August 17, 2010, - 2:02 pm

Alien v. Predator: Muslim Pie Throwers v. Anti-Israel, Anti-US “Jewish” Senator

By Debbie Schlussel

People who don’t know much but pretend that they do (a/k/a ignoramus ranters like Michelle Fraudkin) are shocked–shocked!–by the Muslim activists who, yesterday, threw pies in the face of far-left Democrat U.S. Senator Carl Levin because they claim he’s “pro-Israel.”  Hilarious.


Mohsen & Levin: Pies on Both Their Faces Forever

Sorry, but I can’t stop laughing at this melee between two equally loathsome parties.  In fact, Levin a/k/a “Millenium Combover Man” is actually the more loathsome of the parties, and, sadly, he gets to play a martyr for Israel and the Jews, and he isn’t one.  You see, the Muslim activists, including Yemeni college student Ahlam Mohsen of Coldwater, Michigan, couldn’t have picked a more anti-Israel U.S. Senator at which to lob their anti-Israel pies.  A pie, er . . . pox, on both their houses.  That Levin is nominally Jewish is a distinction without a difference.  Levin is one of the most anti-Israel, pan-Islamic elected officials in Washington.  Levin has consistently been an enemy of the Pentagon, our soldiers, and anything involved in preserving a shred of American national security and defense. In 1980 and 1984, he told Jewish senior citizens that if they voted for Ronald Reagan, they would go back to concentration camps.  And Fraudkin is sobbing her typically phony tears over a pie thrown at this schmuck?  Absurd. But she doesn’t do her homework and is, per usual, uninformed and just reacts, anyway.

As I’ve noted over the years, Carl Levin is repeatedly endorsed by the Muslim-dominated, openly pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Arab American PAC (AAPAC), headed by Hezbollah agent and open anti-Semite Osama Siblani.  That’s because Siblani and his extremist friends know that Carl Levin is one of theirs.  An officer of the Arab American PAC sent me and my family Holocaust-denying death, rape, and torture threats (which one of Michelle Malkin’s friends, anti-Semite Emily Zanotti, praised and defended, and which Fraudkin then helped further defend by participating in an attorney grievance against me for my exposing them).  And AAPAC endorsed a candidate who flew a Nazi swastika flag outside his home.  No surprise Levin got their support.

As I’ve also written, Levin authored a letter, which he got nine other U.S. Senators to sign, to then-President George H.W. Bush to pressure then-Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir to stop building settlements and to give in to Palestinian terrorists.  Levin also pressured President Clinton and then-Attorney General Janet Reno to stop more than a decade of deportation proceedings for “former” Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist Imad Hamad, whom the FBI and INS caught on videotape recruiting and fundraising for the group which murdered Israeli Tourism Minister Rechavam Ze’evi and which perpetrated several homicide bombings against civilians.  Carl Levin got the Clintons to agree to give Hamad citizenship, despite the fact that he engaged in visa fraud, immigration fraud, and marriage fraud, on top of his terrorist activities.  Now, as a Muslim activist, Hamad is all over the Detroit and national media fronting for HAMAS and Hezbollah.  In 2003, I stopped a planned FBI national award to Hamad, after I exposed him and the award in my New York Post column.

And Levin helped get millions in federal funding (along with Republican then-Congressman Joe Knollenberg) for the anti-Israel Arab American National Museum, the one where they are now raising money for the Helen Thomas statue.  Don’t forget that Levin also sponsored a “private bill” to grant citizenship to Islamic terrorist Ibrahim Parlak, who also committed immigration fraud and trained in Islamic terrorist training camps in Syria.

Thanks, Carl Levin.  And thanks, Michelle Fraudkin, for defending this fool from the badly needed moisturizer in “deadly” whipped cream.  Morons.

Yup, Michelle Fraudkin and others are crying over a pie aimed at this traitorous, anti-American scumbag U.S. Senator’s face.  Sorry, but I wish the pies at him would go on forever . . . and that the arrests of the Arab pie-throwers would go on forever, too.  Better yet, lock em all up in a single cell at Gitmo and see who’s left.

And that’s why this case of Muslim pie-throwers v. anti-Israel, far-left Carl Levin is the “Feud I Wish Would Never End” of the day, which joins the rest of the list:

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12 Responses

Maybe we should establish a fund to pay the first person to pie Achmadinijad when he comes to the UN. I’d like to see him explain that on Iranian TV 🙂

Fred Taub on August 17, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    It’ll go on forever. Its hilarious to witness an Islamo-pandering Jewish US Senator reduced to mockery. The lesson here is that no matter what you give them, its never going to be enough for Muslims. What’s interesting is that Carl Levin has been shown just how much gratitude they have for him.


    NormanF on August 17, 2010 at 8:42 pm

I too love it when lefties attack lefties for not being lefty enough.

Oscar on August 17, 2010 at 3:07 pm

My favorite feud of all time is muslim vs muslim. No matter what happens, even if only one of them dies, the world is a better place.

Jarhead on August 17, 2010 at 3:43 pm

I concur with Jarhead. A close second goes to Mexican drug Cartel vs. Mexican drug Cartel. They can’t find enough heads in a bag of those two.

Joe on August 17, 2010 at 3:50 pm

Karl Levin is another one that been sucking at the public trough for far too long….
Too bad he’s not up for re-election this November.
We need to be rid of him and Stabenow but have to wait until 2012 to do it….

Shootist on August 17, 2010 at 3:50 pm

So Levin is anti Israel because he didn’t support the horrible war in Iraq and it’s related troop surge? So your admitting the Iraq war is for the benefit of Israel, NOT the United States? Finally. I’ve been trying to get Zionists to admit that for years.

Actually, I think Levin is cool…he did NOT deserve a pie in the face. Because he’s a Jew, he was the victim of presumptive evidence. Rather like your charge of his attacker being an illegal immigrant (“…if it’s the same chick” to use yor own words.)

Jim on August 17, 2010 at 3:50 pm

Dutch apple? Recipe?

If I’m going to get it, I’d prefer a chocolate cream.

BethesdaDog on August 17, 2010 at 4:02 pm

And there is a rather unusual comment in MM’s article; she quotes Levin as saying that the pie throwers are only hurting themselves, a comment that MM appears to associate herself with. Is she giving the Muslims tactical advice? It certainly appears that way.

She has been retreating on the illegal immigration issue, and now has taken another step towards supporting our Muslim enemies. Opportunism uber alles.

Little Al on August 17, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Would the libs laugh if a pie was thrown at KING HUSSEIN OBAMA? They laughed when a shoe was thrown at Bush.

CaliforniaScreaming on August 17, 2010 at 11:33 pm

There is something noteworthy here. Carl Levin, despite his record, had a pie thrown at him by people who accused him of being pro-Israel. They didn’t care about his record. They cared that he was a Jew. That should serve as a warning to all self-hating Jews who accuse Israel of apartheid and compare the Israelis to the Nazis and call for boycotts of and divestiture from Israel, a warning to Richard Falk, Norman Finkelstein, Neve Gordon, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Gerald Kaufman: NOTICE, GUYS-if you ever get your wish and Israel is, G-d forbid, destroyed, your Arab buddies will come for you-because you are Jews.

Can somebody out there clarify something for me? Anyone who calls for divestiture from Israel is not doing it because Israel oppresses the now-so-called “Palestinians.” Israel provides Gaza with water and electricity while Gaza provides Israel with rockets. Israel provides Gaza with tons of humanitarian aid. Israel stands suicidally ready to provide the now-so-called “Palestinians” with a SECOND autonomous homeland, besides Jordan, if the now-so-called “Palestinians” will just agree to quit killing Jews for five minutes. If the people calling for divestiture from Israel cared about the oppressed “Palestinians,” they’d be calling for divestiture
from Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. They’re calling for divestiture from Israel not because Israel oppresses the “Palestinians” or occupies the West Bank-otherwise they’d be calling for divestiture from China, which occupies Tibet, or France, which occupies Alsace-Lorraine, or Turkey, which
occupies Cyprus. They’re calling for divestiture from Israel because they want Israel defeated and destroyed.

The question I want clarified is: These people want Israel defeated. Now they must know that if Israel, the little satan, so far as the Arabs are concerned, is ever, G-d forbid, destroyed, Europe is next on the Islamofascist hit list, and after Europe will come the big satan, G-d forbid, the United States. Are these people so anxious to see Israel destroyed that they’re prepared to have Europe go Islamofascist, to have their homes looted and their wives and daughters raped and murdered in front of them? Or is it that they dream of a world where there’s no Israel, a world where Jews are sweetly and properly grateful for being tolerated and don’t squawk too loudly when they aren’t tolerated and rose-colored glasses do not come in bi-focals because no one reads the fine print in dreams?

Miranda Rose Smith on August 19, 2010 at 4:50 am

I love it when muslimes attack dhimmis for not being muslime enough!

Levin is a Jew to muslimes and always will be, even if he converts to islam.

juniper on August 19, 2010 at 7:29 am

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