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14th Anniversary of 9/11: Remember WHO DID IT (Muslims) & WHO CELEBRATED (Muslims)

By Debbie Schlussel


Every year on the anniversary of 9/11, including today, I put up the three things every American needs to know and remember about the attacks–the three things we seem still, after 14 years, not to want to face. This is even more important, given that the U.S. has now announced plans to take in thousands more Muslim immigrants from Syria and elsewhere–thousands more who eagerly procreate and multiply and don’t like us too much. It’s important as the Obama administration says they will take these people in, and on the “right,” frontrunner Donald Trump told Bill O’Reilly he’d also take them in (then he told Sean Hannity he would not take them in, and then he told the hags of “The View” that he would take them in–so two out of three Donald Trumps agree that we should take them in).

Before you read my three things to remember on 9/11, here are a few additional things you need to remember: remember the assorted hucksters, con artists, and phonies who’ve fraudulently turned 9/11 into their commercial brand and used it to fill their coffers (including Palestinian Muslim con artist Hanan Qahwaji Tudor a/k/a “Brigitte Gabriel”–whose entire “life story” is false (more to come), fake terrorist/genuine stalker Walid Shoebat (who told CNN he bombed an Israeli bank and told FOX News he didn’t–YouTube it and note he can’t even get his grifter stories straight), car loan fraud perpetrator Scamela Geller (who has two murders in her path, more than most Muslims), and assorted other malefactors). These 9/11 pimps are laughing at you all the way to the bank. Cha-ching!

And remember, as I’ve noted many times before, that the 9/11 attacks were the best public relations move ever by Muslims, who got America, its leaders, pop culture, and other American societal forces to bend over backward (and forward) for Islam, Muslims, their intolerance, and their regressive, backward ways. And got them to make America less safe than we were on 9/10/01. On yesterday’s episode of ABC hag-fest “The View,” Charee Stanley, the Muslim airline stewardess (yeah, I know, “flight attendant”) who refused to serve alcohol, was featured in a very sympathetic interview. You know, we in post-9/11 America must bend over backward (and forward) to accommodate their backward mores. That’s what 9/11 achieved–that we’ve caved and continue to cave to the religion of the hijackers. And it will only keep getting geometrically worse.

As I’ve noted before, I detest those who say today is “Patriots Day” or a “national day of service,” but won’t say why or who made today a day of solemn mourning (or, at least, it should be a day of solemn mourning) for nearly 3,000 Americans who were mass-murdered on our soil. Those who say we should “remember” 9/11, but who skip over the part about WHO DID IT and WHO CELEBRATED IT, are not remembering it at all. The 9/11 attacks were not committed by ghosts or the invisible man. They were not perpetrated by Fijians or Samoans or the North Dakota Coven of Sexy Wiccans. And those same groups didn’t celebrate the attacks. Nope, it was one group, with 1.8 billion adherents worldwide that did both the mass murder and the celebrating afterword. If you won’t admit that, you aren’t remembering a thing. You’re in fantasyland (and not the kind with the 72 Helen Thomases). Yup, that same religion that isn’t protesting in the streets against ISIS the way they do when they don’t get their way on zoning for mosques or immigration (even though they generally do get their way on all of these things and more because we’ve capitulated and our country is run by ACLU lawyers).

So here are the other main things you must remember on this and every 9/11 anniversary and every other day . . .


Nearly 3,000 innocent people targeted and murdered in cold blood because they were Americans. People like my cousin, Jon Schlissel, who heroically went back to his office to save someone who needed help getting out. The Muslims who died that day were collateral damage and not the target of the Muslims who perpetrated the attacks. Clearly, their deaths meant nothing to their fellow Muslims around the world, who cheered the attacks, passed out candy, danced in the streets, and let out their stupid hyena-like, “lalalalalalahs.” The deaths of these Muslims are important to them and the mainstream media only for politically correct public relations purposes.


My Cousin, Jon Schlissel, Z”L (Of Blessed Memory), Died on 9/11



“9/11 Was an Islam Job” Graphic By Reader Doda McCheesle

This was the act of 19 Arab Muslim men. No, they weren’t “random” people acting alone. They didn’t “hijack a religion” or any of that other BS we’ve heard rotely regurgitated for the last ten years. Their religion–ISLAM–hijacked them, and it continues its slow hijacking of America because we continue to let their fellow co-religionists in and we continue to bend over for them. Islam is at war with the West, particularly America. So long as we continue to claim we are not at war with Islam, we are losing that war.


Muslims around the world–Palestinian Muslims on the streets of Ramallah, Palestinian Muslim Sunnis on the streets of Patterson, New Jersey, Shi’ite Muslims who were waiters and staff at a Middle Eastern restaurant in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Lebanese, Iraqi, and Iranian Shi’ite Muslims all over Dearbornistan. And, as I noted, the Pew Research Center reveals that at least a third of these “American” (in name only) Muslims openly support Al-Qaeda and suicide bombings against Americans, which means they still celebrate.


Palestinian Woman on Ramallah Street Cheers 9/11 Attacks.

The biotch Katie Couric gives excuses for it (and blames Israel–you know, blame the JOOOOS):

Watch the video below to remember what really happened on 9/11:

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ahhh, the coveted first post.

kirche on September 11, 2015 at 9:24 am

i will never forget 9/11… i was driving to the west side of the state (michigan)to visit a supplier when my wife called and told me that an airliner slammed into the first tower. we were discussing whether or not it was a deliberate attack of some freakish accident. then my wife screamed… and told me the second tower had been hit by another plane.

once i’d arrived at my work meeting, there were half a dozen of us sitting in a conference room- everyone in a mixed state of emotions ranging from shock, to anger, to disbelief.

and today, hearing the new spin on this makes me so enraged and furious and sick to my stomach, i honestly don’t see how we can reverse the tide of this evil and mental illness that’s invaded our nation.

kirche on September 11, 2015 at 9:29 am

Yes, another somber day of memories for my wife who lost a friend from work who had just stopped in the NY office before her flight going overseas. The friend never made it out of the building. The Memorial Mass in Michigan was heart-wrenching.


Dennis on September 11, 2015 at 9:36 am

And we continue our downward spiral toward complete cowardice.

I am more and more glad I am too old probably to witness the final collapse. I put out my flag in remembrance but certainly not in celebration of what was once a great country.

Depressing, really

ra2216 on September 11, 2015 at 9:43 am

    great remembrance. I haVe lately listened tO yourself Aayan Hirsi Ali, and others. And I see that there are 250,000 militants and would be militants and there are 1.4 billion or so sympathizers that will silently say nothing or confuse reasonable people ( Reza Azlan) as the Muslims move toward world domination and the CALIPHATE. Just like dialectic materialism of communism. But what groups out there are doing more than debating and worthlessly confronting. Who is stepping forward in an all out counter jihad movement ANYONE???

    BERNIE on September 11, 2015 at 10:43 am

If 9/11 woke you up as it woke me up you’re prolly as upset as I am that Moooooooslims and Islam have been winning easily since that terrible day. It’s disgusting to behold. I’ve never seen a dopier lot of fools embrace an evil they just don’t understand. I am sick of it and that is why I speak out plainly about it.

The trouble is ISLAM. You can’t be on the side of Islam. If you equivocate or even agree (even on a small point) with Islam you’re part of the problem and need to go back to GO and get your head right. And all this wringing of the hands and tears about the “refugees” will show CLEARLY whether you’re a warrior against Islam or you’re (unwittingly) with them. If dead ISLAMIC babies on the beach (and the true story of that story has been hidden BTW…) will let you open the door to throes of “Howling ISLAMIC Men” (“Twilight Zone” reference) you have failed. You. Have. Failed. Where are the Islamic countries to take their own? Let Islam absorb Islam and “allah” will sort the devils out.

I’ll call all you sad equivocating Dhimmis out. There should be NO quarter for Islam. Laws need to be respected but our 1st Amendment allows us to speak out and it’s high time people got brave and spoke plainly about how evil Islam is and the scourge it is for the planet. It ain’t working so well for Kurt Schilling…but then again he apologized for a proper statement he made…part of the problem. THAT’s your America 14 years after 9/11!

I know it ain’t gonna happen. Look what Iran has gained since 9/11. Americans elected a crypto-Mooooooslim Imam Obama-Putin and I am sickened by this day (9/11) now because I do know who did it (MOOOOOOOOSLIMS), and who celebrated… MOOOOOOOOSLIMs. And the Kardashian Skanerrhea and Islam marches on in their victory marches. I’m disgusted by it all! I’m pissed off!




Skunky on September 11, 2015 at 10:43 am

I remember that morning all too well. I had just gotten home from my job as a Fire Lieutenant. I was caulking the kitchen sink that I had installed 2 days earlier. I received a call urging me to turn the TV on and watch the news. As I did I remember thinking “that hole is not from a small commuter plane” as they were reporting. Just about that time the other plane hit. What a sick feeling, a terrible day. That was the day that I hated Mooslims. I hate them more as each day passes.

MuzzCrusher on September 11, 2015 at 10:50 am

And today, leftist college professors who hate this country not only seek to induce their sheep – er, students to forget the horrors and atrocities of 9/11 (and the 3,000 lives wiped out), but effectively sympathize with the Muslim perpetrators of same. Another reason why granting the vote to 18-year-olds in 1971 wasn’t such a good idea: would you want anyone taught that America is a bigger threat to the world than ISIS, to vote for the next leaders?

And there is a golden rule: If the political elites capitulate to one group that seeks to force society to bend over backwards and rewrite everything to accommodate them, chances are good that they’ll appease others. I’m sure Muslims seeking to change the demographic composition of nations by this “refugee migration” from Syria have seen how much, and to which extent, societal mores were completely and totally rewritten in the last few months, away from traditional Judeo-Christian standards towards the radical fringe Greenwich Village/San Francisco “values” exemplified by the rainbow flag of tyranny, totalitarianism and oppression thanks to the Supreme Court’s “gay marriage” ruling, and are moving in like sharks for the final kill. Just as we are losing at warp speed to Islam, so is traditional morality losing to the warped “values” rooted in the 1960’s sexual revolution. Which in turn will accelerate our eventual fall.

ConcernedPatriot on September 11, 2015 at 11:11 am

I, too remember, my daughter called me to put on the television at the time of the second air strike.
Being from Dearbornistan and graduating from EFHS. I go back and cannot believe what happened to that beautiful town. The town has become a Muslim junkyard. Such a shame…

Beve on September 11, 2015 at 12:23 pm

You are a very passionate advocate for your point of view and I extend my condolences to you personally for your loss. However, calling Muslims who died as “collateral damage” is simply unfortunate. I would also say to you that all these lowlifes who did this are not persons of faith–they can call themselves whatever they want. Also, an FYI for you on remembering the victims of that horrible day that many of us who remember will never forget:

Mike Pouraryan on September 11, 2015 at 12:46 pm

Whether by odd coincidence or some karmic force, on 9/11 today, we have this news:

The death toll from the collapse of a crane in the Muslim holy city of Mecca has risen to 65, Saudi Arabia’s civil defence authority has said.

Eighty people were injured when the crane fell on the Grand Mosque, the civil defence authority tweeted.

Few other details are available. Images from the scene showed part of a huge red crane had crashed through the roof of the mosque.

Mecca is preparing for the annual Muslim Hajj pilgrimage.
Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to arrive in the Saudi city from all over the world later this month.

Construction work has been going on at the Grand Mosque for years to make it big enough to cope with the huge numbers of people who come each year, the BBC’s Arab Affairs analyst Sebastian Usher says.

Ralph Adamo on September 11, 2015 at 1:44 pm

And the muslims keep coming. I see them everywhere, in burquas, crawling with baby and children muslims, infiltrating and squatting where there were none before.

DS_ROCKS! on September 11, 2015 at 2:58 pm

DS, I to remember what happened on that detrimental day, however though, I object to one little notion in your writing, you said that “1.8 billion adherents worldwide did the mass killing and celebrated” (not necessarily in that order, but you know what I’m saying), since I remember who the perpetrators were, which the guilty parties were the followers of the “RoP” (Islam), it was precisely 19 Muslim-hijackers who flew the jet planes into the Twin-Towers, the Pentagon and a agrarian field in Pennsylvania, not 1.8 billion of them did that in a physical perspective.

Irrespectively though, about a small-majority of Muslims did celebrate what occurred on that day, which there was/were authenticated empirical evidence of the media (yes the media that we’re all skeptical of) highlighting them in some to many parts of the Middle East and South-Asia, also a few Muslim communities in this nation, Canada and other western nations, etc.

Yes I was pretty upset that day when the media to their own credit displayed them (the Muslims) celebrating and endorsing the terrorists attacks, but I’m none too surprised that a few years ago Debbie of you proposing an anthropological hypothesis study from the “Pew Research Center” (which is NEITHER a left-wing or right-wing polling source, it’s more of an Independent that’s universally “moderate” and no false-dichotomy leanings) where it showcased a small-majority of Muslims here in the United States supporting Islamic and Arab terrorists groups, condoned the 9/11/01 Islamic-terrorists attacks and other Islamic-terrorists incidents globally, et al!

Sean R. on September 11, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Sean, your softening on Islam, Moooooslims and Jihad had been very uncomfortable to watch this past year. I just want you to know that I have noticed for a long time and that I think it’s a shame.

    I know the regulars here have noticed too and some commented way before I did. I think it’s a good day to tell you this and you’re wrong and you’re reverting the wrong way and it’s a bloody shame.

    Skunky on September 11, 2015 at 3:43 pm

      No need to worry about me Skunky, I’m still a skeptic and critic of Islam and a good number of their adherents, what I’m doing is being very “pragmatic” about the threat of Islamofascism, the followers of Islam doing detrimental stuff that’s not related to violence, such as fraud, and also during a court of law, of them doing some degree BS maneuvers of with regards our laws, etc., instead of being “militaristic”. (no I’m not preaching pacifism, which I’m not a pacifist either).

      This isn’t me being a relativist and/or going soft on that ideological-faith, it’s just me thinking critically and thoroughly, and I believe that the “Burkean-Conservative” approach about Islam and their adherents is to be “vigilant” on towards them on whatever extraordinary activities that they’re doing and up to!

      Sean R. on September 11, 2015 at 10:47 pm

i hate islam as much aas anyone to me it a death cult however how can we turn our backs on refugees on children who r dying i am the daughter of holocast survivors so i know what it like for my family to be refugees
not all musliems are terrorists
many of the people dont know what in the koran but want to survive
maybe 60 per cent do surporrt terrorism i have no idea but as a daughter of holocast survvivors we cant sit back and do nothing
debbie what would your cousin waNt to do

bec on September 11, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    Unfortunately if we let in too many then they overrun us and we eventually become them.
    Had the Jews had Israel then the Jews would have all gone there instead of Hilter butchering 6 million. Islamist have many brotherly countries with huge amounts of money and lots of land for them to go to. It is our duty to force their brothers to give them a hand. Saudi Arabia is a great place to go or Kuwait, or Oman, UAE. Why could the Jews not be so fortunate like the Muslims? Jews had nowhere to go. No land where Jews can call home prior to 1948!
    So trying to equate the Muslims of Syria to the Jews is a non starter. Muslims have Islamic brotherly countries everywhere that must let them in!

    John on September 12, 2015 at 6:36 am

Bec, you don’t seem to get it. At all. How long have you read DS’ site? If for years you’ve just insulted her.

See. Even here. Y’all just don’t get it. People are so, so facile and stupid.

Bec, I hope it’s YOUR family that has to pay by letting in “refugees”. It’s fitting since you support them. That should be the price you pay. Your neck first.

Skunky on September 11, 2015 at 6:07 pm

i hate islam
but how can we watch inncent children die
we r supposed to be better then musleims
we r suposed to have compassion
how can we watch soliders shot babies and say
well they musliems too bad for them
lets brinhg them here and educate them on dangers islAm anf teach them about othher peaceful religions such as buddaism And christany

bec on September 11, 2015 at 7:04 pm

Let me shed my crocodile tears for all those poor “innocents” that want us dead. Obviously bec, you’re just another death cultist yourself.
BTW, latest count is 107 dead, 238 injured at the Mecca Crane incident. Though I’m tempted to I won’t gloat, and dance in the streets, and give out candy, but I will say that Karma’s a BITCH. Just wish she’d show up there more often.

theShadowt on September 11, 2015 at 11:53 pm




bec on September 12, 2015 at 4:58 am

    Bec, typing up a comment in all caps is psychotic. Also, you might try working on your literacy before babbling on so inanely.

    Worry on September 12, 2015 at 10:00 am

sorry i shouldnt have wwritten in all caps
my point is how can we as jews and as human beings sit by and let people die just because we dont like islam
have we forgotten to be humans
it us vs islam
but no al;l muslems arre evil;

earler this year there was a shooting in Egypt at a hotel many people die
the amazing thing was a brunch of locals muslems formed a human chain around the tourests in order to save their lives

something to think about it

bec on September 12, 2015 at 10:19 pm

Good Day Debbie:I Will never forget 9/11….nearly 3000 innocent people are no longer with us!my heart goes out to all familly friends of those who are no longer with us and your dear cousin! This was the sadest day of my life time!my heart goes out to all wonderful police officers in New York and to all wonderful police officers all over America! Terrible just Terrible what had happenned… there are no words to describe. I Pray for all those who suffer in silence! I pray for all those who lost love ones in that terrible 9/11…My Deep respect!

Tirdad Gharib on September 13, 2015 at 3:21 am

@bec-to think that everyone must go out of the way to help everyone is dangerous wishful thinking. One can be compassionate but no one can save everyone from death. There are many people dying around the world that deserve our compassion and help than some of these “refugees” that are invading Europe. I have compassionate for the infant that drowned but nothing for the father who is a sketchy character to say the least. One can partial the compassion without going all out. Nowhere it is written that some dirtbag needs our sympathy while he has his child die needlessly.

Mario on September 13, 2015 at 5:18 am

bec, you know nothing important about Judaism, and your continued repetition of the same talking points is annoying.

Specifically, the Midrash (Kohelet/Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7:16) tells us “Those who are kind to the cruel will in the end be cruel to the kind.” There is no question–zero–that allowing any number of these Muslims in will increase the likelihood of dead Americans and dead American Jews. Therefore it is deeply sinful to allow these Muslims in. Period.

As for “the children,” they do not come without adults. And, they have been poisoned since birth with Islam.

Note that Syrian Muslims have involved themselves in attacks against the Jews of Eretz Israel. Thus they have put all Jews into a situation of Milchemet Mitzvah (defensive holy war). In this situation, the Rambam (Mishanah Torah, Laws of Kings) tells us that ALL members of the attacking group should be killed.

If you are a Jew–and I have my doubts–you are a Jew in name only. You are dead wrong about a proper Jewish response to these potential invaders, and it is high time you educate yourself and stop spreading your Jewishly illiterate garbage.

skzion on September 13, 2015 at 6:38 pm

Poor misguided “bec”.

I don’t know if your just naive, silly or stupid. I do know you’re ignorant by the way you write your comments.
I´m the son of a Holocaust survivor (I don’t know whether to believe your claim as being the daughter of one yourself id true) and I don’t feel the slightest sympathy towards these free-riders posing as “refugees”. They are conquerors set out by the filthy-rich cowardly high rulers of islam to invade the lands in the Western Hemisphere that until this date had thankfully been spared from the poison named islam.

How strange that they don’t choose to go to a neighboring muslim country, many of which (Saudi Arabia, Irak, UAE, Kuwait) are filthy rich since thay’re soaked in oil. Rather, they “risk” traversing the sea and set out towards far-away lands, where gullible useful idiots give them for free what they couldn’t dream of in their wildest fantasies in their countries of origin.

The Western world is forced to feel sympathy towards this bunch of sleaze-bags and good-for-nothings, who in due time will form a fifth column which will strive to destroy the countries that took them in. Be the first one in line to bring a Mohammed and his whole family into your own home. I only hope for your sake that you don’t have a little daughter or a young boy in your household. You’ll find ugly Mohammed will show a special interest on them pretty soon.

Daniel Rubio on September 13, 2015 at 8:08 pm

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