of people.
Rick Convertino’s fortune is different. Collins, the Justice Department, and even Judge Rosen himself, engaged in an anonymous media campaign to discredit Convertino (even while the case was still before Rosen). A grand jury has been convened seeking to indict him for the crime of daring to pursue justice against Islamic terrorists. (A father of five young children, he is now making a successful new life as a defense attorney and recently obtained an acquittal from first-degree murder charges for his client, Jay Morningstar, a Michigan State Trooper who shot a homeless man who appeared to be about to attack him.)
The strange story of Butch Jones is a textbook case in how a major drug dealer can make out well in a phony Justice Department war on terror. If he knows the right people in high places.
And how innocent people get burned, while drug dealers and Islamic terrorists get off.

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18 Responses

Sounds like Butch used Jesse Jackson and Farrakhan as consultants;both of them are/or were
connected to Chicago’s Blackstone Rangers AKA
El Rukn who contacted Libya as early as 1986 to
do contract terrorism for Gaddafi;in any case,hopefully Butch will be executed officially
or “by accident”.

jaywilton on January 12, 2006 at 9:55 am

…Also,be sure to check out the reviews of this muhfuh’s autobiography(click on YBI above);Yo’ HOprah,ya’ll lookin’ fo’ book of the month club muhfuh reviewers?

jaywilton on January 12, 2006 at 10:05 am

Butch Jones is the type of indvidual that the likes of Jesse “Jackass” Jackson ,Al “Slim Shady” Sharpton, and Louis FarraConman would parade in front of media camaras and make the claim that “this is the salt of the African American community. The perfect example of the achievements of African Americans.” Butch Jones is a terrorist enabler. He’s a traitor and should be treated accordingly. He is the reason why I can’t be an African American. That title implies that I cater to ineptitude and self inflicted failure. That I condone legalized ignorance when I don’t. I a black man that is an American. No African anything. I love this country too much to let these very dangerous men claim that they speak for me. They don’t.
President Bush 41 being a drug dealer has always been the mantra of the African(niggaz) community. It dosen’t matter if it’s true or not. Just the fact that President Bush 41 is a Republican and hates “black people” is enough. And any sound thinking person knows who’s leading this charge, Jackass, Slim Shady, and FarraConman. The “so called leaders of the black race” in America. The fact that a democommie liberal helped to make the release of this drug scum a done deal, cements the deal. It continues to show just how much the democraps care about our national security. They don’t. They don’t care about the war on terror, the the war on drugs, the war on crime. They only care about the war on the “Bushes”!!! Stay out the Bushes!!! you might find Jackass there, with Slim Shady, Butch , and FarraConman cutting a deal with Ob/GL.

Ironman Hondo on January 12, 2006 at 12:11 pm

Another blockbuster of investigative reporting by Debbie Schlussel, whose courage,investigative skills, unique stories and writing ability has no peer in the so-called “mainstream press”. Hope they don’t all rip you off, on this story, like on previous pieces.

Tim on January 12, 2006 at 1:49 pm

You reference the Blackstone Rangers out of Chicago. That group started in Cleveland, and they sure as heck weren’t Muslims.
This sounds like a replay of an earlier scam. Stokely Carmichael hijacked the Black Panthers with media help and serious money from Democrat coffers, courtesy of the LBJ administration.
Sounds like the same money hijacked the Blackstone Rangers.
The so-called Loyal Opposition, aka Democrats, always did have a strong Dixiecrat and Commiecrat presence in thier ranks. Now we’re seeing the Islamacrats emerging. Looks to me like the Democrats have finally found the formula for an internal meltdown, with the psychotic reaction well under way.
The last thing we need are these whack jobs back in the Oval Office. And the first thing we need is a good purging of the government bureacracies.

Athling on January 13, 2006 at 12:42 am

(Athling-technically,you may be right…but)Check
‘Shakedown’ by Kenneth Timmerman and tons of stuff on Google,for example.In Chicago,The Blackstone Rangers were led by Jeff Fort;they became El Rukn…Am I missing something?There is no question that there was a connection between Jesse Jackson and The Stones/El Rukn’s in Chicago.

jaywilton on January 13, 2006 at 10:41 am

That’s all conspiracy theory! Alex Jones talked about it…tee hee hee

KOAJaps on January 19, 2006 at 6:05 am

this is ridiculous what collins did, but unfortunately all to common in American Politics today.
Butch Jones, reeked havoc on the streets of the Detroit which is ongoing as i type this, the murders that r by-products of the drugs, when will enought people standup and make these politicians accountable ?

THAWIZARD on October 23, 2007 at 7:07 pm

Im from detroit, i know all about Butch Jones and the YBI, are legends here. People from middle america, dont understand. People who are from areas that dont deal with this type of person or persons dont understand. which is why i believe that people who get into journalism, or the media, shouldnt be able to cover storys on which they dont fully grasp. rural areas,low crime rates and above average income people wont understand. What the YBI did, was the only thing they grew up doing. They were taught to kill, sell drugs, do things that to you would seem horrid and evil. But, you have to think, in my neighborhood, if someone wants you dead, THE POLICE ARENT GOING TO HELP YOU,period. So its you against them. Ive been in near death situations by just eye contact with the wrong individual. Ive done things myself that i couldnt justify as being up to 2012 standard human “morals”. But, you have to think, the media blows things up, out of porportions. They dont tell you what its like to live a day in Detroit. Especially during the 80’s. When fire bombings were keeping the city lit up at night, and shootings could be heard like lullabys for those laying in bed. Nobody grows up wanting to kill, or to destroy there community. They grow up, and 99% of the time, fall victim to there surroundings, some do get out, and most dont. People dont understand why my city is so messed up. Its because america forgot about the birthplace of the worlds entrance to what it has become now. without detroit, america and the world would still be riding horses, and things wouldnt be quite the same. The reason why gangs like this, and why Detroit is the most violent city in America, is because of the poverty level, and because the Auto Companys, used Detroit, sucked it up dry, and abandoned us. Moving across seas and to Mexico, for cheap work, and forgetting about the city that made its name. Poverty in Detroit has always been high, now its 75 percent of Detroiters dont have jobs. Thats just the statistics that the govt. came up with, not the real ones. I hardly know anyone with a job and when someone on the block does get one, its at burger king, or rallys. Or supplying Michigan with drugs. Thats how things are, and they will always be this way. My neighborhood on Cadiuex and E.Warren, is pretty quiet nowadays, but if you go down about 3 blocks, it looks like a 3rd world country…. So, walk down the street, in this city, and look around. Then, talk to the people here, and ask them what life is like, ask them what there parents do and how many people they know have been killed or murdered. Thats where Butch Jones came from. Butch Jones isnt anybody extraordinary. Hes actually pretty mild compared to the more ruthless killers in this city. I can have someone murdered for 1 grand. I can get guns like you can get a candy bar. Thats just how things are. Dont rail on Butch. He even says that he didnt want to be who he was, he was brought into it, his Uncle turned him into what he is now. When your growing up in Detroit, you dont look up to the Police, or the Mayor. You look up to the guys in your neighborhood who are giving you money for nothin and drive the fancy cars around. There the ones you look up too. Dont get it twisted, to you it might seem bad. but here its everyday life. Detroit morals are different than middle americas. We dont condone violence or murder. We live it. We survive it. We do it. When you take away someones dignity and throw them scraps to live on. Then you see someone making money, nice clothes, nice car, smiling, happy about what they got, then you look down at yourself and see the rags that have been hand me downs 3 times, old, worn out. You figure out what you wanna do young. I myself deal. Im not violent, im not evil, ive never killed anyone and ive never sold to little kids (myth), i only sell to people who want it, and i do so with discretion. People label drug dealers as evil, violent, mad men. But they dont realize that we dont have any other way of making money

Detroit For Real on September 27, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    Detroit For Real: I agree with you 100%. I’m from Detroit also 7mile & Evergreen area. I grew up in the 80s when things were very different. I’ve seen a lot of my friends and family who have fallen to the streets. Its real in the D. Its a war. I can’t stand when people not from the city say “well they have a choice.” WHAT? Are you kidding? Those people don’t get a fair chance to begin with. The school system is a joke, how can anybody learn in a system like that. When those layoffs hit what they thought people was going to do when unemployment ran out. Even the x-mayor was a thug. Its all about survival. Thats real talk!! Nobody is going to give you a loan to help you get out a hole and make a change. So like many other Detroiters including me did what we had to do to make it. I was one of the lucky ones that got out and made a better life for myself. As far as Butch Jones, he only did what he knew that was surrounding him at the time. I consider him to be a very smart man that headed in the wrong direction. Just think if he had gone to school instead of jail. He already knew how to run a corporation. He just did what he knew best. He made up to $50,000 a day on the street!!In the 80s!! You tell that man to change his lifstyle when he made over $350,000 a week after he started with nothing. Lol to my Detroit fam.

    DET4LIFE on October 28, 2010 at 1:50 pm

I am from Detroit also, I agree with both of you partly. first of all opportunity in America has always been very hard for the black man, and in Detroit its nearly impossible, Ive been a union tradesman watching whites work first in Detroit for years, never givin over 3 months a year of work at 1 time to feed my family after going in business for myself i found suburban whites wont hire us and blacks in Detroit lack finances to afford quality work. But the Black contractors that have made it here were into so much crime i could not sleep at night to have to stoop to such low levels and it can be just as dangerous as drug dealing i later found out the hard way. Things like setting fires, water damages, insurance fraud, ripping off elderly people (we call it baby sitting until all there moneys gone.) out the back door deals at home depot ETC. Detroit is a third world country where young girls sale there bodies to old men( Suburban white men know what the f im sayin!) just to have food and clothes. and Young men live day to day off selling a few drugs for the same. Butch Jones just made more money in his survival here. If you feel(Debbie) that butch jones was an exception to the rules (above the law). then maybe just maybe, when you are at one of those ultra conservative white folk rallies (fundraisers) turn on your judgemental microscope and tell some of your friends that you know, that snort coke and buy black women,(prostitution) to do the right thing and turn themselves in huh? You might not have a husband then!!

dj on January 14, 2011 at 5:30 am

Y.B.I niggas

caisey100 on June 26, 2012 at 4:36 pm

lisen!!!! detroit is no other than new york ,la,chicago! we get it how we live! why make butch out like he made the planes to fly this shit here?! he use his brain and the system but it didnt start in detroit start wit asia! what u want to happen through it in our face and we walk over it? live or starv?! duh thats a no brainer! stank rest bra r.i.p ya see u soon, tone and stay crafty! wintrop!

schoolcraft fo life on September 12, 2012 at 1:51 am

“Check em in”….”Y.B.I. nigga”

Scout on October 22, 2012 at 2:31 am

Take that shit to some Muslim country u broke ass criminals…

Bug on October 24, 2012 at 4:05 pm

I somehow feel stupidity sneaking upon me after reading this article. What in the world is a Muslim accent? That’s like having a Catholic or Presbyterian accent!

Lord Logiq on November 23, 2013 at 10:07 pm

This blog post has the worst use of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure I have ever read on the internet that was presented as an article or editorial. Seriously, I can barely make out what the “author” – Debbie Schlussel – is attempting to convey in her sentences. The writing style is so atrocious that it was nearly impossible to focus on the overall message of the article because stupidity was constantly jumping off the proverbial page. I mean, what the heck is a “Muslim” accent? The word “Muslim” does not refer to an ethnicity. I would be embarrassed to ask someone to proofread this as a rough draft, let alone turn this in to an editor or publish it on a website for people to read.

I will concede that it is easy to forget certain nuances of college coursework as the years go by after (I’m guessing high school) graduation, but I have read better essays that were written by my nephew who is still in middle school.

It is a real shame that “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” was cancelled, because I would nominate Debbie Schlussel to be the next contestant in a heartbeat.

Joe Blumpkin on February 3, 2014 at 1:40 am

A lot of this is inaccurate. First of all, Jeffrey Collins is much more competent than Debbie gives him credit for. I PERSONALLY was on a jury on one of Butch’s cases when Jeffrey Collins was his attorney and Mr. Collins made a fool out of the Wayne County Prosecutor and Butch and his co defendant Richard Daniels pretty much beat the charges because of the ineptitude of the Wayne County prosecutor. In “Richie Rich’s” case, the prosecutor couldn’t even place him there, nor state that his shot even if he had been there had killed Butch’s cousin Herman Amos. Butch was convicted of conspiracy because of the insinuation that his first cousin, Herman Amos could not have been killed without his own consent. But the charges of First Degree Murder against both did not stick and Jeffrey Collins and Gerald Evelyn ran circles around the prosecution. Debbie’s allegations are hindsight and sensationalism when I have first hand knowledge of Butch’s criminal past as presented to the Wayne County Prosecutor in Recorder’s Court over a period of over a week.

Debbie should do better journalism and investigating.

AJC on May 22, 2014 at 6:02 pm

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