November 15, 2010, - 1:46 pm

Detroit Jewish Federation Helps Islamic Terrorists

By Debbie Schlussel

Why is the Jewish Community hosting an event (the latest of two) promoting a key supporter of the boycott on Israel? That’s a question you need to ask the Jewish Welfare Federation, now known as the United Jewish Communities, the self-appointed bureaucracy which acts as the voice and Politburo of Jewish communities across North America. And if you give to Federation, it’s a good reason to stop and never give again.

Jewish Community’s Robert Cohen Promotes Israel-Hating/Jew-Hating Muzammil Ahmed

Last week, the Detroit Jewish Federation hosted a free medical care event promoting Muslim doctor Muzammil Ahmed, a CAIR board member and the lead supporter of divestment from Israel on the University of Michigan campus when I was a student there. He led divestment from Israel protests on the center of the Michigan campus and shouted anti-Semitic slogans at Jewish students (including myself) from the top of his lungs. And now he’s on the board of an organization that raised money for HAMAS and is an unindicted co-conspirator in federal terrorism cases.

Dr. Ahmed recently wrote online asking people to condemn Israel for going into Gaza in response to repeated rocket attacks and the continued kidnapping of soldier Gilad Schalit (see above). He asked them to praise Imam Mohammed Elahi, who worked for Iran’s late Ayatollah Khomeini as the spiritual leader of his Iranian Navy. Elahi is vocally anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. He is well known as an agent of Iran and Hezbollah.

Dr. Ahmed, a urologist who is chief of surgery at Islamo-pandering Oakwood Annapolis Hospital (where my late father was on staff), also wrote an op-ed piece in the Detroit Free Press defending a Muslim doctor, doctor Jouhaineh Maleh, for committing Medicaid fraud and bringing pregnant Muslims into the United States to give their kids citizenship and use phony social security numbers to have U.S. taxpayers cover the cost. The event, an “Interfaith Health Fair” sponsored by the Jewish Federation, was held at a Detroit area mosque and featured Imam Abdullah El-Amin, a man who refuses to condemn HAMAS and Hezbollah (ditto for Dr. Ahmed). The Jewish Federation co-sponsored the event with the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan, an openly pro-HAMAS/pro-Hezbollah organization, which features several imams who openly call for jihad and killing of Jews and Christians at their mosques. Per usual, not a single Muslim in the organization will denounce Hezbollah or HAMAS. Not one.

As I noted, this isn’t the first time Federation hosted and funded an event promoting Dr. Ahmed. Last year, on Christmas, Federation decided to include Muslims on its “Mitzvah Day,” on which Jews help Christians–especially poor or sick Christians. Federation actively promoted Dr. Ahmed and his family as the Muslim face of “Mitzvah Day” (“Mitzvah” means commandment in Hebrew, but it is generally used to mean “good deed.”) In fact, Federation got the Detroit Jewish News, which it once funded, to put Dr. Ahmed and his family on its cover and in a color spread in its pages. The ass-kissing-our-enemies Jewish Community ended Mitzvah Day at 1:00 p.m., so the devout extremist Muslims could pray to allah. Now, the Jewish Federation is promoting Jew-hating, Israel-hating Dr. Ahmed in the pages of both The Detroit Newsistan and the Detroit Free Press.

Not surprisingly, the architect of the medical care day event was Robert Cohen, a complete hypocrite and fraud who heads the Detroit Jewish Community Relations Council, an agency funded by the Jewish Federation, which claims to speak for me and other Jews in Detroit, but actually doesn’t. Cohen–to justify his waste-of-time, do-nothing job (which pays him over $100,000 a year in salary and benefits)–frequently hosts anti-Iran protests. That’s funny, since he repeatedly hosts events promoting Shi’ite Muslims who support Iran and Hezbollah and whose mosques are funded and controlled by Iran. It’s also ironic, since he knows from reading this site, that Imam Elahi, Muzammil Ahmed’s favorite imam, is an agent and open supporter of Iran and Hezbollah. Cohen told the Free Press he wants to spend more Jewish money to promote these Jew- and Israel-haters, like his new friend, Muzammil Ahmed:

[E]vent coordinator Dr. Muzammil Ahmed said, “We’re trying to find ways to do more things together for the common good.” . . . The event was presented by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan and the Jewish Community Relations Council. “I expect we’ll want to do this again,” said Robert Cohen, event organizer and executive director of the council.

As you’ll recall, I’ve written about Cohen before. He’s the one who told Jewish community members to continue to pander to openly anti-Semitic Muslims just after they marched with swastikas during the Israel-Hezbollah war because, he claimed, Christians expect us to. He’s also the one who appeared at the trial of Houssein Zorkot, a Hezbollah terrorist who trained with an AK47 in a Dearbornistan park, in order to tell local reporters that we should be sensitive to the man and not condemn him. And he said that open anti-Semite, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, wasn’t such a bad guy and hoped that Wright would “unite” people. That’s not to mention Cohen’s statement that the Detroit Jewish community’s celebration of Israel’s 60th anniversary should be low-key and not focus on politics or “controversial” wars. Huh?

With “Jewish leaders” like him, who the heck needs Muslims? Yes, that moron, Robert Cohen, reads this site and has said so to several third parties. Sadly, he reads it, but it just doesn’t sink into his thick skull. And you know what they say about those who repeatedly do the same thing and expect different results. Robert Cohen, the Detroit Jewish Federation, and the liberals who’ve appointed themselves to speak for me continue to promote extremist Muslims who openly hate Jews and Israel and openly express support for Iran. And they still expect different results. That’s the definition of insanity. And, yes, these “wise men” who run the un-elected, self-appointed Jewish community dictatorship are insane. They continue to promote the enemies of the Jewish people–the enemies of America–on American soil.

I suppose one Paris, one Malmo aren’t enough.  The dumbasses who run the Detroit Jewish community are well on their way to another Paris here.

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