August 5, 2012, - 2:00 am

Serena Williams Does Crip Walk Upon Winning Olympic Gold Medal – Classy Chick! (VIDEO)

By Debbie Schlussel

On Friday, I told you about the many Black Twitter attacks–most of them self-hating racism–on Black Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas, criticizing her hair. But I’ll tell you what you won’t see these same Black Twitter users attacking: Serena Williams very unclassy “Crip Walk”–a dance done by Crip gang members, er . . . I mean, “gangstaz.” Yup, that’s what we need representing America, a Gold Medalist who, upon winning, glorifies hardened criminals who murder each other–and innocent Americans–for sport. Watch the Serena Williams video, below, and then watch the video for the rap song “C-Walk” by Kurupt, below it (in which the Crip Walk begins at about 35 seconds in). ‘Cuz, hey, gangsta is in. Gabby Douglas’ classy behavior (and hair) are out. And to those who tell me I have no right to critique Black America and tell it how to behave, fine, then you have no business telling the rest of America how to behave, forcing upon it affirmative action spots in admissions, hiring, promotions, and government contracting, as well as minority set-asides (and that’s not even mentioning decades of Black anti-Semitism). You demand special treatment, but want to avoid the basic scrutiny everyone else endures. When you applaud stuff like this (and the Black culture applauds the Crip Walk, which is why she gets away with doing it at the Olympics and why Kurupt made millions off of songs like “C-Walk”), while attacking Gabby Douglas’ hair and calling her a “beast” on Twitter, I will talk about it. It merits critical notice. I guess if Gabby Douglas had incorporated this into her Gold Medal celebration, she’d be all the rage, rather than under attack for her coif. Gangsta-licious!

Gangsta-pidity: Lowlife Serena Williams Does Crip Walk After Winning Olympic Gold Medal

The Crips have murdered countless Americans, most of them Black. Some estimates say at least 15,000 Americans have been murdered in the Crips-Bloods war. But that’s aside from the innocent people outside of their feud who’ve lost their lives to the Crips’ appetite for bloodshed. Beyond the murders, the Crips are heavily involved in drug dealing and violent crime, primarily on the streets of Black America. You know who co-founded the Crips? Stanley “Tookie” Williams. Remember him? He murdered at least four innocent people and was linked to an additional 20 murders. Shame on Serena Williams for honoring this organized group of thugs just after winning the Olympic Gold Medal.

By the way, as I’ve noted before, the Williams sisters’ dad repeatedly said that the tennis world is racist against his daughters. Um, maybe it’s just because nobody likes a low-class winner who does a dance glorifying mass murderers and drug dealers, after she wins the Olympic Gold Medal for women’s tennis.

Oh, and don’t forget that Serena Williams backed her sister, Venus, when, as a Women’s Tennis Association official, she publicly supported Dubai’s decision to keep Israeli women’s tennis player Shahar Pe’er from competing. After she was roundly attacked for her support of this apartheid, she then got the court Jew Pe’er to thank her and pretend she was somehow a hero through it all. She was no such thing and deserved no thanks, just condemnation for going along with anti-Semitic apartheid.

So to summarize the Serena Williams worldview: honoring gang member killers who bloody the streets of urban America . . . YAY! Israeli Jews who want to be treated equally in playing in tennis tournaments . . . WHO GIVES A BLEEP?!

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213 Responses

This is ridiculous. Was Serena Williams’ victory dance really this serious? To cause an unnecessary debate over intentions no one but Serena Williams could justify? I believe it was simply a victory dance, and nothing else. There is no need to add or take away anything from her act. She won, she was happy, she danced. It is just that simple. There is no need for opinion. If you did not like her reaction to winning, then move on with life. Do not create solutions to problems that do not exist.

*This is my opinion.*

Naomi on August 30, 2012 at 3:35 am

I am trying to be a good person of God (and I do believe in one God) and not wish you would go to hell but I sure feel that way right now. What did people do to you to make you the way you are? God will punish the evil doer and slanderer and that is what you are. Luckily, the Serena’s of the world have no idea who you are and how hateful you are – and she probably makes a lot more money and has a much better life than you will ever have. I hope you don’t have children!

Kristine on September 27, 2012 at 5:49 pm

They are expressing their cultural heritage. They are simply dancing a jig. This goes back to the days when their people were enslaved by the wealthy Americans, Arabs, Europeans and the actual blacks that sold them.

To me it is annoying and I do an about face if I see it.

AR on June 20, 2013 at 11:53 am

Stay mad.

SH on December 3, 2016 at 7:25 pm

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