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Despicable: Sean Vannity Hosts Anti-Semite Ex-Con on Yom Kippur, Allows Him to Rant About “The JOOOS”

By Debbie Schlussel


Did you hear Sean Hannity’s radio show, yesterday?  I don’t listen to the time-robbing ignorant blather that is a shabby re-run of the previous three hours of the far superior Rush Limbaugh show.  And I was observing Yom Kippur then, anyway.


Sean Vannity Featured Anti-Semite Jim Traficant

(Shown Here Minus Toupee as He Leaves Fed Prison)

But readers have informed me that, yesterday, Vannity hosted an anti-Semite and mostly stood by as the anti-Semite went on and on about the Jews and how bad they are.  The anti-Semite is disgraced former Congressman Jim Traficant (real name, Traficante), who is fresh from prison.

Here’s one report I received:

I did not hear this (in synagogue for Yom Kippur and also don’t listen to him anyway), but my friend heard a part of Sean Hannity‘s radio show and told me he had on a guest who was a Democratic politician who just got out of prison  and that the guest had many anti semitic comments.   My friend was stunned.

My friend, not Jewish, was stunned at what the guest said and how long it went on.

Here’s a report from an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory site:

Did anyone else catch James Traficant on Sean Hannity’s show, today?

Boy oh boy, he came out guns a blazing…

I really hope someone makes a youtube vid out of the interview, it was wild, he stated straight out that he was framed up by Israel and that in his experience as a former congressman that Israel controls the congress lock stock and barrel.

**** UPDATE: Here’s a report from commenter JM who heard the show:

I heard it yesterday driving home. Hannity is acting like the words just popped out of Traficant’s mouth. To me, though, it was clear that Hannity was prompting it so that it would be said. Then he feigned shock at such “anti-Semitic” comments from Traficant.

But he clearly tried to get him to say it. As Traficant implied to Hannity: You believe this about Jews and Israel but can’t come right out and say it or else you won’t have a show. Hannity vehemently denied this, but why else would he have Traficant on the show in the first place? It was because he agrees privately with Traficant and wanted him to make the anti-Semitic comments to a national audience.

Exactly. Good cop, bad cop. Why else–if he’s so “turned off” by anti-Semitism–is he having Traficant on his FOX show, tonight.

****  UPDATE #2:  The White supremacist site Stormfront features this comment by a person who felt that Sean made it “a fair discussion.”  When a White supremacist thinks it’s fair, that should tell you something:

Sean Hannity brought up the issue of Israel and allowed Mr. Traficant to speak his mind with Hannity occasionally saying ‘I object’.

He said something to the extent of “You and I agree on everything except when it comes to Israel Mr. Hannity,but I understand because if we’d agree on Israel you wouldn’t have a show in the mainstream media”.

He mentioned the amount of US tax payer’s money being sent to Israel and if he had his way he would cut off all funding to that area and consequently have a peace-agreement with the Middle East.

**** END UPDATES ****

This is par for the course for Vannity who’s constantly given a forum to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, anti-Semitic “pollster” John Zogby (whose polls are always inaccurate;   remember “President Kerry”?), Hitler-loving Jew hater Pat Buchanan, lefty Ted Koppel, porn star Kim Kardashian, and neo-Nazi Hal Turner.  He pretends to disagree with them, but yet he continues to give them a forum where they run all over him.  That’s the subtle way he gives them exposure for the views that he really doesn’t disagree with.

I don’t think it was an accident or coincidence that Sean Vannity picked yesterday to host disgraced ex-Congressman Jim Traficant–one of the most anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Members of Congress and the man who constantly got in the way of efforts to deport mass-murdering Nazi John Demjanjuk.  As most of us know, yesterday was Yom Kippur–when most Jews would be in synagogue and unable to hear or respond to his vapid “You’re a Great American” radio show and Traficant’s well-known anti-Semitic views.  I don’t think Vannity hosted this newly released ex-con and disgraced political gadfly on his show on Yom Kippur “just ‘cuz.”

It’s well-known that Traficant blames “The JOOOOOS” for his federal conviction and loss of his Congressional seat.  After all, I guess all five million Jewish Americans snuck a gun through Capitol Hill security, put it to his head, and forced him take bribes, engage in racketering, and force his tax-funded Congressional staff to perform personal favors and make home improvements for him on his farm and houseboat.  And then, we Jews forced Traficant to fill out false tax forms and not declare this free work.  Then, we forced him to sign those tax forms.  Then, according to his bizarre paranoid fantasy, we Jews forced the Justice Department to prosecute him and we convinced the jury to convict him.  Yup, The JOOOS Did It!

This is the deposed Congressman that Sean Vannity thinks is a hero and worthy of a forum on his radio show on Yom Kippur, a complete slap in the face to America’s Jews.  Traficant will also be on Vannity’s eponymous FOX News self-love orgy, tonight.  But I’m sure the suits at FOX News will force Vannity to exert the taming of Traficant’s Farrakhan-like rants I’m told he refused to stop on his radio show, yesterday.  Listeners tells me that Vannity made one half-hearted statement that Traficant was anti-Semitic, but didn’t sound like he really meant it and left Traficant go on and on, with nary an interruption into  his Protocols of the Elders of Zion-like monologue.

Sadly, conservatives just don’t care that Democrat Traficant is vehemently anti-Israel and openly anti-Semitic.  Conservatives gladly looked the other way on that, just as they did with Robert Novak, just as they do with Pat Buchanan.  Because, hey, Jim Traficant said stuff against his own party on the floor of the House, and he said cute things like, “Beam me up Scotty.”  And when you do that–whether you’re Christopher Hitchens or Bob Novak–you get the blind worship of talking points conservatives like Vannity.

It’s very sad.  But when you continue to patronize Vannity, that’s what you get.  A low-class Father Coughlin wannabe attacking the Jews on Yom Kippur on a nationally syndicated “conservative” radio talk show, with the host saying little and allowing the ranting to go on and on and on.  Neo-Nazi and longtime Sean Hannity friend, Hal Turner, said that privately Vannity agreed with him on the JOOOS and the Blacks, and guests like this with their rants, are Exhibit A that Turner was telling the truth.

An anti-Semitic radio rant on ABC radio on Yom Kippur.   Thanks, Sean.  You’re a “great American.”  Oh, and when is David Duke coming on the show?

Ask yourself:  If Sean Hannity is such a hater of anti-Semitism, why–given this rant on his radio show–is he having Traficant on his cable show, tonight?

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Bloody typical, the Democrats and republicans absolutely destroy Anthony Weiner over some embarrassing details of his personal life, things that are no ones business but his own. Yet this Traficant monster who actually is a criminal and a vile anti-semite seems to get a free ride, America has some severely messed up priorities, as far as Hannity himself I just have to say that guy makes my skin crawl… his pedantic speaking style his perpetually smug smarmy face, with a tiny little mouth like he is always sucking a particularly sour lemon a common look for Fox opinion people must be the physical manifestation of being full of lies greed and hate.

Gregory Roth on December 14, 2011 at 6:05 pm

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