October 22, 2009, - 12:04 pm

HOprah Watch: Daytime TV’s Jihadi Sister Now Dubai’s Propagandist

By Debbie Schlussel

Oprah must be auditioning for the part of Gulf State Leni Riefenstahl.


(Oprah artwork by Six Meat Buffet/Preston Taylor Holmes)


Oprah’s Dubai Disinformation Specialist Lamees Hamdan & Hubby

Did you know that Dubai is a “multi-cultural” human rights champion?  Did you know that no Muslim women under 60 wear a burqa or niqab (full ninja Islamic face veil)?  Did you know that the hijab (Islamic headscarf) is not Islamic or religious but “cultural”?  Did you know that Dubai and Norway are much better countries than America because they care about their people by giving them nationalized healthcare?  Did  you know that Turkey is a “progressive Muslim” country where women don’t have to wear the Islamic headscarf?

I learned all of these lies–and Oprah Winfrey’s audience eagerly ingested them–on her daytime talk show, yesterday.  It’s yet more of the same old career-long pro-Islamist (and anti-Israel, as well as anti-Semitic) propaganda Oprah has posited and I’ve document over a series of time, some of which is posted at my Domain Name, OprahSucks.com.

On a particularly nauseating new episode of “Oprah,” the hostess did one of her frequent “Around the World with Oprah” shows, in which she purported to show how the average woman has a much better life in various socialist, Communist, and Muslim states.

In her past “around the world” shows, HRHSBotU [Her Royal Highness Supreme Being of the Universe] Oprah shilled for Cuba a la Michael Moore and called Kuwait, “the only democracy in the Middle East.” Wrong.  Kuwait is an Islamic monarchy ruled by the Al-Sabah family, with minor show elections (which the Kuwaiti Emir has occasionally, um, “overruled”).  The only democracy in the Middle East is Israel.  But don’t expect Oprah–whose shows and magazine have been frequently anti-Israel and pan-Islamic–to tell the truth.  Oprah’s features on women in Jordan, Kuwait, and Qatar have featured women in Western dress without the Islamic headscarves–with the women telling us how great, liberal, and paradise-esque their lives there are.  Hmmm . . . maybe the Oprah show should change its name to “Fantasy Island.”

Yesterday’s episode was no different.  Women in Norway and Dubai (on of the United Arab Emirates) criticized America for not having national healthcare.  And, of course, HRHSBotU chimed in with agreement and also attacked America.

Then, came more disinformation.  Viewers were treated to a feature on Dr. Lamees Hamdan, a Dubaian Muslim medical doctor and the usual Gulf State liar.  And Oprah helped with the lies.  (Watch the video.)  Dr. Hamdan was carefully picked by the Oprah staff.  She spoke perfect English without an accent and was clearly educated and raised somewhere in the West, something Oprah didn’t share with her gullible, naive audience.  Unlike many women in Dubai, she did not wear a headscarf and was very Western.  She kept saying how the women in Dubai are “just like us.”  Sure, they are.

Oprah introduced the segment by telling her audience that Dubai is “one of the most multi-cultural places on Earth.”  It’s hilarious that Dubai is called “multi-cultural,” when it’s well known that Jews with Israeli passports or Israeli stamps on their passports aren’t allowed in.  Was Oprah asleep during the whole mess earlier this year, when Dubai refused to allow Israeli tennis player Shahar Pe’er into the country to play in the Dubai Tennis Championships?  No.  She wasn’t asleep.  She’s just a liar.  There wasn’t a word about Dubai’s apartheid against Jews and Israelis on the Oprah show.  Shocker.  I guess that’s “multi-minus-Israel-and-Jews-cultural.”

It’s also hilarious to call Dubai “multi-cultural” because the reason it has so many people of other nationalities–most of them from the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka–is that they are essentially slaves (many of them beaten and tortured) to the wealthy, lazy Dubaian population, who don’t do any work.  Filipinos are the maids, construction workers, cooks, chauffeurs, and handymen for Dubaians for very little pay.  Then, there are the many human rights reports detailing how Dubai imported against their will and enslaves young Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan boys to be camel jockeys and sex slaves.  None of this was mentioned, although we were shown Dr. Hamdan’s smiling Filipino “housemaid.”

It’s also hilarious for Oprah to call Dubai “multi-cultural” when, as I noted on this site, the country just recently began mass deportations of all of its Shi’ite Muslim population.  Not a hint about that from HRHSBotU Oprah.

Oprah told us that “only ten percent of [Dubai’s] population are locals,” as part of her justification for calling it “one of the most multi-cultural places on Earth.”  But that’s not exactly the whole picture.  Not only are most of the other 90% mistreated servants and slaves, but they are NOT allowed to become citizens, own property, or have any rights.  Yes, Dubai relaxed some property restrictions to allow the wealthy and celebrities, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, to buy property there.  But for most others, foreigners–particularly non-Muslims–are persona non-grata at best, and frequently the object of molestation and abuse or worse.

But Oprah’s audience, predictably, didn’t hear about any of this.  Instead they were fed this baloney:

Lamees says women in her country have a lot in common with other wives and mothers around the world. “We’re all working moms. We all have the same priorities. We all face the same challenges,” she says.

Really?  Has one of Lamees Hamdan’s kids ever been kidnapped and forced to be a sex slave or camel jockey?  Has she ever been denied entry into a country because she’s a Jew and has an Israeli stamp on her passport?  Get real.  This woman lives in a giant mansion, has a Filipino “housemaid” and admits she doesn’t cook because her mother-in-law’s chef makes their meals.

Dr. Hamdan told Oprah that women in Dubai don’t have to wear the headscarf (the Islamic “hijab”) if they don’t want to, and that “as a feminist,” she’s upset no-one claims Islamic men are subjugated for wearing their keffiyeh headscarves.  (She also claimed women choose to wear it and aren’t forced, another lie.)  Uh, how many men have you seen beaten, tortured, or killed for not wearing a keffiyeh?  How many Islamic men cover their faces (unless they’re posing for a terrorist video and about to behead some assorted Westerner they’ve kidnapped)?  And how many Islamic men in the West do you see wearing the scarf versus how many women are forced to wear it?

Dr. Hamdan showed us her mother-in-law, who wears a burqa metal contraption covering her face.  Oprah asked us if all women in Dubai wear that.  Dr. Hamdan told us that this is a myth, that “no one under 60 wears a burqa” or niqab, anywhere.  Uh, really?  Has this lying chick been to Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia lately?  Or how ’bout the streets of her own country and inside its shopping malls?  Cue the “David Hasselhoff in Dubai with young full-ninja-garbed Muslim girls video“:

Do these girls look age 60 or older? I know, it’s hard to tell b/c they’re completely covered in black shmattas.

(Yes, these women in the Hasselhoff video in Dubai are from Saudi Arabia, but in an appearance on ABC’s hagfest, “The View,” Hasselhoff said that many of the women in Dubai dressed just like them, with their faces completely covered.)

Dr. Hamdan also told us that the headscarf is “not religious.  That’s a myth.  It’s cultural.”  Really?  Then, why do Islamic women all over the world where the headscarf?  Why does virtually every mosque require women to wear one?  Why do Islamic men force women to wear one?  And how many non-Islamic “cultures” have women wear a hijab?  It’s a flat out lie.  Clearly, the headscarf is, indeed, religious.

Dr. Hamdan told Oprah how she doesn’t understand how the American government can say it cares about its people, since it doesn’t offer free healthcare for everyone the way they do in Dubai.  That’s interesting, since the richest Dubaians come to America for surgery.  They know where healthcare is truly “offered.”  It’s the place where you get what you pay for.

But, hey, when a Prince of “liberal, multi-cultural” Dubai nearly tortures you to death over some grain you sold him, then, you, too, can experience the Dubaian “paradise” and its “free healthcare.”

Oprah also showed us women in Turkey, and included this baloney:

A progressive Muslim country, women are free to wear whatever they like.

Really?  In fact, Turkey is NOT progressive.  It’s become more extreme than ever and getting worse.  Many women are forced to wear hijabs (Islamic headscarves), and in recent years, there have been cases wear they’ve been murdered by relatives and others for not doing so.  But don’t leave it to Oprah to be concerned with stubborn things like facts.

Your daily does in the fraud Oprah perpetrates on American women.  Their lives are empty and meaningless.  But the lives of Islamic women in Dubai and Turkey are happy, full, and luxe.

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38 Responses

And Oprah didn’t mention how women in Somalia are molested for wearing bras…. yes, the Somali Islamists have discovering bra burning after 40 years! Don’t look for the Muslim mistreatment of women to be covered on her show.

NormanF on October 22, 2009 at 12:39 pm

Wow. It is not surprising but still, wow. Just another reminder of why I have not watched Oprah in years.

SquareMileWife on October 22, 2009 at 12:59 pm

HOPRA did it again. I caught that show. Sure, Ho, everyone is rich and has centralized kitchens, dresses western, practices medicine, etc. I felt sorry for the live-in Phillipino slave and wondered if she’s sodomized by her sicko husband.

goldenmike4393 on October 22, 2009 at 2:01 pm

Oprah didn’t have ANY political candidates during the 2008 campaign, even Obama. She only interviewed him before he announced his candidacy.

Lee on October 22, 2009 at 3:25 pm

This blog is a joke if you believe the American health care system is the best or better than Denmarks. No, its somewhere around 37 in a recent study ranking the best, somewhere after Chile!

That’s the one point I have to disagree about. The other anti-muslim agenda, I don’t really care about, but as a Canadian, I’d rather live in Denmark or France or the UK or Norway, really any civilized country with universal health care, if I’m sick instead of a country like America where 2 of my cousins are going through bankruptcy because of how much it costs to treat cancer. The American system is a joke. They do a lot of things well, but they way the have profited from denying coverage for the sick is unhuman and part of the reason why China has taken in most of their trillion dollar debt. The country is financially in shambles and health care is a major reason. It takes up way too much of their economy.

I agree that many Arab and muslim countries have many problems, but to insult countries like Norway or Denmark and to imply that just because some people choose to fly to America to get treatment, as a reason why their health care system isn’t better, well I suggest you read up on health care more.

I know plenty of people who opt to fly to places like Germany or India to get treatment, because its cheaper. And not all countries with universal health care disallow private clinics. Germany has a private health care industry as well.

Calling this blog or others blog HO Oprah? really? so mature.

Sarah on October 22, 2009 at 5:11 pm

No the first person was correct. Oprah did not have any of the Men or Woman running for president during the campaign. She had Barack on before he ran for president.

She made a point of it, and it has been fact checked plenty of times. I recall watching Barack on Oprah in 2006, when he was promoting one of his two books. He ran for president many months later and many people in 2006 thought he had no chance. I think what she really liked about him was his book in 2006, and his speech at the DNC, and this was way before she or anyone else knew that he would run.

But when he did win, she did do a show about it right after. And she did campaign for him at at least 1 rally. But she did that away from her show. She as an American has the right to do that. Just like others celebrities campaigned for John McCain.

I personally don’t agree with Barack Obama on a some issues, and Oprah as well, but I don’t think its right to insult her because even if she isn’t a part of the political party you identify with, she has done a lot for abused women and children, for making reading cool again, for helping the book business, for spotlighting Africa’s problems and so on.

Sarah on October 22, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Is this your new troll site?

    sorrow01 on October 22, 2009 at 11:13 pm

Sarah, stay out of America. We don’t need you. Our country was founded on capitalism and individualism not collectivism or communism. Individual rights to be free from government. Most of our rights are negative rights. Rights free from government intrusion. Nowhere in the Constitution are we guaranteed education and health care. This entitlement mentality has lead to a erosion of our country. We have become a nation of “doers” to a nation of “wanters”. Go get your dose of collectivism, socialism, communism it all leads to fascism. The right that others have the ability to tell me as an individual what is best for me. I’d rather be broke and homeless in a free country than have all the comforts of a communist, socialist country. For my will is mine. It isn’t determined by a group. Those that are free people defy you. I don’t want your government program. Don’t entice me with security, I want freedom. That is something you liberals can’t understand that we don’t want your world view. Accept it and try and convince someone else.

CaliforniaScreaming on October 22, 2009 at 5:40 pm

Thank you californiascreaming. Sarah is a pansy ass s***, who wants her ass wiped for her. Why are your cousins getting cancer treatment here and not Cuba. F*** you Sarah.

GBo on October 22, 2009 at 6:02 pm

Muslims are the scurge of the earth. Hocra sold her sole a long time ago.

GBo on October 22, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    All this hate and prejudice is the real problem of the world today, people like you and your faithful followers are hateful and wasted all your time posting your ignorant views, Oprah help thousands of people with her fortune, so think it over for a minute a blog like this makes you just as bad if not worst then the people your hating and bloging about so please get yourself a real life you racist.

    Linda on October 24, 2009 at 1:19 am

Hoprah does such damage by perpetuating lies to the multitudes of naive people who believe this crap. Wish she would have the guts to have Debbie on to set her straight. Her narcissism and broken moral compass makes me want to puke.

Ruby on October 22, 2009 at 6:08 pm

And of course Oprah is saying the things that Barack thinks, but does not always say. Not too much difference between her utterances and his thoughts.

Little Al on October 22, 2009 at 6:32 pm

If hOrca was choking on a chicken bone in a restaurant and I was the only one there who knew the Heimlich maneuver, I’m sure I’d temporarily forget how to do it… you know, amid all the confusion and panic and such 🙂

DS_ROCKS! on October 22, 2009 at 6:33 pm

As a child growing up during the Cold War, this all sounds so familiar.
I remember all of the leftist news shows talking about how wonderful the communist countries were.
How the government cares for the people and how they loved their communist system.
After the Berlin Wall fell and the people were allowed to tell their side of the story.
We learned that nobody, except those at the top, loved the communist system. They were all slaves.

Let’s face it, depending on how you edit the story, you can make Nazi Germany or the Sudan look like a paradise or the richest neighborhood in America look like hell warmed over.

The rank and file citizen in an Islamic country knows they live in bizarre mind control situation. They pray five times a day to reinforce the mind control. Many of them want to get out of it, but to do so would mean death at the hands of their own family. They are trapped.

And yet millions still leave every year. Choosing the threat of death over a living death.

smg45acp on October 23, 2009 at 7:48 am

“It’s also hilarious to call Dubai “multi-cultural” because the reason it has so many people of other nationalities–most of them from the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka–is that they are essentially slaves (many of them beaten and tortured)”

Do the foreign slaves get freehealth care, too?

adagioforstrings on October 23, 2009 at 5:28 pm

Oh yes Oprah will stoop as low as she can get, lie, decieve, manipulate anything as long as the greenbacks flow her way – maybe she will change her pathetic position if a nice large mosque is built beside one of her many places of residence – better still why doesnt she open some of her mansions to these poor misunderstood souls from the religion of peace? Oprah are you an infidel?

BIG IRISH on October 23, 2009 at 6:21 pm

People like Oprah will support anything they perceive to be the opposite of White, Western civ. Jeremiah Wright also supports muslims because they are anti-White and anti-Western.

Steve Ventry on October 25, 2009 at 6:06 pm

why you are so ungry that muslim women covring their head and their face.what is the problem in this.if this is not stop them from going on in their life and not harm any one. i think they are free to wear what they beleave is correct for them acording to their religion.
why when muslim women wear what they beleave is right for them you call them “ninja”,but when jew men wear small hat on their head ,and sisterswho are in church wearing headcover you are not make fun of them
your words shows that you are aginst Dubai because they are muslim not because of any other things cause if you want to take about abuse see what they are doing with black people in america even now when obama is president.
we are muslim women and hejab is not stopping us from any thing,cause we believe that the important not what we look like it is how we use our mind”which is not cover”
i think if you watch some of oprah shows you will find that she gave a chance of all kind of people from all religions and thoughts.so she is not with or aginist anyone.

omessa on October 25, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    Because as soon as the number of muslims reaches critical mass, they will be telling EVERYONE how to dress and what is allowed.

    Steve Ventry on October 25, 2009 at 10:12 pm

      if you know islam well you will not say this.
      islam respect the other relijions,and you can ask the people who they live in Dubai and they are from other countury and other relijion.
      muslims respect the others as soon as they respect the country and it’s relijion and culture.
      don’t go behind what you here from media;good and bad are in all relijion and in all country ,but it is not mean that all the people from there are bad.
      I hope you can come to Dubai and see the real Dubaian muslim people.

      omessa on October 26, 2009 at 6:58 am

        I don’t believe you, and besides, that’s only Dubai.

        Steve Ventry on October 26, 2009 at 9:32 am

You come across as ignorant as Oprah by referring to Dubai as a country. It is an Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.
To say that many of the workers are tortured and beaten is a complete overstatement. Indian, Bengali, Pakistani etc workers make up about 65% of the UAE’s population and whilst many are labourers working in less that ideal conditions, the vast majority are not beaten and abused!
Yeah this interview is absolute bullsh*t, but don’t perpetuate the bullsh*t with your own.

Vanessa on October 27, 2009 at 6:46 am

*****If you look back in time and do some research,you will find that ALL women of all religions wore headscarves and covered, not just Islam…

Most citzens have lost their true culture and identity into drinking bear, porn, etc. whilst most asian countries still practice and respect their traditions.

TURKEY IS NOT AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY- i am turkish and do not believe in a religion, in turkey Islam is the most important religion as the magority believe in it thus it is well respected due to the contributions made by muslims.

**Statistics show that muslims are more likely to go to Uni and get a high skilled job (doctors, lawyers) whilst their white mates get pregnant at hte age of 12, do drugs etc…SO WHO IS BACKWARDS??? Muslim girls who have respect for themselves or slutty, pregnant single mums at the age of 12 who depend on the state and benefits etc.

Kat on October 27, 2009 at 6:03 pm

HI all , this is absorb what i hear about dubai …
electricity isnt free #1
#2 its an islamic country even though we have alcohol and disco clubs … thats for the westerners and their are bad people everywhere
#3 all the locals here are muslims but their isnt much islam , if u think of my statement what i mean is , in Europe their is much islam but not alot of muslims , the meaning by that is , the people will drive their cars and throw rubbish from their cars to the streets because their are people who will clean it … their is many badness … in Europe we know that their are rubbishbins which are organized some for cans some for glasses ect.. it goes by a structured life style/

UAE is a country like any country in the world , however the best thing about UAE is our President , Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan , He is a religious person and thats why our country laws are islamic , thats why no homeless and thats why many medium and rich people and no poor!!!

why ? because of islamic life , he used the oil which Allah have blessed us to the way of ISLAM and not in a egomystic life of the lady who spoke about UAE in the operah show…
if u go get married they give you a reward of 20,000$ and the bank provides u 400,000$ as debt to be paid in 10 – 20 years.
other stuff medical is free + all over the world .
schools , colleges and most universities are free.. however some private schools arent free..

how do people make money ( islamiclly we can )
what is islam ? first u got to read this

Abdulla on November 7, 2009 at 1:13 pm

First thing that came to mind when I viewed Oprah’s Dubai segment was that this Dr. Lamees character is NOT A LOCAL. She is, in fact, a Jordanian who married into a wealthy local (although not pure Emirati blood) Gargash family. This family is actually part of a tribe of people from the very southern most part of Iran (ALTHOUGH THEY ARE NOT PERSIAN or FARSI). For many reasons, the Shah of Iran ordered many of these people out of Iran and thus many of them settled into what is now known as UAE.
Regarding Lamees, since she is not Emirati, it would have been more appropriate for Oprah’s team to have chosen a true Emirati so as to lend a better understanding of life in Dubai.
People, this picture of Dubai that Lamees portrayed here is in so many ways untrue and totally plays into the propaganda being played here. By the way, it has been said that this segment on Dubai was funded by Dubai tourism and EMAR properties! Go figure. It’s propaganda 110%. The UAE’s economy, like many other economies worldwide, is not doing so well, so I guess anything HUNH to try to boost Dubai’s image.
An image, many will proclaim, that has long been tainted with proof of greed, injustice, inhumanity, and loads and loads of HYPOCRISY. Take SKYPE for example. The interview done between Oprah and Lamees was through courtesy of SKYPE. But, SKYPE is TOTALLY BLOCKED HERE IN UAE, as are myriads and myriads of other sites…namely DUBAITORTURE.COM. So, it seems the government temporarily unblocked it for media and image purposes.
Look, no city NO CITY is perfect. But, this Lamees figure lives in a total bubble. Has she ever been to or seen the countless of poor laborers who suffer for long hours in the hot sun building yet another high-rise in the sweltering desert sun, only to return after unbelievably long hours to their labor camps which are situated outside of the city view, in areas with, often times, no running water, electricity, or proper sewage drainage. I am sure, I am confident enough that she has not. She mentions no homeless, no poor. Give me a break. Please Lamees go down to these labor camps, even go to Deira under the bridges that are being built for the new Metro…you WILL SEE these people. You cannot miss them. But, again, Lamees and about 10% of the local population who live these very opulent lives simply have overlooked this FACT…just based upon the statements she made.
Regarding electricity, water, and gas bills, GET REAL! This is a very ridiculous and untrue statement. I believe locals do not pay for water, but electricity OF COURSE THEY PAY. Although less.
Dubai has never ceased to amaze me in regards to its hypocrisy. Google “stateless” peoples in the UAE and you will discover that there are hundreds of thousands of people who have been denied citizenship and BASIC rights of the UAE. Only after this matter was brought to the attention of HUMAN RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL did the UAE pretend and show that they care. So, less than 40 people were finally awarded citizenship. So what about the remainder?? UAE recently signed a contract deal with a small island nation that promises to grant these remaining stateless people a visa/passport of that African nation. This passport will be basically useless to these people here. Lamees’ AJAM (NOT FARSI. Iran has many tribes and these southerners were one of them) husband was lucky enough to acquire the passport about 50 years ago when the UAE first came together, but could probably care less to help other stateless people who also arrived and have lived in the UAE for as long or even longer than him. TOTAL HYPOCRISY.
This show was nothing but Propaganda to spruce up Dubai’s faltering and failing image. I have nothing against UAE or its people, many of whom I deeply love and care for as friends, but the simple truth as well as the greed, inhumanity, and hypocrisy in this tiny nation should be exposed. OPRAH the money lover surely WILL NOT DO IT.

Nancy Mondale on November 9, 2009 at 12:49 am

    you obviously do have something against the country and since you think your so smart you missed the part that all emiratis have different tribes ! and the gargash family are infact very pure! , thankyou for your opinion but it is not needed , and if you feel so poorly for the labourers why dont you go out there and work with them yourself!!!??? you dont !! instead you are in your luxourious home on your computer ….. which is what dubai offers u sad expats , you are the ones that are destroying our country with your alcohol and WHITE influence ,,, and as for the AJAMS , most of them are the reason dubai is what it is today because of their knowledge to change the future of this country !! i am sure there is a place waiting for you from wherever you are , my advice is GET OUT and stop leaving your insignificant comments when u are looked upon as nothing but Khais ( Dirty) in our country… in our country the ajams and the locals have a unity , people like you are nothing in this place…!!! another thing ,,,, just because u are not blessed with free healthcare annd electricity !! it is not our fault … maybe it is our right since it is our country ,,,, people like YOU critising … no wonder u dont get nothing! you dont deserve anything , you self righteous freak!! as i said you feel so badly for the labourers stop talking about it , go work with them .. do not put your retarded western input on our country and our people…if you have such a problem with this country keep your thoughts to yourself and pleasee… leave 🙂 .
    p.s : skype is not banned you retard!!!!

    anti nancy mondale!! on November 23, 2009 at 5:10 pm

Here it is again: http://bit.ly/3KcidC

debs on November 16, 2009 at 4:03 pm

the message above was for that REATRD NANCY MONDALE!!!

anti nancy mondale!! on November 23, 2009 at 5:15 pm



I was just posting my opinion.






Nancy Mondale on November 24, 2009 at 1:09 am

AND WHOOOOO SAAAAAAAYS I LIVE THERE! I dont live there! BUT MY SISTER IS MAAAAAARRIED, you full of anger person, to an EMirati guy (PURE BY the way) and soo I frequently visit DUBAI to visit them.

BY the way, heeee and his FAMILY update us on what is going on here…and yes…also regarding the “tribes.”


ANd, u IGNORANT FOOL why do you ASSUME that I drink and want to influence UAE negatively!

FOr your info, being a medical doctor I dont SMOKE OR DRINK.

Soo, please before your blood pressures reaches dangerously high levels, I suggest you resume your anti-depressants and hmmm go suck on a LOLLIPOP!


Nancy Mondale on November 24, 2009 at 1:14 am

But really why all this anger.

Why are you soo offended by the comments??

Did I mention anything about lack of contributions by any
“tribe” of the UAE?? Did I say anything negative about the Gargash family??

I merely made a comment about their origins, which actually was explained to me by my brother in Law.

Its very strange that you jumped to such great conclusions and started attacking me, categorizing all Europeans or Westerners as “drinkers” and sinners, who just want to destroy the 38th year old UAE.

No, not all all. You are extremely wrong. You surely must know that the Westerners have also contributed greatly to creating UAE.

And, if “ALL” emiratis, as you proclaim in your stated, above comments, view Westerners as Khais or “dirty” then why is that my brother in law married a Westerner and I know of about 100+ more similar unions.

Your comments prove you to be quite ignorant, intolerant, and just full of pure anger.

Seriously, calm down.

Perhaps, I can recommend a very good psychiatrist to you??

Cheers darling

Nancy Mondale on November 24, 2009 at 1:28 am

    your vicious comments don’t warrant a reply but… after reading your thread i would like to know who gave you the right to determine the pure locals from the non pure, surely any children your sister may have or has are half bred white!!! its women like your sister who taint the local blood here marrying our men and in some cases pursuing men who are already married taking advantage of the polygamy rule, we look at them as white trash! the same way english look at us as paki’s, but we accept them as muslim sisters, Don’t get me wrong i don’t condone the behavior of Lamees Hamdan, but as a Local i will defend my country woman, pure local or not, if you knew the Gargash family, as clearly you don’t! and knew their history you would know they are prominent business people belonging to one of the oldest families here in Dubai. In the West, racial discrimination is part of normal life, white folk hate colored folk and hate colored folk being in their country with sometimes violent consequences, we however in Dubai, whether you choose to believe it or not accept our fellow countrymen as just that and we respect our Gracious Ruler and accept his decision to naturalize foreigners and accept them as our own, we are a peaceful nation and rascist comments such as your own only disgust educated locals such as myself. You said you are a doctor, then your conduct is extremely belittling to you profession, i am sure your brother-in-law works side by side with Ajamis.. the previous reply to your thread obviously enraged you to a point where i would suggest you get professional help, as if you were truly a doctor you would not react in such a childish manner,
    if you want to know about Ajamis then come spend one Ramadan here in Dubai and you will know not just the Ajamis but a peaceful non racist nation of brothers and sisters.
    yours A.Nasser

    Emirati wa iftikhar, Mrs A Nasser. on November 24, 2009 at 4:19 am

WOW! GO read my comment. Where did I ONCE say anything negative about HUWALA people. I NEVER DID. I ONLY SAID THEY ARE NOT FARSI PEOPLE. THEY ARE SOUTHERN PEOPLE WHO MIGRATED FROM DIFFERENT PLACES, some settling in the south of Iran and some later in modern day UAE.


AND, I IN MY FIRST COMMENT NEVER NEVER USED any negative language. YOUR COMMENT THOUGH refers to “RETARDS” and to KHAIS=dirty people. THESE ARE YOUR WORDS! YOU refer to Westerners as DIRTY people! Where did I even say anything remotely like this!

Seriously, what is wrong with you?

You are definitely not okay!

Please seek PROFESSIONAL help.



My comments merely state situations and facts WHICH I HAVE SEEN PERSONALLY and things that my sister’s local family have always pointed out to us.

By the way, are you Pakistani?? You mentioned the british refer to “us as pakis”??

And, by the way, my sister is her husband’s first and only wife. Do you have a problem with locals marrying outside of their ethnic backgrounds??

This is their choice. No one forced them to do such. Who are you to say people like my sister taint the local blood.

Nooo, my darling, unfaithful men taint blood. For example, about 2 years ago there was a huge case (although it was kept very hush hush initially) about 7 Morrocan women who had relationships with local men who frequented the coffee shop they worked at. It turns out that all of these women later tested positive for HIV and had actually, sadly, passed the virus to these local men who in turn had, also, infected their wives.

My point is kindly DO NOT again show your ignorance and racist self by commenting that Westerners who marry local men “taint” local blood.

No, local blood is “tainted” in other more harsh ways, as what I just explained for your above.

Seriously, calm down.

BREATHE breaaaaaaathe sloooowly take niiiiiice deeeeeep breaths


Nancy Mondale on November 24, 2009 at 5:01 am

Its strange how you are FIRST to call people very derogatory names and then you get offended my someone’s mere comments and observations which CONTAINED NO OFFENSIVE WORDS.

If you are educated, then, how do you call people “dirty” just because they are Europeans or westerners??

You claim to be educated, but you state that european women taint the local blood simply by BEING ASKED MY LOCAL MEN TO MARRY THEM. BEING ASKED! NO one is being forced here. LOCAL MEN OBVIOUSLY WANT TO MARRY THE WESTERN WOMEN THEY ARE WED TO.


ANd, NO YOU IGNORAMUS, NOT ALL PEOPLE VIEW ALL “BROWN” PEOPLE AS PAKISTANIS ( I WONT USE THE TERM PAKI AS YOU DID…which is also another derogatory term to add to the list that you soo obviously love using).





Nancy Mondale on November 24, 2009 at 7:23 am

I find it extremely offensive that this “anti nancy mondale” person, speaks of “you people” (western/european) people as dirt or dirty! And, she is constantly using the term “retarded” in her posts.

Then, another person comments that white people are tainting local blood simply because they are marrying & having children with locals here.

You guys dont think this is RACIST??

You accuse other commenters as leaving “vicious” remarks…but I saw nothing vicious about any one’s comments except for yours.

Perhaps there is some spite here, because you know of locals who actually prefer beautiful european or american or canadian, etc. women over locals regardless of tribal group.

It’s horrible, absolutely horrible that you guys are generalizing to such extremes, obvious by your use/misuse of language.

The person above only stated his/her opinion…but you guys seem absolutely threatened and intolerant of any opposing viewpoints…and those viewpoints were never said with any rudeness or negative terminology…like yours.

Freedom of speech/expression is a beautiful thing.

It is new and foreign for you, living in a country with state controlled media. But, dont verbally attack someone by calling them “retarded” just because they offer their opinions and viewpoints.

Narrow minded people like you are extremely dangerous.

Good luck to you

A. A. on November 24, 2009 at 12:46 pm

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