August 16, 2012, - 11:21 pm

Michelle Malkin Plagiarizes Schlussel Homeland Security/ICE Story Details, Still Gets It Wrong – UPDATES to Come

By Debbie Schlussel

*** UPDATE, Sept 2, 2012: Suzanne Barr, ICE Chief of Staff, Resigns After Firestorm Started by Schlussel Story – Buh-Bye! ***

*** UPDATE, August 21, 2012: EXCLUSIVE: Explicit DHS/ICE Lawsuit Sexual Harassment Affidavits; More Harassment of Men @ Obama’s Homeland Security ***

Soon, I will be posting some exclusive updates to the Homeland Security/ICE/Suzy Barr scandal story I broke on this site. But for now, I must address something about which many readers have contacted me. They know what’s up–and so do I–about a certain ego-maniacal thief. Last night, as I was running on the treadmill at Powerhouse Gym, I was listening to the Sylvester song, “Do Ya Wanna Funk?” on my iPod. Then, I watched as plagiarist Michelle “I Am a Woman of Color” Malkin appeared on the gym TV screen with fellow plagiarist Sean Hannity and “Funked” me over for the zillionth time, with Fraudkin ripping off the details only I reported here on the story I broke about New York ICE SAIC Jim Hayes’ employment discrimination lawsuit against Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano. Plagiarism and rip-offs are Fraudkin’s style, and they have been ever since she first contacted me in a creepy, aggressive, excessively-“All About Eve” way, years ago.


Watch Your Wallet & Your Ideas When You’re Around This Shameless, Petty Thief

If you saw her faux-indignant ranting, last night, on Vannity’s FOX News show, you’ll note–as many readers did in e-mails to me–that every single talking point was ripped verbatim from this website, and was reported nowhere else. I’m the only one who reported that Janet Napolitano has an intimate, lesbian relationship with Dora Schriro, the woman who was suddenly inserted at the top of Homeland Security’s immigration policy because of with whom she was sleeping. I’m the only one who reported Schriro’s and serial sexual harasser Suzanne “Stripper Pole” Barr’s absolute lack of law enforcement experience (Barr graduated from ASU’s law school just six years ago). And that’s why Fraudkin read and lifted the info from this site, which she regularly reads. Yet, she still got the story wrong, which is the hallmark of plagiarists. They steal the details but aren’t familiar with the story and get it wrong. Malkin said that the ICE official who filed the suit is a “former” ICE official. Um, no, moron, he’s the sitting Special Agent in Charge of ICE for New York, which is why the case is such a big deal. He’s risking his job and career future by filing it, as the SAIC of probably the second biggest ICE office (next to Los Angeles’s ICE office) in the country. Any former ICE employee can file such a suit and it won’t necessarily mean much more than diddly squat. But Malkin doesn’t do her homework. She just cribs it from others. Her best selling book on Obama administration, for example, is a hodge podge of the real investigative journalism of others. Shoddy imitation is her sincerest form of robbery.

Let me tell you a little about the unbalanced, egomaniacal Fraudkin. When I first met Michelle Malkin in 1999, it was through extremely creepy, overly solicitous “All About Eve” e-mails and overtures she sent to me. I found it weird, annoying, and so saccharine NutraSweet fake, it creeped me out, big-time. Think Jennifer Jason Leigh in “Single White Female” (except with her it is “I Am a Woman of Color Female”). I didn’t know the woman, didn’t ask to hear from her, and yet she was repeatedly sending me e-mails inviting me to stay at her Germantown, Maryland home where she then lived. Um, no thanks. I made the mistake of meeting her for coffee once in Washington, DC, and her fake, uber-fawning demeanor made me ill. She repeatedly e-mailed me that she read my columns religiously, tried to imitate my style, but that her editors at Creators Syndicate, where they heavily edit and then distribute her columns, wouldn’t let her. Get your own style, witch. At the time, we both had columns running on the Jewish World Review site, I was doing a lot of national television appearances, and she couldn’t get arrested. She was like an ant urinating on the sidewalk. No one noticed . . . or cared. No one read her bland, boring crap, spoonfed to her by her peckerless guru hubby, Jesse (the Mr. Mom who tells her what to say and do and reportedly ghostwrites for her). Soon, I got e-mails from Malkin about my FOX News appearances (she got no TV gigs at the time and wasn’t a FOX News Contributor as she is now), with her giving me critiques I didn’t ask for and didn’t want.

One of them was during the Chandra Levy scandal in the news, after I’d written a column about the Congressman for whom I once worked, Donald E. “Buzz” Lukens, who’d had affairs with interns and prostitutes when I worked for him. I did my third appearance on the “O’Reilly Factor” because of it and spoke of my experience (I did not sleep with the boss, FYI). Like clockwork, that night, Malkin sent me one of her creepy, suck-up e-mails that reeked of jealousy and bizarre obsession. The next week, Malkin’s syndicated column was comprised of a made-up story she suddenly “remembered” about how she had been propositioned by a Congressman (whom she refused to name because the dude didn’t exist) to live with him during the summer and that the Congressman’s wife then called her. The story was absurd and obviously completely fabricated. Uh, how’d they get your number, Michelle? Malkin claimed the Congressman got her number from her college, which she claimed gave it out, trying to find her housing. Her story was so fraudulent and obviously phony, it didn’t add up to anyone with a functioning brain. Everyone with a modicum of common sense knew she MADE. IT. UP. And it was neither the first nor the last time that she’d do that. But it worked. The fraudulent column coupled with her “I Am a Woman of Color” act got her a meeting at FOX News, where her husband negotiated her deal. And she went on Bryan Lamb’s C-SPAN interview show, where she refused to name the fictional Congressman who allegedly found her name and dorm phone number at random on a list sent out by her college and, sight unseen, wanted her to live with him for the summer (after which his make-believe wife also found the number and called her, too). If you believe that story, I have some land in the Sahara Desert to sell you.

One of these days, I’ll do a global piece on Malkin’s consistently fraudulent and disgusting behavior, such as her repeated mocking and belittling of my concern over Muslim Holocaust-denial and death, rape, and torture threats I’ve received. In a bitterly jealous rant about me on her website, she belittled me for responding to Muslim anti-Semitic death threats on my parents, my Holocaust survivor grandparents, and myself (threats which were praised by her loser conservative blogger crony friends). Yet, she repeately goes on Sean Vannity’s shows to whine endlessly about how “as a Woman of Color [a phrase used by lefties and fake conservatives who really are lefties],” she’s more of a victim of attacks then others. “Sean, as a woman of color I’m attacked more viciously than anyone, and by the way, go to my new self-masturbation website,!” I kid you not–minus the self-masturbation truth, Fraudkin actually repeatedly said that on the air. Shameless. A huckster is a huckster is a huckster, only this time it’s poisoned with her professional victimhood.

And by the way, betraying her phony anti-jihad columns and statements, on her Twitchy site Fraudkin and the two aging cows who run it for her attacked me as a “troll” for exposing Muslim boy band member Zayn Malik for proselytizing Islam to young girls on my own site. They clearly don’t know what a troll is and couldn’t handle that I was the cause of the second highest worldwide trending term on Twitter that day and was getting a lot of attention. So, they defended and whitewashed the thousands of non-stop vile Muslim death and rape threats I received from Muslim fans of his, fraudulently posting the very few non-violent tweets I got from Muslims out of thousands of obscene, violent comments and threats. But, hey, I’m not “a Woman of Color,” so Jew-hating is A-OK.

I guess that explains why Malkin–despite months of pretending she’s against “swatting”–participated in a phony grievance filed against me with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, designed to silence me. The grievance was filed by a woman who has been stalking me online for years and who praised Muslim Holocaust-denial, death, rape, and torture threats on my life as “very valid points.” The woman called me a “special needs kid” because I reported it to the FBI. After I wrote about this, the woman filed a quickly-dismissed grievance against me (the stated goal of which was to silence me), in which Malkin apparently cooperated. Of course, not long before that, the woman arranged for Malkin to get paid $20,000 to give a speech to the group where the woman worked. Michelle Malkin’s slogan isn’t just, “No dolla, no holla.” It’s also, “you give me dolla, I holla.”

When I do my global piece on Malkin, I’ll note her shrieking attacks on two former employees for AIPAC whom she called spies for Israel, joining the anti-Semitic amen crowd in challenging the loyalty of Jewish Americans (except the loyalty of the wimpy Jew for whom she serves as sperm receptacle and bacon-earner). Fraudkin compared the AIPAC employees to Jonathan Pollard, Sander Berger and John Deutch–all three of whom are Jews. So what are you trying to say about Jews in the American government and the Washington lobby industry, Michelle? David Duke is at least more honest. Malkin wrote at least ELEVEN attacks on AIPAC, doubting the loyalty of Americans who support Israel and American Jewish Congresswoman Jane Harman. She got upset that nobody believed two Jewish AIPAC staffers were spies and attacked conservatives who “pooh-poohed” the story, calling it “the National Security Scandal No One’s Talking About.” The charges against the two men were dropped, after the whole prosecution was exposed as an anti-Semitic farce perpetrated by anti-Israel FBI agents who wanted to provide succor for Muslims after all the FBI investigations into Islamic terrorists. But Malkin just doesn’t have the intellect to recognize this. She also never noted the dropping of the charges on her site, nor did she issue an apology to the men.

I’ll also note Malkin’s deliberate lying to cover up Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert fraud scam, because–after she was booted from O’Reilly Factor–Hannity is the only prime time host at FOX News that will still give Malkin time to pimp herself and her ripped off “work.” She took this as an opportunity to write about all of her insecurities about me, which she genuinely feels–that I’m smarter than her, that she feels I have no right to complain about anti-Semitism (which she believes doesn’t exist), and so on. The woman has issues. And Malkin repeated–without verifying because she can’t, it’s a lie–Sean Hannity’s claim that he paid for his private planes and entourage out of his own pocket and not with Freedom Concert funds. Hannity has refused to provide receipts, canceled checks, or any other documentation, nor will he open the books on the $200,000-plus the concerts pay for his and his bloated entourage’s luxe travel, when he said the money was going to wounded troops and fallen troops’ kids. The scamming charity, Freedom Alliance, featured Malkin as a speaker (probably for more cash).

As I’ve noted previously on this site, Malkin took money funneled to her through Americans for Prosperity, from Matty Moroun, a financier of the New Black Panther Party and the owner of Detroit’s Ambassador Bridge to Canada, where he has restricted Customs and Border Protection inspectors from doing their jobs and had pushed through cars carrying Islamic illegal aliens and illegal contraband. Yup, when she rails against this stuff, she’s simultaneously taking their cash. How do you spell hypocrite? M-I-C-H-E-L-L-E-M-A-L-K-I-N.

When I write my global piece on anchor baby Malkin, I’ll also note her dishonesty about the horrid Mark Cuban-produced “Redacted” movie (read my review), which I had not seen at that point. I first reported on the movie’s anti-American, anti-US-military-slant on this site. Mark Cuban contacted me and posted comments on my site. He also decided to host an event for conservatives to screen the movie and asked me to host it. When I asked him to pay for my travel (I asked for coach airfare and hotel) and said I’d need to see the movie first (to see how bad it was), he declined and asked Michelle Malkin to host it. That night, she went on O’Reilly Factor, and–without disclosing Mark Cuban’s invitation–suddenly told O’Reilly that we should give the movie a chance. (The movie shows American soldiers raping and killing Iraqi Muslim women.) Her self-promotion site, “Hot Air,” (which she later sold for $2 million after it failed to get her a FOX News show of her own) posted video of her statements. When I posted a comment there about her not being forthcoming about Mark Cuban’s invitation, she lied about it. But I have Mark’s e-mail telling me he invited her (and he’s an honest person). And you can bet she opened it and read it. She’s just not ethical.

And last, but not least, there’s Malkin’s insane jealousy for Ann Coulter’s success to the point that she started a petition against Coulter because Ann used the f-word (the one that rhymes with maggot) in a failed joke at the Conservative Political Action Conference, a place for geeks and nerds and people way too obsessed with politics. Malkin confronted Hannity on video and repeatedly tried to get him to denounce Coulter. Classy. She whined that her children were at CPAC. Um, what she couldn’t spring for a babysitter. Quite ghetto.

Of course, ever the plagiarist and rip-off artist (Malkin even ripped off my nicknames for people, such as “Jihad Cindy” for former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney), Malkin takes ownership of others’ work, as she did with many of my stories over the years–on former ICE chief Julie L. Myers, Dearbornistan (a name I coined), etc. She was a fake it ’til you make it, affirmative action chick every step of the way (and, despite pretending she’s against affirmative action, she checked the “Asian” box on every application, too–just ask her for her Oberlin college application). And now she gets away with shoplifting at every turn. She’s a petty thief, too petty to give credit to those who actually break the stories of which she assumes ownership.

And there’s so much more. The bottom line is that you just cannot trust a thing she says. She lies through her teeth, steals like John Dillinger, and never does her homework.

Hey, why should she? She’ll let the little people do all the work, then claim it as her own. Her attitude is like Barack Obama’s: “You didn’t write this. . . . But I’ll pretend I did.”

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First and foremost, I am a Republican through and through. Not a hyphenated Republican as in conservative, liberal, moderate, or tea party. Just a Republican with moral and ethical guides, and most importantly, family and patriotic values.
With that info now registered, I submit the following:
As an intellectual character, I choose my forum. Example: I shy away from ALL news networks. Yes, that includes FOX, which happens to be a favorite playground for armchair generals, know it all economists, and those who serm to know everything. Aaahh, including your playmate, Malkin. I certainly avoid all other major news networks like the plague. When a network helps to influence history and book sales, it sours my tongue.
I have been following you.
Using book and website pitch and sales, mediocre news content, and general political appeasement to retain a “ratings” number is both fraudulent humiliating.My point is this, at the end of every day, the Real and True American should realize these basic and simple facts:

I can go on and on and on.

Debbie, carry on and continue and be sure.

“Tis not the victory we desire, but to be victorious in our fight”
~ Me

Singleshot on October 31, 2013 at 11:13 am

Good piece but Asians actually are discriminated against on affirmative action

Samuel on November 29, 2017 at 2:42 am

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