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American OUTRAGE: Christian Faces Life in Prison for Self-Defense Against Dearborn Muslim Mob

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE, 09/07/10: Schlussel Files Federal Suit Against Muslim Principal, Dearborn Public Schools Over Discrimination Against Christians; HOW YOU CAN HELP ****

In the past, I told you about Paul Hallis, a Maronite Christian Arab whose parents came here from Lebanon.  He was murdered in Dearbornistan by Shi’ite Muslim Arab Khalil Talal Chahine for daring to be engaged to Chahine’s Muslim former girlfriend.  As I noted, Chahine is the son of Talal Chahine, the indicted fugitive Hezbollah financier and former Detroit-area Middle East restaurant owner.


OUTRAGE: Christian Alexander Yono May Get Life in Prison for Self-Defense Against Islamic Mob

Now, another such murder story has come up with a similar set of facts–Muslim Arabs seeking to beat a Christian Arab senseless in Dearbornistan, with “murder” being the end result.  In this case, the dead man is a Muslim, but he died as the Christian Arab man–Alexander Tom Yono (a Chaldean, which is an Iraqi Catholic) –tried to defend himself from a mob of Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim men who came to “beat the Chaldean.”

Unfortunately, that’s not how the story is being spun by the Dearbornistan Police and Dearbornistan media, who are in the back pocket of the Hezbollah-supporting Shi’ite Muslim extremists (redundant phrase) that run the city.  Now, because he survived and defended himself, Yono has been charged with second-degree murder.  His mug shot, though, tells the real story.  The scars and cuts on his face are the result of trying to stave off 15 Muslim men trying to kill him.

Here’s the real scoop, a lesson for the many Arab Christians who try to befriend the Arab Muslims who persecuted, raped, tortured, and killed them back in the Middle East, that things haven’t changed merely because the setting has turned Westward:

On the night of July 13th, Yono was with his girlfriend on a bus filled with girlfriends of a Muslim girl celebrating her birthday at the Dearborn Ice-Skating Center.  Yono’s girlfriend was friends with the birthday girl.  Soon, some Muslim men in Dearborn learned of the bus filled with girls and the Chaldean man, Yono, and 15 of them came to the bus.  One girl’s purse was stolen.

Among the men was 19-year-old Mohamad Ali Fouad Abboudd of Dearborn, a Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim who is a known trouble-maker. Just prior to his arrival he was playing cards (yup, a good Muslim) with friends, when he was called on his cellphone to “come beat up some Chaldeans.” According to witnesses at the card game, Abboudd quit the card game and left to participate in the fight. Abboudd was one of the 15 Muslim men who joined to beat Yono, and he was killed as Yono defended himself against them.

At the end of the night, 15 of Dearbornistan’s finest Shi’ite Muslim Lebanese young male thugs showed up to fight the 30 year old Christian Alex Yono and surrounded him. They produced a knife and began attacking him. He produced a knife and stabbed one of the guys that was hitting him. And, of course, once the fight ended, the Dearbornistan Police arrived to add insult to injury and implicitly believe the fictional Muslim version of “events.” (The DPD chief is Arab Ronald Haddad, whose lips are permanently bronzed to the collective rear of Dearborn’s Muslim community.)

It’s quite clear–not just from Yono’s beaten mugshot visage, but also from the results of the melee–what was going on here. A 19-year-old Shi’ite Muslim Lebanese Dearborn resident was seriously injured, and two 18-year-old males and a 17-year-old male, all Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim residents also received minor injuries. Five Muslim men, each more than ten years younger than Christian Arab Yono, were injured from beating on him. And that’s aside from the ten others who were not hurt. 15 Muslim men against one Christian Arab and his girlfriend. That’s what happened here: self defense against Muslim violence and religious and ethnic bigotry.

Unfortunately, this is Wayne County, where the Muslims rule the roost. It’s likely that Yono won’t get any justice and will spend his life in prison. That he was charged with any crime at all is just the beginning of the injustice.

Says a Chaldean reader of this site,

The identities of the victim and the stabber coupled with the appeasement of the Dearborn PD is preventing the truth from getting out and might put an innocent man, who was fighting for his life, in jail for the rest of his life as he was charged with second degree murder.

It saddens me to see such injustice and deliberate concealment of truth. I believe that even the police did not get the correct story because no one in the community is willing to speak the truth. And even if they were, per usual, the Dearborn PD is apparently not conducting an honest investigation in this case.

When have they ever?

The more Muslims–in this case, Shi’ite Lebanese Muslims who support Hezbollah–we import into America, the more such violence and frame-up jobs against innocent Christians we’ll have. This is just the latest in the continuing–and escalating–tragedy we’ve created because we continue to allow Muslim immigration into this country and continue to allow the Muslim immigrants to impose their Third World “values” and behavior on our society.

This is just the beginning. It will only get worse.

Today, Alex Yono. Tomorrow . . . You.

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220 Responses

Muslims cannot defend the indefensible. They accuse others of RACISM and HATRED, when others say they hate the hatred that the quran brings out in people.
Jihad steps up a notch to physical violence if others say they will not tolerate the intolerance of Islam.
Consider the elements that define hate speech:
1)Drawing a distinction between one’s own identity group and those outside it.
2)Moral comparison based on this distinction.
3)Devaluation or dehumanization of other groups and the personal superiority of one’s own.
4)The advocating of different standards of treatment based on identity group membership.
5)A call to violence against members of other groups.

Sadly, and despite the best intentions of many decent people who are Muslim,(by accident of birth), the Quran qualifies as hate speech on each count.

There is no way of justifying the qoranic(satanic) verses (qouted as an example),by “thetruth on July 30, 2010 at 5:56 pm” above.They can only be defended with the very violence that they call for.
Influential ex-muslims who have managed to “escape” islam without being killed for apostacy,state that there is only ONE ISLAM.
It’s obvious to anyone who is not in total darkness, that allah is the devil pretending to be God, but he is so infinitely arrogant that he perpetrates one of his biggest most blatant jokes on these poor slaves who are enmeshed in their carnality, by OPENLY STATING his three favourite charachter traits, in his book.
Can we seriously expect hot head young muslims NOT to think and behave like a pack of dogs, with the slightest provocation?
These guys are trapped in a black box called the Kaba. How can they escape without a miracle from the True God. Their heads must be spinning from going around and around trying to repress their sin nature with endless rituals and no escape from sin, all the while puffing themselves up in their imaginations against everyone else. They are on a hiding to nothing.
Who said love your enemies and pray for them? If your enemy is hungry, feed him. If he is naked cloth him.I don’t believe it’s Godly wisdom to invite your enemies into your boarders and let them set up shop.We cannot support them in their endeavours in any way, otherwise we become partakers of their evil deeds.We shouldn’t trade with them at all,and we don’t have to.
Should we be afraid of them? That’s what the devil wants.
Fear of “death and hell”,are satans arch deceptive spirits,that try to scare ignorant fragile humans into slavery and worshipping him.
Sorry about the muslim who copped it.I wonder if he’ll get any virgins in mohammad’s phallic heaven. Very sad all round.

Warwick on July 23, 2012 at 12:03 pm

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